Sam Bear's Color

Sam Bear's Color

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Eat It

Eat my ass now pig he barked at me as he pulled his long raunchy uncut cock from my mouth.
Then he stood up from where he had been sitting on the toilet with me between his legs. I had been servicing his manhood. Cleaning his raunchy dirty uncut cock and licking the sweat off his huge low hanging balls.
As I spread his hairy cheeks so I could bury my face in his smelly ass crack.
The raunchy smell of his dirty asshole hit me hard.
My head began to spin even more.
I was his toilet pig for anything he wanted.


As you spend time exploring my blog, you will see that I have a thing for watersports.
My eroticism of piss started at an early age and was fueled with my eroticism of public men’s rooms, and urinals in particular.
For pigs like me it’s not hard to see the fascination with urinals. There aren’t that many places in modern society that afford you the opportunity to sidle up next to a guy and pull your dick out without the threat of being arrested.
Aside from the opportunity to check out the dick pissing next to me, I love the fact that urinals are the great equalizers. It doesn’t matter if you’re a student or a CEO, we all have to piss, and at that moment, when you approach the urinal, you are reduced for that minute or so to your most basic. A cock though your fly pissing.
You can tell a lot about a guy by the way he handles himself at the urinal.
Some guys lean in real close to the urinal, or turn on an angle in an attempt to shield their dicks from your eyes.
Some guys lean way back, practically begging you to take a look.
Some guys fish through their fly and underwear to dig their cock out through their various layers of clothing while others undo their pants for easy access.
Some guys will make small talk and some prefer to stay silent, staring straight ahead into the wall so intently it’s as if their very lives depended on not averting their gaze for even a second.

I enjoy checking out where they have their feet. Some men spread them wide apart and other keep the close together.
And then of course you’ve got the full on cruisers who stand at the urinals shamelessly stroking their hard cocks.
Sometimes they are creepy old men, and sometimes, if you’re lucky they’re hot, and you get to enjoy the show, or even join in if you’re game.
Not long ago while in public at one of the local parks, I had to take a piss. I was very pleasantly surprised to find a trough urinal – my favorite kind.
How did I not know this Men’s Room was there?
It was so refreshing in these days when all the urinals seem to come equipped with those stupid privacy shields.
Hanging on the wall directly over the trough urinal was a very large mirror. So you didn’t even have to turn your head to get the full view of what your neighbor was packing.
There was a guy already positioned at the urinal when I arrived. He was shirtless, in jeans and just standing there with his semi erect meaty dick in his hand. He wasn’t pissing, he was just standing there.
I had to piss really bad and as soon as I had my cock out the piss started to flow. As if on cue he started to piss as well.
My cock was soon at half mast as we both stood there watching each other piss.
I grabbed for his cock and dropped to my knees. The smell of the dirty through urinal was incredible.
I aimed his pissing cock at my mouth and his golden stream filled my throat.
I gulped his hot piss down until only the last few drops were dripping from his piss slit.
Then I stood up, pants open and dick in my hand. I finshed pissing and stuffed my cock back in my pants.
I left him standing there waiting for the next pisser to join him.
Frequently when I travel I will snap a picture of the urinals in a men’s room. I always have a camera handy and the opportunity presents itself – Snap!
It would appear that I’m not alone in this interest as well. is a website devoted to pictures of urinals from around the globe. You will find both the beautiful and the bizarre at this site, including urinals from famous tourist attractions.
Enjoy these pictures of guys at urinals that I have posted throughout this post.
.Next time you are pissing into a urinal, take a deep breath and enough the aroma of Man Piss. Go ahead. Jack off to it if it excites you… I sure do!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Filled with Life

I will worship the all mighty cock by kneeling in front of the Redneck it is attached to and sucking that cock until my mouth is filled with life.
That is what a PIG like myself is suppose to do.


This is what happens when you get Fucked by too many Rednecks and Hispanic Studs bare-back.



The WORD is ...


As in the supportive piece of equipment

that a man wears to keep his cock and balls supported!

A JOCK is a very useful item when a man plays sports!

A JOCK is also a very useful item to wear when

a man is looking for another man!

A JOCK attracts the right type of man!

A Man who looks for JOCKs is a man that I want to Meat!

Wear your JOCK guyz!

Monday, October 24, 2011

Freak Show

At lunch time today (Friday) I stopped by the bookstore on 70 near the airport.
It was like going to the Freak Show at the County Fair.
There was the Bearded Lady = one of the ugliest drag queens in the area.
Two Tons of Fun = a nasty fat guy
Jungle Boy = this black guy with dred locks down to his ass
The Flasher = he flashed you his cock every time you walked past him (Damn Nice Too!)
Bean Stalk Boy = Tall skinny guy with no personality
Blackberry Guy = Had a blackberry growing out of his hand and could do anything but text
Nelly Nell = Effeminate Black Queen
Old As Dirt Guy = must have been over 100 years old
Cigarette Guy = He smoked one cigarette after another
Whore Guy = Black guy who goes after everything that walks through the door – he seems to live there
Not a good day for hunting cock……

Rednecks, just what is one

So folks, we've been ta'king a lot 'bout them rednecks, but I ain't tell ye what a Redneck is...
So this's maybe a good mo'ment zo do so!
A redneck is usually typified in popular culture by a male with a beer belly that consumes cheap American beer such as Busch or Miller by the case (Pabst Blue Ribbon in more traditional settings) as well as Jack Daniel's.
They are generally thought to be distrustful and dislike anyone not like them. Most Rednecks hate most people, but love each other.
Most Rednecks are from the south and tend to have a southern accent.
The stereotypical redneck lives in a trailer, and drives an old, large, beat-up pickup truck with a gun rack in the rear window. He generally wears a stained, sleeveless t-shirt, blue jeans, dirty underwear and a trucker hat.
Personal hygiene is a lost concept with the redneck and his dirty underwear is usually stained with piss and cum.
Their favorite activities include beer drinking, hunting, shooting at road signs and lights, rodeo, wearing jeans and cowboy boots, professional wrestling, NASCAR, monster truck rallies, tractor pulls, car engine repair, collecting junked cars and large appliances on their lawns. They like getting good blowjobs and fucking ass.
They usually have way too many children and dogs, participating in domestic disturbances, and waiting around for their welfare checks.
Country Music is usually playing on their radio.
Things that piss Rednecks off: Stealing their Cock Sucker, taking a piece of ass away from them, getting fucked by a black stud in front of his buddies, messing with his truck, drinking his last beer and more than five guys and less the two in his bed.