Sam Bear's Color

Sam Bear's Color

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Weekend Joy

I am all horned up for this coming weekend.
Friday and Saturday night I will be at Parliament Resort in Augusta for the CumUnion events.
As a Cock Sucking Redneck Dildo Fist Pig, I am really looking forward to some Hot Pig Play.
With a lot of Hot foreplay with Hot sweaty Men
Some good spit exchange
A lot cock sucking


And foreskin cleaning
A lot ass eating – me eating ass and have mine eaten out,
Getting ready for a hard cock to side inside me and fuck me. Long and Smooth…
Letting every horny stud give my asshole some attention with his big cock.
Getting it ready for some heavy duty dildo play.
Then taking a break go over to the glory holes and suck as muck cock as I can

Getting fucked some more as I back my sloppy pig-hOle up to a glory hOle full of a big hard horny cock.

Getting full of cum so I can get fisted,
And fucked some more with some Big dildos
Having a Top strap a big dildo on and fuck me some more as if it was his own hard cock.
Wrecking the Hell out of my asshole…
Then if I’m lucky, another Horny Top will use me as his hand puppet.






Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Crave = Hot Rare Kinky Sex


Do you crave the more intense, hardcore, over the edge, kinky’r sex with other Men?

I Do!!!


It is so fucking hard to find other Men who will allow themselves to explore the darker side of Man to Man Sex.

Real all out Pig Sex

Getting down and dirty, hot & sweaty, greased and penetrated.

Fucked up one side and down the other until you howl at the moon.


The kind of sex where you feel you have been processed.


Open your mind up to do anything it takes to satisfy the Man or Men you are with.

I hope to experience some over-the-edge pig play while I am in Augusta at the Parliament Resort for CumUnion the weekend of the 7 & 8.

Posted are a few pictures of the type of sex I am hoping to get into.

Since I am very versatile I should have a good time.

Yet, I am still hoping to find some intense fuckers to play with my ass.

Kiss it, lick it, suck on it, fuck it, dildo it, fist it. Heavy duty ass play for Redneck Dildo Pig.

Contact me for more details of my travel plans…




Monday, August 3, 2015

FUN - playtime


Want to have some fun?