Sam Bear's Color

Sam Bear's Color

Sunday, November 30, 2014

Thor Dildo

This is the dildo I am fucking myself with this week to exercise my pig-hOle

The full Length is 9 ½ inches

Insertible  length: 8 inches  of thick good feeling meat…

The Width at Head = 2” / at the base of shaft = 3”

Circumference: Head = 6” / Base of shaft = 7 ½ “ / Balls = 14”

This dildo makes my pig-hOle fell so good.


SamBear’s Dic-A-Day Thick & Beefy Meat

Today’s posting was taken a couple of years at one of the local
Adult Video Stores.

This became a lasting meet-up every few weeks.

I would receive a text message from the construction worker attached to the cock telling me he was in town.

He would include the time he would be at the store.
I always made sure I was there to swallow that fat beefy cock.

After several intense cock sucking meetings, he invited me to his hotel.
I met him after work and he proceeded to bury that 
thick meat deep inside of me.

Every time he was in town I was his nightly fuck hole.

He would be sweaty and dirty straight from work

He let me lick his pits and clean his sweaty stinky asshole.

Lick the sweat off his balls and clean his massive manhood as I swallowed it for his pleasure.

Then my asshole became his for his release of the day’s troubles.
Deep and Hard

Until he exploded his load deep in my stretched pig-hOle.

This lasted for over a year.

Then he told me he was moving to Texas to manage a job there which would last three years.

Some day my prince will cum again…

Saturday, November 29, 2014

SamBear’s Mouthful Dic-A-Day

Today’s Dic-A-Day is a cock I sucked through a glory hOle at the local cruise place which fed me a nice load of cum.

I took this picture of him cumming in my mouth after a good workout of my tongue and throat.

Nothing Butt

You can suck my cock faggot..

But You Sure As Fuck Ain't Touching Nothing Else. .

Damn Nice Cock

This is one of the nicest cocks I have had the honor of giving pleasure to with my mouth and tongue.

It never got hard enough to fuck my pig-hOle,
But it still fed me a nice big load of cum from those balls.

The stud attached to this incredible cock also enjoyed my tongue digging around in his asshole as I savored his ripe ass.

Friday, November 28, 2014

SamBear’s Salute to BlackFriday


To most, Black Friday is the day after Thanksgiving where stores put on big sales to draw in Christmas shoppers to spend money to help get them out of the Red and back in the Black for their financial year.

SamBear’s BlackFriday

My BlackFriday is the Friday after Thanksgiving when I go out hunting to give pleasure to as many Black Men and their Cocks.

My Mouth and pig-hOle become a public cum-dump for 
black men to relieve themselves into.

This posting highlights some of the Black Cocks I have given sexual pleasure to over the years as a glory-hOle pig.

I hope you see one of two that makes you hungry for 
some black meat.

BBC is Grrreat!

Not only BigBlackCock is great, all sizes are too.


I sure did and I look forward to sharing this year’s 
BlackFriday adventures.



SamBear’s BlackFriday

I am proud to Love sucking Black Meat !