Sam Bear's Color

Sam Bear's Color

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

SamBear’s Dic-A-Day for Tuesday

Here is my Dic-A-Day posting for Tuesday.

The perfect piece of meat to service on a
Tuesday afternoon.

I was thirsty for a load of cum to be shot in my mouth,
But the owner of that cock had other plans.

As you can see, he had slid a rubber over his cock before he would let me suck it.

Don’t worry, after his shot his load and filled the condom I got to remove the cum-filled latex bag and keep it for my reward.

Damn his cum tasted good.

After I had a taste, I squeezed the most of 
it onto my asshole.

There was a guy there who liked to fuck me 
in the dark area of the bookstore.

Now I was lubed for his ease of getting his fat 
black cock up my pig-hole.

Waste not – Want not

Monday, September 29, 2014

SamBear’s Dic-A-Day for Monday

Here is my Dic-A-Day posting for Monday.

The perfect piece of meat to service on a

Monday afternoon after work

The Weekend

This past weekend was Gay Pride in our area. I had forgotten all about it.
Friday, Saturday & Sunday were all good days for me at the local Video Store.

Here is a brief list of the activities to watch for postings. I will use the title I use here for the postings.

Each adventure is worth having its own posting…

I had some really good sex and want to share the facts with those that read and enjoy my adventures.

In no particular order…
-         Small bearded Redneck
-         Football quarterback built white guy
-         Hispanic in DarkArea
-         Frankie, a well needed meeting
-         Stripped Shirt old man
-         Glory Hole Dildo Fuck
-         Dreadlocks fucking
-         Gervis
-         Tower Worker Lunch break
-         DarkArea Corner stool
-         Hallway Fucker
-         Glory Hole reverse sucking
-         Black Pole to be mounted
-         DarkArea Cock Sucking Fag
-         Homeward Bound

Sunday, September 28, 2014

SamBear's Dick A Day

This is one of the Cocks I was privileged to be able to service at the local Glory Holes in Town.

Notice how thick that fucker is compared to my thumb.
I have normal size hands.

After about 15 minutes of sucking on this fat piece of meat, he invited me to join him in his video booth.

Not long after I joined him, he was sliding that fat sausage up my Pig-hole and proceeded to give me one hell of a fucking.

Not only did I walk bow-legged afterwards, 
I had a butt full of hot cum.

Hope you enjoy seeing what I let use my mouth and pig-hole for 
its sexual pleasures.

everywhere I go

everywhere I go

I believe that everywhere I go there is a Man within my sight that needs or wants his cock sucked by a cock sucker like me.


That is why I am always ready to drop to my knees in front of that Man and provide my mouth for his needs and pleasure.


And if needed, my ass is always available for that Man or any other Man to slide his cock into and fuck as hard and long as it takes for his satisfaction.

Every day I hope to be able to share 
myself with a needy man.

Black Guy at the ABS

The cock below belongs to a nice looking Black guy that I got to service one day at the local ABS.

He had an Average build and was damn good looking.

Good size thick uncut cock which was already hard when he pulled it from his pants.

I sucked him thru the glory hole in the wall that separated us.

While giving him pleasure with my mouth and tongue, I could feel his cum chute fill up as his balls drew up.

He shot small load compared to how hard his cock got.

I took this picture of his cock while I was giving it some good service with my mouth.

Didn’t take much longer for him to blast his load.

He left after he shot his load into my mouth

Back in hallway, just one fat black queen who doesn’t like me.

Words for Man’s


For an organ so seminal to human existence, Men sometime have an inordinate difficulty talking about the cock, and have invented numerous euphemisms for it.

These can be based on the organ's form, 
function, or desired use.

I have searched the internet and found several list of names that Men call their Manhood.

From that long list I have pulled some of my favorites and to help illustrate the names, 
I have included pictures of cocks
I have serviced and given pleasure 
to with my mouth 
and ass over the years.

I hope you think I have matched them well with the list posted.

Leave a comment about your thoughts on my collection of cocks.

Can you figure out which one is my own cock?



Sperm Whale




Weenie (Wiener)

Hole Hunter
Yes, I got fucked by this one too! It felt damn good too!

Took this one up my pig-hole and he hammered it well.

Hanging Johnny

the Friendly Gnome

Drill Machine
This cock drills my pig-hole on a regular schedule
He Drills hard and deep with that Drill Machine

Engine Cranker

Family Jewels

Tube Steak

Trouser Snake

Pocket Rocket
This Pocket Rocket has the Best tasting cum
I look forward to swallowing his load when I see his pickup truck in the 
parking lot of the ABS

One-Eyed Trouser Trout




the Beast



this Joystick gave me a lot of Joy that day. Fed me a nice load after I fed on that foreskin and smelled that sweaty pubic hair.


Noob Toob

Number 1

Old blind Bob

Love Whistle

Magic Wand


Hung like a horse and fucks like a wild stallion.


This incredible uncut cock is attached to the most perfect Black Stud I know.
He has had his hand up my pig-hole many times.

Hot Dog



Digger Dog


Fag Carrot

Faggot Cigar



Bang Cock

Chocolate Bar
Another Black Man's Cock that has found its way up my asshole several times. 
Feels damn good when it stretches my hole open going in. 

Deep Hole Inspector
I have backed my ass up onto this fine black cock several times. 
Now he prefers to fuck me without the wall between us.
Much better Fuck.
Says my ass feels better then his wife's cunt

Meat Popsicle

Mr. Happy
This guy was always happy when he saw me there at the bookstore.
Now he is in a relationship and doesn't stop by very often.

Tonsil Tickler

Baloney Pony

 The End
this is a nice Ass I got the pleasure of putting my face into and tasting its Funk and smelling his ManScent