Sam Bear's Color

Sam Bear's Color

Saturday, July 19, 2014


I am going to be traveling the next few weeks.
Back to Amsterdam for two weeks.

While I am traveling, I hope to be doing a lot of this…

Getting a lot of this…

And my pig-hole will be available for use by any Man I meet along my travels…

My mind will be available to manipulate to make my body available for anything it takes to sexually satisfy the Man or Men I will be with.

Bring it on and let’s get down and dirty…


Leather Priest

Story download from the internet
Illustrate picked by this blog owner
By Icyhot44

Bottom of Form
It's late February and I'm shopping at Foley's in Fort Worth, Texas. This is one of my favorite stores to shop for gloves. They always seem to have a good stock of quality, unlined leather goods. I'm always hopeful.
Naturally I am still wearing my unlined dark brown leather dress gloves, but today has been disappointing up to now.
It's late in the afternoon and I've already been to a few stores. They haven't had any good deals and no decent merchandise, but things should be better at this place.
I see a husky fellow about 5'10" in a dark brown leather jacket. As I approach him from the rear, he's wearing black slacks and his stocky appearance is accented by shortly cropped hair.
I move around at a distance and I see that this man has a well trimmed beard, is about 60 years old and his upper body fully fills his leather jacket. And he is trying on leather gloves. He has chosen to shop for unlined leather gloves and he's looking at a few pairs. The pair he is considering right now is made of thin black leather, they are unlined and they fit him very tightly!
I move closer, he smiles a very engaging smile as he notices I'm wearing gloves. And I notice another very interesting fact. This beefy fellow is wearing a black shirt with a distinctive white ring around the outside of the collar. This bearish man is a Priest!

Surprisingly, he begins the conversation.
"Do you have a minute?"
"Sure do," I say.
"I want a new pair of gloves, but I wonder if these are too tight? What do you think? Are they too tight?", he asks, as he opens and closes his right fist emphasizing the tightness of the leather and the mass of the beefy hand.
I move very close to him and notice a pleasant, musky, manly scent. He smiles again as our shoulders touch.
"I'm John", I say as I offer my gloved hand for a handshake. He takes my hand in his own and gives me a very firm and continual grasp.
"I don't feel any bunching in the leather on your hand. That's because you've chosen a very tight pair", I say.
Then I take his gloved hand in mine and begin to examine it as I say, "I like my gloves to fit very tight, that's why I always buy unlined gloves like the ones you're wearing. You seem to have found the pleasure in wearing leather gloves that fit very tightly too."
His hands are massive and very thick, and I am surprised he was even able to get these gloves all the way on his hands. I inspect the seams which are almost non-existent they are so smooth, and the overall fit is so close to perfect.
Being very thorough, I am basically massaging his tightly gloved hand with both of mine as his breathing becomes noticeable. He is getting hot from my gloved touch and needless to say, I am too! This is completely unexpected but sexually exciting!
We are both standing close to the counter, and also unexpectedly he reaches his free gloved hand down to my crotch and begins to rub my rock hard cock! Since I'm not wearing underwear he can feel the pulsing rod and he smiles again. He has a mischievous smile!
"Um good, that feels really nice. You're really hard. Hope this doesn't offend you", he says.
"If it did, would you stop? I hope not", I say.
"No, I wouldn't want to. I want to do more. If we went out to my van would you let me do more?" he asked.
"I'd be happy to put a full load of warm cum down your throat, Father" I say.

He leaves the gloves on, pays for them and we walk out to his van. We get in the back and we sit in the back, in specially made Captain's chairs. He holds the sides of my head with his tightly gloved hands as he begins to gently kiss me. I reach a gloved hand down to his crotch and find a thick pulsing rod of impressive proportions. He moans as he continues to kiss me passionately. I didn't know a Priest could kiss like this; this is the first Priest I've ever kissed! His tongue is playing tag with mine. I'm going crazy with this beefy man's skill with his tongue!
I have one gloved hand inside his shirt and feel a massively developed, hairy chest with big erect nipples. I'm still working on his hard cock with the other gloved hand, now inside his pants where I can feel the heat of his man pole through the leather.
And now he has both of his gloved hands inside my pants, stroking my cock to its full length while he gently massages my ball sack. This Priest is still kissing me with vigor, his tongue licking the roof of my mouth. He rolls the head of my cock between his gloved fingers, playing with the slit. He then lays most of the entire shaft in his palm, puts his gloved fingers up and around the shaft and begins to jack me very slowly.
I have never felt such passion and I want my naked body all over this hairy, muscled priest! Does he know what he's doing to me? Of course he does! And as he continues to work on my hard cock he moves his blessed sacerdotal tongue over to my ear and begins to drive me crazy. His heavy cock is pulsing and is so hot! I want him in my mouth!

But he suddenly gets down on his knees and almost before I know it he is licking the head of my cock with his tongue. I'm still working on his erect nipple and massaging the powerful neck muscles of a Priest. I mean, a real Priest!
He's playing with my balls with those tightly gloved thick hands as he licks all over my pulsing shaft. He works very slowly, as if time were standing still. His gloved contact on my full ball sac and my ass cheeks with the gentle but forceful massage he is providing has been for a long time dreamt of but never until now experienced!
He powerfully kneads the muscles of my ass and I can feel and smell his perspiration. Now and then he raises up and kisses me fully on the mouth, his tongue expertly darting in and out of my willing lips. While he is kissing me he is jacking my rock hard cock with those exquisitely gloved thick ham fists.
Now he moves back down to my waiting, pulsing cock. Off and on he has my ball sack in his mouth licking, sucking and tonguing, and then back and forth between my engorged cock and back to my balls. The most skillful man I have ever experienced is doing this many times!
He is taking me on such a passionate ride and I last much longer than I should be able to, but he finally gets me there. I grab his powerful neck muscles and he knows I'm going to cum.
This time I'm very vocal, as I shout "Take my cum now, take it all!" He voraciously sucks deeply on my cock as I shoot over and over down his throat. I'm in pun intended.
He swallows, and swallows and swallows. He's not willing to stop until he's sure he has gotten every drop of my gift. He finally rises up and kisses me fully in the mouth, and I can taste my own salty load. I think he wants to kiss me forever.
After quite a while my beefy Priest moves back in his chair and exhales deeply. He smiles that engaging smile again and with a gleam in his eye he says, "That was wonderful. Thanks for letting me do that. You were so full, and you were great!"
"I thought my heart stopped you were so good, Father. You were beyond belief. Can I get you off the same way?" I say.
He smiles again and begins to open his belt and the clasp on his slacks. He rises up slightly and lowers his pants and underwear down to his ankles, displaying massive tree-trunk thighs and thick, bulky calves. His fully erect cock is purple, pulsing and is standing almost straight up. And it's totally ready for action!
But this big fellow has something else in mind. He smiles that mischievous smile again, tightens his gloves on his beefy fists and says, "I shouldn't have to use my fists to convince you, but I have a different opening in mind for my satisfaction. With patience and a few tears you're going to love it.
Are you really wanting to please me fully, my son?"

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Home to

How would you like to come home every day to a

Horny Redneck Daddy waiting with his big floppy uncut dripping cock

To use your mouth and then fuck your sweet Pig-Hole

Until he blast your guts full of his Redneck Essence?

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

10 Types

10 Types of Gay People

1. THE DL HOMOPHOBE – He can spot any gay guy anywhere at anytime. He always has something negative to say to or about the gay guy, but in reality he just wants the gay boy’s attention. Homophobes are usually attracted to masculine gay men as the feminine ones will blow their cover. Also Statistics show that the HOMOPHOBES are the 
messiest of them all. 

2. THE AVERAGE STR8 GUY - This is the most difficult type to detect. He’s the typical straight guy, he loves sports, he adores cars, he can fix almost everything….nothing out of the ordinary till u walk in on him doing something with a dude. We call these men TRADES. You had no clue they were gay…and chances are they can teach the OPENLY gay guys a few tricks.      


3. The SUPER DL NINJA – This is the guy who is TERRIFIED of people having the slightest clue he is gay. He will surf gay chatlines and send people to a dozen different websites until he finally reveals himself. The kind of guy that meets you on the docks at night…you sleep with him… and if you see him in public again he will DENY your existence.


4. THE DL COUPLE – Now this is the most prevalent type of gay guys on campus. Two guys that always hang out together, they maybe work out buddies, members of the same fraternity, same sports team or school organization… .Chances are if you see one the other is close behind and if you see one alone…….he’s on his way to the other. THEY ARE A COUPLE. No straight guy will spent 90% of his day with another guy unless they are in Iraq and that’s a whole nother story child.


5. MR DON’T ASK DON’T TELL – IF YOU AINT ASKING HE AINT TELLIN…SHIT EVEN IF YOU ASK HE AINT TELLIN. This is the guy in class you always suspected but never had any concrete proof to nail him. Unfortunately for you that you cant nail him….but every other dude on campus is…….OKAAAAAAAY! !!


6. THE AVERAGE GAY GUY – He is professional, a great friend, a honor student, your RA, that guy that’s in the ROTC. He is awesome everyone on campus knows him all the girls have a crush on him… invite him out one night and he comes with a dude he introduces as his BOYFRIEND………..yes your honor student is in a relationship with a man and as popular as he is he managed to keep his personal life out of the spotlight. This is what most gay people should aspire to be like.


7. THE PRETTY BOI – This is the guy that looks better than 50% of the girls on campus. He wears designer clothes, has a body to die for..usually light skinned or Hispanic, hair you wish you had has the accessories of a typical pretty boi (contacts, earrings, photoshopped) . You can find them prancing around your local mall or around town. They are usually conceited and not very nice.

8. THE TRENDSETTER – They are the social mecca of fashion and social rituals. They start the latest trends, know the latest songs and the matching dances, knows your business before you do, and pretty much puts you out there. Only down side is that they are either fat, darker than sin and 9/10 BUTT UGLY.


9. THE HALF AND HALF – Have you ever seen a guy with tight jeans, a purse and couldn’t be more feminine and you wonder…. Why doesn’t he be a transsexual and get over with it. He wears girl jeans, a tank top, makeup and a purse big enough to fit a piano. They are usually bitter because nobody wants to be seen with them…unless they are HALF AND HALF TOO.


10. THE OBNOXIOUS QUEEN - He greets you with a HEEEEEEEEEEEEEY GIIIIIRRRL!! ! He refers to people as MISS THANG, he is the loudest motherfucker you have ever met, flirts with anything that breathes and is a club addict. Ladies and Gentlemen…this is THE POSTERCHILD FOR GAY. You can spot him on the map, his sexuality is as big as Texas and he doesn’t care who knows. In fact he wants you to know so he can have you next… RUN CHILD RUN…..
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