Sam Bear's Color

Sam Bear's Color

Friday, September 30, 2011

Pay Attention !!

A skinny little white guy goes into an elevator, looks up and sees this HUGE black guy standing next to him. 
The big guy sees the little guy staring at him looks down and says, "7 feet tall, 350 pounds, 20 
inch private, 3 pound left testicle, 3 pound right testicle, Turner 

The white man faints and falls to the floor. The big guy kneels down and brings him to, shaking him. The big guy says, "What's wrong with you?" In a weak voice the little guy says, "What EXACTLY 
did you say to me?" 

The big dude says, "I saw your curious look and figured I'd just give you the answers to the questions everyone always asks me. I'm 7 feet tall, I weigh 350 pounds; I have a 20 inch 
private, my left testicle weighs 3 pounds, my right testicle weighs 3 
pounds, and my name is Turner Brown." 

The small guy says, "Turner Brown?!... Sweet Jesus, I thought you said, "Turn around!"

Wednesday, September 28, 2011


Having sex with strangers in bath houses can be fun. Every now and then you run into a really special encounter. The Hot Stud you are playing with turns out to be Crazy. He is either high or drunk or maybe just a psycho case. But he is fun and you just can’t walk away from him and the sex.

I met one of these while at the bath house in Pittsburgh. Damn he was fun, but he was Crazy…..

I had just sucked on my third cock in a row when I ran into my crazy.
These guys were in the maze area leaning on the wall jacking their cocks.
That is always an invitation for me to help them out. I dropped to my knees and began my journey down the row.
The first guy had a nice average size cock which bend upward. He enjoyed my mouth, but I got him too close to popping his load.
I moved on to the next guy. He was an older guy with a hefty size uncut cock which was someone cheesy. I worked on him for the longest. I wanted his cock up my ass, but he wasn’t ready to do any fucking yet. He said he had just gotten there. I understood where his head was and moved on to the next guy leaning on the wall next to him.
This guy was a black guy with some weight on him. His cock was fairly small and hard to suck with the guy’s belly in the way. I didn’t waste much time on him.
When I came off of his cock and was ready to move onto the next cock needing some attention from my mouth, I moved to Mr. Crazy.
When I moved in front of him and offered my mouth to service his cock he pulled his cock back from my face and said “you are nothing but a cock pig, aren’t you. A fucking cock pig, sucking ever cock you get you mouth on.”
Then he stuffed his semi erect cock in my mouth and down my throat. He had a nice size cut cock and good low hanging balls. His balls laid on my chin as he grabbed the back of my head and began fucking my throat.
“Come Cock Pig, suck my cock” he ordered me as he kept fucking my throat.
Then he pulled his cock out of my mouth and took it and slapped me up against the face with it.
“You like my cock?’ he asked in a more controlling voice. I said yes sir back to him.
“You want some more of it don’t you cock pig?” he continued.
He would stuff his cock in my mouth and let me suck on it a while then he would pull it out and stick his fingers in my mouth.
Then he bent over me and asked “you got a room or just a locker?”
I told him I had a room and his voice got even stronger as he told me to get up and take him to it. He said he would feed all the cock I wanted there.
Hell, I was game. I like it when a man takes control.
I got up off my knees from in front of him and turned to go toward the hallway.
“Move on Cock Pig” he said to me as he slapped my ass.
Since my room was only just a few feet away from the maze, it didn’t take us very long to get in my room.
My new friend’s eyes got real big when he saw my collection of dildos laying at the foot of the mattress.
“You an Ass Pig too!” he said as he picked up the largest of the dildos. “You like getting fucked as much as you like sucking cock”.
I agreed with him as I reached out to grab his cock. It still had not gotten completely hard.
“Down on your knees Pig so I can feed you some more of my cock” he ordered me. I quickly dropped down in front of him and let him slap my face with his limp long cock.
Now is when he started to get physical with me. As I swallowed the entire length of his cock, he took and slapped my face. Dumb thing to do when your cock is between a set of teeth.
Then he took and kicked at my balls.
I continued to work his cock when he lost his balance and fell back on the mattress. I kept up with him and ended up back on my feet bent over him.
He pulled his legs up and back and commanded that I eat his ass.
“Eat my ass you Cock Pig!” he demanded over and over.
Without any hesitation I let his cock slide from my throat and out of my mouth. I grabbed his ankles and forced his ass up off the mattress. Then I dove right into his puckered asshole.
I was surprised to find that it was dirty. It had the taste of shit, but I didn’t care. I was really into fucking around with this guy.
Then he commanded, “Fuck me! Fuck me you cock sucking Pig!”
Well I was not about ready to stick my cock into a shitty asshole. I grabbed my 8 inch uncut dildo and pushed it into his gapping asshole.
I had been fucking him hard with the dildo and slapping his hot ass for several minutes when he snapped and demanded I stop. I was surprised when I pulled out the dildo and it was clean.
He raised and punched me in the chest. I threw down the dildo and tightened up to take his punches. He punched me again and that was when I back handed him across his face. His next punch to me was heading for my face when I grabbed his arm and stopped him.
I told not in the face. Anywhere he wanted to, but not in the face.
We continued to punch and slap each other for several minutes. It was like two gladiators fighting. Then he got one to my face again. I felt this one good.
That was it, I had enough of this fucker. I reached down and stuffed three of my fingers into his asshole and picked him up off the mattress and put him in the standing position. His ass was wide open. I could have buried my hand in it if he had been in the right position.
Then I body slammed him against the door and told him he needed to take a break. For him to get out and we would get back together later.
Just then with my fingers still up his ass and being penned against the door, he tried to take another swing at me. I broke his punch just as his fist hit my side. With my free hand I grabbed him by the neck and told him was in control now.
‘Listen you fucking ass wipe” I said to him. “ All you want is to get fucked yourself. You are nothing more then a fucking whore, getting fucked by anyone who will take the time to mount your whore ass.”
Then I yelled at him as I released him from the hold against my door.
“Get out and go get fucked. Go get your ass fucked full of cum and then come back so I can suck your ass clean.”
I opened the door and pushed him into the hallway.
He had a stunned look on his face as I shut the door behind myself. I pushed past him and turned to go back to the maze area.
“Come on Whore” I commanded to him.
He turned the other direction and headed down the hallway.
I guess I worked his drugs the wrong way. He was a little wrecked.

I ran into this guy again later in the night on the 2nd floor.
That is a different story.

I headed on off to the maze and started my hunt to get fucked.


Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Monday, September 26, 2011

9-16-11 Pittsburgh – the first night

It was just after 6 PM when we arrived at the bath house.
My host Nipple Bear checked us in. We each got a private room.
His was on the 5th floor and mine was on the 3rd floor.

The bath house had 5 floors of space. You entered on the 4th floor through an elevator. The 4th floor had the lockers, the fitness center, a TV lounge and more stuff. The vending machines were also located on this floor.

The 3rd floor of the building had private rooms and a public maze like area. Inside the maze was a sling and a strange area where the hallways to get into the area were very narrow. Maybe not even a foot wide. It prevented any larger build guys from going into it. The main area also had a stage like platform at one end.

The 5th floor had private rooms and the wet area - Showers, steam room, hot tub and more. It was a very nice area.
There also was a public video viewing area with a space off of it. It had a raised platform with glory hole booths off of it.

Downstairs on the 2nd floor was a special play area which was only opened recently.
This area had a dance floor on one end of the space and the other end had some deluxe rooms for rent and some public play space. There was also a lounge area with a big screen TV.
The play space had a bondage table in one area and then two rooms. One had a sling and the other had a St. Andrews Cross.
The area had good potential. It was just too new and needed to be sectioned off better from the loud disco dance floor. There were too many spectators with no knowledge of the area.

A brief recap of the weekend.
I had at least over 100 cocks in my mouth. Many of them fed me their loads of salty cum.
I ate a couple dozen asses.
I used my dildos on several guys
I got fucked by as many as a dozen guys on the night there.


Try something a little larger today

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Today’s thought for the day…….

My posting today is of some strange stuff that I hope invokes your imagination.
Maybe you will try it and see if it is fun or not.
I am always willing to try something new. With the right man at the right time in the right place could be fun.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Today's Hot Porn

Open you mind
and your asshole
for some cock!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

About Club Pittsburgh

Our address:
     1139 Penn Avenue
     Pittsburgh, PA  15222

The club is located at the intersection of Penn Avenue and 12th Street.  Please note that the entrance is on th
e 12th Street side of the building

A 4-floor, private club for gay men. Our goal is to provide a comfortable, clean, safe and friendly environment where you can relax, workout and play. 

Amenities include:  • Private Rooms with Televisions (cable stations/member video channels) • The Gym - A Full Exercise Facility  • Lounge for Viewing Members' Videos • Steam Room  • Social Areas  • Dry Sauna  • Whirlpool  • Lockers  • Free On-Line and Wireless High-Speed Internet • And Much More!!! 

Pittsburg Trip 9/16 to 9/18/2011

I had a chance to travel to Pittsburg PA this past weekend.
I flew up on Friday to help my friend Nipple Bear to take care of some business. Sunday we drove back to NC. I had the chore of driving a 24 foot moving truck. It was one of those commercial size trucks.

I hadn’t driven a truck like that in many years. It sure did boost my ego driving it.
* * * Being a Truck Driver.
I got to park in the truck lots and enter the truck stops through the area restricted to just truck drivers. O got to see some damn good looking truckers.

Instead of getting a Motel/Hotel, we decided to just each rent a room at the Club Pittsburg Bath House. We got our rooms Friday evening around 6 PM and didn’t check out until 7:30 AM Sunday morning.

WOW – what a fucking weekend!

Instead of writing one long story about the trip and my adventures at the bath house and bar, I decide to break the weekend up into individual stories of the either really good sex or the Bazaar shit I saw over the weekend.

Let me say it again:
WOW – what a fucking weekend!

I might be older in age, but I am young with the versatility younger PIGs should have.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Just Another Day - Part 2 - The Bookstore Fisting

When I left Tony’s house, I was still buzzing from the smoke and I was horny for more cock.
My ass was full of that Hot black stud’s cum and I wanted more.
I was Hot for some more man to man action.
My only choice was to head over to the bookstore. It wasn’t far from Tony’s house.
I needed some more cock, either down my throat or up my ass.
When I got to the bookstore, I headed on in and paid my $4.00 for a hand full of tokens I knew I wouldn’t use.
I headed on back to the video booth area and was disappointed on what I found. There were not very many guys in the video booth area.
After checking the hallway on the left, I decided to check out the hallway on the right which is the hallway where most of the public action happens.
As I made my way down the short hallway through the darkness I felt a hand grab my crotch. I stopped and stood still as the hand unbuttoned my 501s and pulled my swollen cock out of my underwear. My cock was still swollen from the fucking Tony had just given me.
Then I felt a warm mouth slide over my cock head and then down its shaft.
I reached down and unbutton the top button of my 501s and let my jeans fall to the floor around my ankles. As the guy in the darkness continued to suck on my cock, he pulled my underwear down and pushed it all the way to my ankles with my jeans.
The man sucking on my cock was an excellent cock sucker. He mouth was making love to my cock as he began to play with my balls. I moaned as he pulled on them letting him know I like how he was making me feel.
My eyes still had not adjusted as he slid off my cock and moved his mouth down to my balls. He took one ball in his mouth and then the other. Gentle he began to chew on my balls as if he was trying to swallow them.
I was really impressed. Most guys can only take one of balls in their mouth and then they don’t know what to do.
This guy was a pro at what he was doing.
While he was chewing on my balls, he had one hand slowly stroking my cock. I could have easily shot my load at this point.
With his other hand he reached between my legs and found my sloppy cum filled asshole.
First one finger slid into my sloppy asshole, then a second and then a third.
My ass was ready for some action and opened up nicely for him.
With three fingers up my ass and my balls in his mouth, he began to slowly finger fuck me.
Damn it felt good. Whoever this unknown cock sucker was, he was good. He knew what he doing.
The next thing I knew, he was letting my balls slide out of his mouth. Then with his three fingers still up my asshole, he began pulling on my asshole to make me turn around.
Now with his face just inches away from my ass, I reached back and pulled my ass cheeks apart for him. I could feel his hot breath on my ass as he pulled his sloppy fingers out of my sloppy asshole.
I still had not seen what this guy looked like. Hell, I didn’t care! He could have my ass to play in all he wanted.
Then without any warning I felt his face in my ass and his tongue start to dig into my puckered asshole. This stud was hungry for my ass and the load of cum buried deep inside. He worked his tongue in and out of my asshole as he sucked on it.
I took a hit of my poopers and pushed my asshole into his mouth. I relaxed and let my asshole open up for his tongue to dig deeper.
When he came up for air, he slid his fingers back inside my sloppy asshole.
This stud/pig was good. I had no clue what he looked like or how old he was. All I knew was that he had one hell of a mouth and he knew how to eat ass.
He began to finger fuck my sloppy asshole again, this time with more determination.
As I bent forward to brace myself, I took and pulled my t-shirt off over my head. I was sweating up a storm. That little hallway was hot and the air  conditioning never works well back in the video booth area.
Just as I braced myself, I heard the pig playing in my ass tell me to take another hit of poppers, a big one. I could feel him trying to work his fist into my asshole.
My head was soaring from the buzz I had and the poppers.
Here I was bent over in the hallway of a dirty bookstore high as hell with some stranger trying to stuff his fist into my cum, filled well fucked asshole using nothing for lube except his spit and Tony’s cum.
I felt him lay his other hand on the small of my back as he pushed my ass downward some to give him a better angle.
Then I heard him grunt in a deep voice, ‘Come on Pig, take my fist, let it in. You know you want it.’
I took another hit of poppers and focused just on opening my asshole to let this stranger inside of me.
It felt so fucking good as his fist slid into my asshole. He twisted as need to get all of his hand inside of me. Wow what a feeling!
Once I caught my breath and took another hit of poppers, he began to slowly work his hand around inside of me. He was playing in Tony’s load of cum.
I took another hit from my bottle of poppers. Then I looked over my shoulder at the figure behind me in the darkness and grunted, ‘Come on Daddy fuck my ass with your fist.’
I could hear him take a hit of poppers from his bottle and then he began to really work my ass. Fuck, I was in Pig heaven!
The Pig in my ass was working his fist into my asshole and then he would pull back without pulling out. Then he would push his fist back into the depths of my asshole.
Damn my ass felt good. I wanted to give him better access to my ass so he could keep enjoying my hole and making it feel so fucking good.
I had braced myself on the door frame to the last video booth in the hallway. So I reached forward and pushed the door open. I wanted to change position and needed the extra space to make this change.
The dim light from the video monitor flooded the hallway. I quickly looked over my shoulder to get an idea of what else was happening in the hallway.
I could see several guys were standing near and watching my ass being attacked by the Pig behind me. Two of them had their cocks out and were stroking them.
I slowly started to drop to my knees, slowly enough for the Pig behind me to follow. He kept his hand in my asshole the whole trip down. Once on my knees, I took the opportunity to glance over my shoulder again to see what the Ass-Pig with his hand inside my butt looked like.
Damn I was pleasantly surprised. He was Hot. He had his head shaved and he too had his shirt off. I could see a nice coating of hair on his chest.
I looked him in his eyes and said with a grunt. ‘Now you can really have some fun with my ass.’
As he began to work his hand in and out of my ass harder and harder, I felt cum splatter on my back. One of the guys watching had just exploded his load all over me. The way the guy was fisting me must have really worked him to the edge.
I took another hit of popper and bent my head downward. I wanted to focus on my asshole and relax enough for him to enjoy his ride.
My face was inches away from the nasty floor of the bookstore. The floor covered with cum and spit from many years of men relieving themselves.
The Hot stud in my ass continued to fuck my asshole with his fist. He was making me into his Asshole Pig. Damn he was good.
The Pig with his hand deep inside of me pulled his fist out quickly and then pushed it right back in deep. He continued this motion as I opened my asshole up as much as I could to him punch fuck my pig-hole.
‘God Damn your ass feels so fucking good eating my hand’ Came from behind me. At the same time another load of cum splattered on my back. The other watcher rewarded my show with his load on my back.
I was for sure in Pig Heaven now. My ass just let him punch fuck me as hard as he wanted to. He had control of my asshole.
I took another hit of popper just as he forced his fist back into my asshole and then twisted and turn it to get in deep.
There I was on my hands and knees on the raunchy floor of the bookstore getting fist by some stranger with who knows how many men watching and shooting their loads.
After what seemed forever, I knew it had to end. My knees were getting sore and my asshole was beginning to tire of the brutal fisting it was taking.
I glanced back over my shoulder and told the pig with his hand inside of me that I was going to stand back up. He kept his fist firmly planted inside my asshole as I stood back up. Then I slowly rotated on his fist so I was facing him instead of away from him.
I moved so my hard cock was right in his face. He opened his mouth and wolfed down my cock. He now had all of my cock in his mouth and began to nurse on it with his tongue. God this felt incredible.
It wasn’t long before I was feeding him a load of my cum which I thought would never stop pumping from my balls. While I was shooting my load down his throat he worked his fist just right to keep me cumming.
When my body stopped jerking from my intense climax, he slowly slid his hand out of me. I quickly reached down to my jeans and pulled my red bandana from my back pocket and handed it to him to use to wipe his hand clean.
As he was wiping his hand clean, he said to me “how many fucking loads of cum did you have in your ass. It must have been a gallon in there.’
He was shocked when I told him that it was only one that came after a 45 minute intense fucking.
I got myself together. Putting my cloths back on and not take the time to clean up my ass. I was proud to wear that sloppy mess.
As I began to walk back down the hallway to exit, my Hot Pig Fister was no where to be found. He had just disappeared, just like he appeared out of nowhere.
Walking through the hallway on my way out, every man I passed made comment to how fucking hot it was to watch that Daddy work my ass over.
I walked out into the store area and looked around for the mysterious stud that had just made me crawl up the wall and kiss the ceiling. He was no where to be found. I checked out the Men’s Room and he wasn’t there either. He had disappeared.
I left the bookstore on weak legs and got in my truck. I checked out the parking lot and there wasn’t anyone there.
Damn my ass ffelt good.
It had just gotten one hell of fisting from a stranger I will never know.
I was real proud of myself.

Too Bad there wasn’t a Sex Club I could go to and get my ass worked some more.