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Sam Bear's Color

Thursday, June 30, 2016

Beautiful Sight – Men’s Room – Gay Bar

Beautiful Sight on a Beautiful Gay Day

-      Men’s Room In a Gay Bar -

Below is posted today’s Beautiful Sight

This is a posting of a group of pictures I discovered on the internet that I think are HOT.

Your comments on this posting are very
Wel-cum’d and appreciated.

Pissing Freely - Thursday's post

Pissing Freely

This is today’s posting of Men pissing where they want to 
or need to.

Check out the uncut cocks and how hot they are pissing

Comments are always welcomed.

GaySex-NoWay-ButMaybe pt 4

GaySex-NoWay-ButMaybe pt 4

Before we go any further, let’s remember we established in the first posting the rule:
not every straight Man wants to have sex with another Man.

*-Some Men are simply STRAIGHT.-*

This posting is a continuation of a previous post under the same name:

“You’ll never stop sucking cock. You’ll always be sucking cock.

You’ll never stop trying to suck cock better and better.

Every cock you suck will be a cock that is sucked better
than the last one.

Every day, and every way, when you suck cock, you will be better and better at cock sucking.

You always get better.

You want to get better.

Because that is what you are: a cocksucker”


I (original author) get constant requests from fags asking how to find an Alpha.

While I’ve (original author) written about this occasionally in various forms, I wanted to put the information in one place so I can simply direct fags to this rather than retype it again and again.

Where Are Alphas?

No, faggot, you do not live in some Alpha-free area of the world.

There are Alpha Males everywhere if you only look.

Depending on your age, high school and college campuses are filled with Alpha Males eager to flex their powers. 

Gyms and other workout facilities contain high concentrations of 
Alpha Males.

Alpha Males often make use of parks and biking/hiking trails for 
workout purposes as well. 

Bars, clubs, and restaurants - particularly those near college campuses or in high-traffic party districts - usually have a high 
concentration of Alphas.

I see plenty of Alpha Males in high-end grocery stores; Alphas have to eat, and they typically prefer the best stuff.

If you live near water, beaches are a great place to find Alphas.

Any sporting stuff, too (ski resorts, mountain climbing, campgrounds) 

Here’s another tip: car washes and lawn care companies almost always employ hot young Alphas.

Online Methods To Find An Alpha

I’m not a huge fan of websites/apps like Grindr, Adam4Adam, or Recon because (a) most of the Men there are gay, and (b) there is no convenient way to sift the results in order to find the Alphas there. 

However, I do like using Craigslist because you can easily scan the search results, and many more straight Men can be found there (straight Men are much more likely to use a neutral and widely-accepted site like Craigslist).

And, of course, I (original author) have been trying to manicure a database of fags and Alphas (here), although that has turned out to be more work and frustration than I really wanted in my life.

Can Straight Guys Be Convinced To Use Fags?

Short answer: most definitely. I’ve been the “first faggot” for many straight Alphas, mainly due to tips below.

Straight Alphas may not always be interested in using a fag sexually, but in my experience, they generally love the attention and the consequence-free sex offered by faggots.

Many straight Alphas want to be viewed as gods, but women rarely give them that kind of respect and recognition.

Faggots will.

So yes, they can be convinced to use faggots.

How To Convince Straight Men to Use Fags

You can’t typically just waltz up to a straight Alpha and offer them a blowjob, although that does work from time to time.

If you know a straight Alpha (perhaps a friend or acquaintance) that you want to serve, you must start by offering certain services.

Offer to clean their apartment/house.

Offer to wash or wax their car.

Offer to do their laundry, buy their food, or whatever seems appropriate.

Start calling them Sir and showing them deference.

If they’re truly an Alpha, they’ll start to understand.

Fags Must Be Brave

I’ve (original author) written about this topic extensively already, so I’m not going to get into another long harangue about it.

However, I will underline this point: to serve an Alpha, you must be brave.

You must be willing to approach an Alpha in some way and 
offer to serve him.

Start by offering little services if you’re unsure of his feelings on the matter; almost any true Alpha will appreciate a fag offering to buy his meal or clean his car.

If he accepts those small gestures of worship, he will eventually understand that he owns you.

But fags need to understand this: jacking off alone in your house isn’t going to help you find a Man to serve.

You need to get off your ass and do something about it.



Recently I posted that I believe Men should be able to piss where ever they want to when they want to.

Because I think me should be able to piss anywhere, for the next few days over the holiday I will be posting some pics of 
men pissing wherever needed.

I get off watching guys piss so I hope you enjoy these posts as 
much as I do.


Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Finish the Job – WTF

Finish the Job – WTF

Recently I read in an article on one of the major news sites that there are preachers out in the western part of the USA that are preaching that the cops in Orlando should have let the shooter finish the job he started.

That all homosexuals are evil and should be killed.

I think it is so sad that so many people are eaten up with so much hate.

Maybe these ministers/preachers are the ones who have danced with the devil.

Share your Love and Stop the hate

Monday, June 27, 2016

GaySex-NoWay-ButMaybe pt 3

GaySex-NoWay-ButMaybe pt 3

Before we go any further, let’s remember we established the rule: not every straight Man wants to have sex with another Man.
Some Men are simply STRAIGHT.

This is a continuation of a previous post under the same name:


There’s a point in the process of baby making where the Alpha Top inseminates the Alpha Bottom.

Wait for it.

There’s is that moment when the Alpha Top blasts his baby cream deep inside the throbbing, wet, fertile pig-hole of the Alpha Bottom.

It’s that moment the Alpha Bottom can feel the cock twitch and spurt doing what nature intended.

Spray baby seed so nature can take its course.

The best part of getting fucked is that the bottom dutifully licks cleans every slimy spent cock that emerges from his
well-used cum-hole.

A Man should never have to clean His own Cock

It’s a faggot’s job.

It’s natural for Real Men to demonstrate their dominance and superiority by fucking, using, abusing, humiliating and
exploiting the faggot.

The difference being … Alpha Males do these things because
they choose to.

They Will it so.

Whereas bottom alpha faggots simply can’t help themselves from being faggots.

They have no real will to speak of, they are what they are
Bottom faggots

Sunday, June 26, 2016

GaySex-NoWay-ButMaybe pt 2

GaySex-NoWay-ButMaybe pt 2

Before we go any further, let’s remember we established the rule: not every straight Man wants to have sex with another Man.
Some Men are simply STRAIGHT.
This is a continuation of a previous post under the same name:

You dirty little cunt. Open your fucking eyes and look up at your superior and keep fucking looking while you service my uncut cock or I’ll beat your ass black and blue.

It’s an honor to worship me so open those eyes as I fuck your throat.

If you keep closing your eyes I’ll make them water as you gag and
choke on my cock.

I (original Author) only have my theories, but I honestly believe that it is hardwired into your brain chemistry. 

Historically, inferior men likely survived by ingratiating themselves to their superiors. 

They submit and make themselves useful to real men so that the superior male will protect them and allow them to stay in the group.

Despite being able to “survive” on their own now, inferiors still have the biological need to make themselves useful to the alpha men. 

It brings them intense pleasure to be noticed by men in any way and once they’ve had a taste of that attention,
they’ll do anything to feel it again.

I like a fag who knows his place and strives to serve the alpha male.

Fucking is a must.

Saturday, June 25, 2016

GaySex-NoWay-ButMaybe - pt 1


Before we go any further, let’s establish a rule: not every straight Man wants to have sex with another Man.

Some Men are simply STRAIGHT.

Seeing the male body fills some Men with a disgust (although I theorize that it has more to do with their own body image/insecurities), and the idea of having sex with and using another Man is dirty or 
uncomfortable for them.

These Men are typically grossed out by their own cum, piss and shit, let alone anything that feels remotely “gay.”

They don’t even like seeing their own naked body.

You don’t want to waste your time with these guys anyway.

Instead, we need to focus our Enhanced Maleness attention on something a bit more elusive, but ultimately much more fulfilling:
the Straight Alpha Male.

This is the Straight Male who enjoys letting another man satisfy his sexual needs but doesn’t want the world to know.

Yes, he most likely is in the closet, but who cares.

He has picked you to have sex with.

You to satisfy those needs he knows can never be satisfied
by a real woman.

Let’s discuss that Male. 

Look, we all know that not everyone is created equal.

There are straight men and then there are faggots.

I happen to be a faggot and thrive off pleasing real men any way possible.
Some ways I like to do this are by massaging your feet, being slapped across the face, being their urinal and spittoon.

Getting my throat fucked. etc. etc. and even in some cases beaten up.

I love it all. I’m an object that exists to serve YOU…

you = (alpha male straight man that knows how to handle faggots)

Funny how fags are so self-hating that they get even hornier for your dick when you treat them like shit and ignore them.

The more you use a fag like a sex toy, the more he begs to come back.

This post will be continued...
Watch for additional posting under this name.
GaySex - NoWay - ButMaybe