Sam Bear's Color

Sam Bear's Color

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Looking for a Man Who likes to Play with Toys (Dildos)

Hi Men, 

I am searching for a man that enjoys Man to Man Sex with toys.
Strap-on one of my huge 10" or 12" dildos and stretch me to the limits.

I enjoy oral, anal, nipple play, role play, fantasy play; etc.
Strap-on my dildo; stretch me to the limits, and ride me deep and long!

What do you enjoy? I give back what I take and more!
What would you enjoy doing to me and my ass? 


Sunday, August 29, 2010

Saturday Aug 28th - Morning Trip to Work

It’s was Saturday again and I am back to working my part time job on Saturday’s.
I was on my way to work yesterday and since I had such good luck on Friday for lunch, I decided to check out the bookstore and see what I could get for breakfast before work.
My boss at my part time job had changed my hours to starting an hour later the normal so I had some time to cruise in the morning. The only bad thing about cruising that early is that sometimes I run into the cleaning crew at the bookstore.  They shut down the back area while they are cleaning and run everyone out.
I was lucky. When I pulled in the parking lot, I didn’t see the pickup truck from the guys who clean up the back video booth area.
There were about a half of dozen other cars in the parking lot. I thought to myself, maybe the drivers where in the video area in need of having their cocks and asses serviced. I could only be so lucky…
I had my work clothes/uniform on.
Sometimes this bothers me when I go cruising in them, other times it doesn’t. For some reason today I was a little conscious of it. Maybe because I knew the products I would be marketing at work were not that easy to market. Oh Well…only if I could market my mouth and ass to Hot Horny Men all day….
When I walked into the back video are of the bookstore, there wasn’t anyone back there. I had noticed a few guys looking at the rental movies in the front when I came in, but there seemed to be more cars then guys. Again, I should remember, that is not unusual.
I went to the Men’s Room and took a piss and then I walked over to the display case and checked out the movies that were being shown in the video booths. Last week that had a fisting movie playing. I never got a chance to check it out.
I heard the door to the store open and got hopeful that someone was coming to the back area in need of service. I listened as the footsteps came down the hallway and my heart started beating faster at the thought of a Sexy Hot Stud appearing in the doorway needing his cock serviced.
I was right.
Through the entry way just a few feet away from where I was standing appeared this nice looking darker skinned guy. He looked to be about my age. He was a little shorter then myself and was sporting a nice crotch. As he pasted me I noticed his arms and legs were hairy. He was wearing baggy shorts and a T-shirt. He had dark hair and a nice thick dark mustache. He looked to be of Italian descent.
Damn he was good looking. Plus he walked with an air of confidence.  He was there for business and knew what he wanted…
As he pasted me he smiled and nodded. Then he headed on off the Men’s Room. Something in my head told me not to follow him to the Men’s Room.
A few minutes later he reappeared in the movie area.
I watched as he walked toward me and then he turned and went into booth number two. Booth two has a glory hole into booth one. He paused and stood in the booth without shutting the door. Again he looked at me, smiled and nodded.
As I began to make my move to join him the video booth, he reached up and grabbed the top of the door and shut it. I thought it was strange that he didn’t grab the door knob like most guys. But hey, that made him more interesting.
I listened for him to lock the door and didn’t hear the click. Now I really needed to make my move. I walked the few feet over to the door from where I was standing and twisted the door knob. The door opened and he was standing in the booth fumbling with money.
‘You want some company?’ I asked and he nodded his head.
As I entered the booth with him, I noticed he was sweaty and he had grass on his tennis shoes. He must have been out mowing grass and for some reason got horny and needed a Pig like me to take care of his needs.
I shut and locked the door as he fed a dollar bill into the video machine. The booth quickly filled with his erotic musky sweaty smell. How erotic so early in the morning to have this hot sweaty man want me.
He then reached down and undid his pants. As they fell down around his ankles, he said to me, ‘I really need to cum, suck me.’
He didn’t have to say anything else. I quickly dropped to my knees and raised his t-shirt up. There, just inches from my face was a nice uncut cock with a golden drop of piss hanging off its foreskin.
I stoke my tongue out and licked the drop of piss from his foreskin before it had a chance to drop to the floor. Then I did as I was meant to do, I went to work taking care of this man’s needs.
I took his cock in my mouth and started licking and sucking on it. It tasted salty at first from where he had just taken a piss. As I swallowed all of it, I buried my nose in his thick black pubic hair. It was sweaty and musky smelling too. Without any hesitation I took in a deep breath of his sweaty crotch odor and slowly started making love to his uncut cock. His cock wasn’t anymore than average size. It had to be about six inches and it was very easy to swallow. As his cock began to stiffen in my mouth, I let it slide off my tongue and out of my mouth so I could get a good look at.
Damn, it was a hot looking uncut cock. And, on a Hot Sweaty Man.
His cock had a nice bend upward to it. This allowed his balls to hang nicely under it. They too were sweaty so I took each of them in my mouth one by one and licked his sweat off them. Then I swallowed both in my mouth and lightly chewed on them. He really liked me chewing on his balls. As he moaned, I looked up to saw that he had pulled his t-shirt up and was playing with his left nipple.
A man after my heart…
He liked having his cock sucked, he enjoyed me chewing on his balls and he liked his nipples played with. Now I wondered about his ass. I reached around behind him and ran my hands over a nice set of firm hairy ass cheeks. I probed into his hairy ass crack to find his asshole. As my fingers were working their way along their journey to find his ass hole, he flexed his ass to spread his cheeks apart. This gave my fingers the opportunity to find his hairy asshole with no problem.
I pushed about half of my middle finger into his asshole as I let his balls slide out of my mouth. I then started licking my way back up his dripping hard uncut cock to get it back in my mouth.
With his hard cock back in mouth and my finger buried in his asshole, I looked up over his hairy belly at his face to see how he was reacting. He had a big grin on his face and was moaning in pleasure.
Now was my time to make my move toward his asshole. I had to taste it. I had to see if it tasted as good as his sweaty uncut cock and balls tasted.
I sucked on his cock some more and at the same time, I reached up with my free hand and lightly played with his nipples some. He seemed to like them genteelly pinched and played with.
I had to taste this Hot stud’s asshole. I couldn’t wait any longer.
Slowly I let his cock slide out of my mouth as I brought my hand down from his nipples and pulled my finger out of his asshole. Placing my hands on his hips I rotated him around so that his hairy ass was in front of my face. Without any prompting he bent forward some, pushing his ass right into my face. Then he reached around and grabbed his own ass cheeks and pulled them apart for me to bury my face in what was being offered.
I was amazed at how hairy his asshole was. I thought to myself, it must be a pain in the ass to wipe an ass that hairy.
It didn’t matter to me if his ass was dirty or not, I wanted my tongue in that hairy asshole. As my face got closer to his asshole and my tongue touched it, all I could smell and taste was Hot Man Sweat. My head was spinning and my tongue went to licking and digging. I kissed that sweaty hairy manhole and made pure Pig Love to it. My tongue fucked it and my lips held tight as I kissed on it and sucked on it.
This man had an incredible asshole and he liked having me make love to it. All the while I had my face and tongue buried in his ass, he was moaning and groaning in pure pleasure. This made my cock get hard just knowing this stud was really enjoying me servicing him.
Finally I figured his asshole had had enough of my tongue, so I pulled my face out of his ass crack. Then I kissed his puckered asshole goodbye and again I rotated him around.
With his hard uncut cock and its upward curve back in face, I knew it was time to give it some more attention. He had a nice thick stream of pre-cum hanging from his foreskin.
I took his cock back in my mouth and slowly went back to making pure Pig love to it. Licking it, sucking it, nibbling on this foreskin; I worked back and forth between sucking his cock and sucking on his balls.
After several minutes of me servicing his proud manhood, he reached down and grabbed me under my armpits. Then he pulled on me letting me know he wanted me to stand up.
As I was getting up from my kneeling position in front of him, he looked down at his right nipple.
 As my face pasted his hairy belly, I stopped and kissed on his belly button and then his hairy belly. He had a nice belly too. Not too much, just enough and it covered with thick black hair.
Slowly I moved onto his hairy chest. Both his nipples were hard standing out begging for some attention. Since he had looked at his right nipple that is the one I went to first. Genteelly I licked around it then I flicked my tongue over the tip of his nipple. His whole body quivered as I teased his erect nipple.
From there I kissed my way across his hairy chest to his left nipple. I gave it the same attention as I had given its mate across that hairy patch of dark hair.
While I was making love to his left nipple, he raised his left arm up and put it behind his head. The aroma from his sweaty armpit filled the video booth. I looked up to see how hairy his arm pit was and was surprised to see that his armpit was shaved. I could tell it had been several days since it had been shaven; it was full of dark stubble.
As he raised his left arm, he reached down with his right hand and started stroking his hard uncut cock.
His raised arm was an invitation for me to taste his armpit. I didn’t care if had been shaved, I wanted to taste his sweaty pit.
Slowly I kissed my way up to his armpit. Then I began to lick the sweat from it. I locked my lips on his armpit and began to suck on it and lick at the same time. The taste was incredible.
As I sucked on his arm pit, he began to stroke his hard cock faster.
He was moaning and panting when all of a sudden he said, ‘Shit, I can’t hold it.”
I quickly dropped down in front of him just in time to get his beautiful uncut back in my mouth as he began to shoot his load. Most of his load went down my throat, but he pulled his cock out of mouth and watched as several of his squirts of cum ended up on my lips. Looking up at him the whole time he was cumming, I saw by the look in his face he was really enjoying feeding me his big load.
When he had finally finished cumming, I got his cock back in my mouth to clean it up and milk the last of his salty cum out of those balls which I had the pleasure of chewing on earlier.
He finally pulled his cock from my pig mouth and started to bend forward to get his pants to pull them up. I reached down and grabbed them and pulled them up for him. That is when I noticed he wasn’t wearing any underwear. He was “Commando”.
The two of us left the booth and as he walked away from me, he turned and said ‘maybe next week after I mow my grass you can drain my balls again.’
Of course I said ‘yes’ and he disappeared down the entry hallway before I could offer to give him my contact info. I didn’t want to miss the opportunity of servicing this man’s needs again.

Hopefully he will be there next week needing to have his sweaty ass eaten and his balls drained again.
He would be fun as breakfast on Saturdays before work.

Friday - August 27th

Under construction

My adventures will be posted later

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Kinks - Cum Filled Scum Bags

We all have our Kinks.

Be it Fisting, Piss, Toys, Sounds, Electro or whatever makes your Cock drip.
One of my Kinks was cumming into used condoms 

I am fond and sending them off in the mail to guys who would eat the cum or jack off with or like me, lubing up a big fat Dildo from my collection and stuffing it in my ass.
 Unfortunately, I have had to lay off this kink. I sent a couple of shipment of Cum filled Condoms off in the mail and due to the heat, they were not usable.
A lot of wasted Cum.....
So as the weather starts to cool down, I've thought about offering them up again.
If you are interested, email me at
Let chat about it.


Monday, August 23, 2010

How I Became A Piss Pig - Found on the internet - Enjoyable Reading

How I Became A Piss Pig
Posted byCaesar on Tuesday, October 21 @ 13:13:02 CDT
Contributed by ChgoPissboy

In November 2002, I took some time off to travel across Asia after competing in the Gay Games in Sydney, Australia.

After training all year long -- running, swimming, and bicycling -- I felt great and looked even better.

After all that disciplined training and now that the competition was over, I needed some time to let loose and play.

Little did I know that this trip would turn me into a piss-pig.

I was seated next to a good-looking gentleman on a flight from Cambodia to Malaysia. I had on my Gay Games t-shirt and some tight jeans. My nipples were showing right through my shirt -- tight across my chest .

After a few knowing glances, I got to talking to the gentleman seated next to me. I learned that he was gay too (how do the airlines always seat us together?) and that he knew the region well. It turns out that he was a semi-retired lawyer from Florida.

He gave me the names and numbers of a few "boyfriends" of his in Kuala Lumpur, the ultra-modern capital city of Malaysia with the world’s tallest building. I decided not to call the 19 year-old who "looks younger than that," but I did call 30 year-old Ahmad*.

It turns out that it was Ramadan, the Muslim holiday of fasting. That means that there's no eating, drinking, or smoking during the day. And Ahmad was required to adhere to these restrictions for the full 40 days. But those Islamic Malaysians spent all that pent up energy at night! (Plus, 40% of non-Muslim Malaysians are not under these restrictions.)

Ahmad came to my hotel, took me out, and showed me the town. I wasn't too into him at first, but he was really nice and welcoming. I didn't know what to make of him. Was he a hustler? What was he?

The first stop was to the chic main street in Bukit Bintang. We walked by cute street cafes with tobacco hookahs on the tables and settled for some espresso at an upscale coffee shop. Of course, I bought.

Ahmad suggested we buy some ecstasy. I had just tried some for the first time a few weeks before in Australia, had so much fun, and was willing to give it another try. He seemed old hat at this so I felt I could trust him.

It was a beautiful, humid, hot night. We dropped the X, and entered a hip bar with some hot British DJ playing disco. We were drinking a lot, and I knew I needed to keep hydrated while on ecstasy. Plus, I liked the feeling of all that liquid against my dick. I was feeling really sensual, and looking forward to pissing all that beer and water out of my cock.

It started to lightly rain in the humid night. Ahmad took out to a secluded balcony at the bar. Like I said earlier I wasn't too much into him, but the X was taking effect (damn him!). I stood between his legs rubbing against them as we talked about the situation. I told him that I just wanted to be friends, but that friends can fuck. I just felt relieved to set the tone. And maybe the problem was that I liked him more than I realized.

The gentle rain was so beautiful that I just wanted to go running naked between the palm trees. We stayed a while longer before we left for the next place.

He took me to the largest club I’ve ever seen anywhere in the world, but the way to get there is really odd. You have to up the second floor of this parking garage, then across it, and back down four flights to the sub-basement through a tunnel to an elevator. Finally, you’re there.

We danced all night. At one point, we escaped to a secluded part of the second floor where I dry humped him. He was all passionate about being fucked. He was TOTALLY into it – not like some of the gay men I’ve fucked who don’t want to admit how much fun it is. I was VERY turned on and enjoyed licking the sweat off of him. I was enjoying how much I needed to take a piss, but I held it for back at the hotel.

Once we got back to the hotel room, he couldn’t keep his mouth off my big cock, and he sucked like he meant it. It felt like the first time a guy went down on me. Now, this was REAL ecstasy.

His skin was so smooth and hairless that it felt like silk. I turned him over to view the curve of his spine. I put some really cold water in my mouth and slowly spit it out down his spine. He squirmed with pleasure. I didn’t want to stop touching him and smelling his sweaty armpits. But I had to.

I stopped to go to finally take that piss I’d been waiting for. He followed me into the bathroom. His enthusiasm was so great that I knew I had to reward him. Plus, I love any boy who’s nasty enough to follow me into the bathroom.

I lifted him up onto the tile next to the tub, put his legs in the air, and played with his ass – licking him from his hole over his cock to his nipple. Finally, I pissed on him – just a bit on his belly to be naughty (plus I wasn’t sure how he’d react).

He smiled. I licked him again. Now I had a big smile on my face knowing that I’d get to lick my piss off of his hot, sweaty, piss-smelling body. I went down on my knees to lick him from cock to nipple, but this time licking up the salty piss off his body as I did it.

At this point, I had no shame so I let it loose. I pissed all over his smooth chest and cock. I knelt down to taste his ass, which tasted even better with my piss glistening off of it. His smile was even bigger.

My bladder was still bulging from the 4+ liters I drank that night. I turned to the bowl to relieve myself, but Ahmad wouldn’t let me. He got on top of the seat before I could do my business. I guess I was just going to have to piss on him again! It was all my pleasure, but he looked so hot – all wet from my piss. His silky, tanned skin glistened in the light. His enthusiasm turned me on so much that my dick couldn’t get soft enough to get all the piss out of me.

We took a break. The bathroom was perfectly outfitted for all this piss flying around because it had a small water hose to wash to the tile down and the tile covered everything. Ahmad washed the room down a bit while I relaxed on the bed. I was on my back trying NOT to play with my nipples.

He came to bed and immediately went for my cock, which had finally softened a bit. His lips locked on my cock. I breathed deeply a few times to relax and let the piss pulse into his mouth.

I had never pissed in a guy’s mouth before and it felt great. He was already a great cocksucker and all that extra piss-lube made it feel even better.

This time I begged him to give me some. I wanted him to take some of my piss in his mouth, and pour it into mine. He was turning me into a full-on pisspig, and I was loving it. But he refused my request!

I secretly loved him for refusing me the taste of my own piss. I pumped more and more of it into his mouth, and he loved it. He couldn’t spare a drop – not even for me. Even when we sixty-nined – hoping for a drop out of his dick, he left me dry – torturing me. He made my cock feel like king.

I couldn’t help it anymore I came in his mouth. We fell asleep cuddling each other.


But it wouldn’t be our last night together. I did catch my prearranged flight to Vietnam. But I shortened my stay there in Hanoi to get back to Kuala Lumpur early and stay there longer.

Once back in KL, I couldn’t wait for nighttime. Ahmad and I went out together again and dropped some more X. This time when we took the elevator to the club some other guys joined us. Ahmad was talking to them in Malay. I couldn’t keep my eyes off of the hot muscle guy among them. I finally offered him some of the water from my bottle. He refused and while pointing at my crotch said he rather have a drink of that.

I blushed. I was totally embarrassed and confused. Could Ahmad really have told his friends about all the piss play we had? I guess so! Then, I was totally turned on.

Here is this hot muscle guy in this elevator telling me outright in front of all his friends that he wants to drink the man piss from my dick. What an unforgettable moment!

We had a great night dancing, drinking, and smoking a little pot. The one time I went to piss in the bathroom, I couldn’t help but feel like the guys next to me were watching. It was really hot too because the club’s bathroom had one of those 4 foot tall long floor urinal troughs. But I was too scared to do anything about it. The club was mixed gay/straight and patrolled by undercover cops.

After all that dancing when we got back to the room, I asked Ahmad if he had told his friends about our piss sex. I knew the answer, but wanted to hear him say it. Yes. He laughed as he told me that he had to tell them because it was so much fun! I liked his brazen attitude.

That night we pissed all over the bathroom. He still wouldn’t let me drink his piss, but he would piss on me. I think he was getting off on the degradation of drinking piss, and wanted to protect Daddy from that.

We still hadn’t come so we took a shower, dried off, and went to play some more on the bed.

I was fucking his smooth tight ass when Ahmad asked me to piss up his ass. I had never thought of that, and the idea turned me on. I slowed down and started to piss inside him – more and more flowed into him. I could feel my cockhead sloshing around in the piss. It just turned me on more and more.

I couldn’t resist it anymore, and I didn’t want to. It felt like huge gobs of come started pulsing down my spine through my ass and into his. It was pure bliss feeling my come wash into all that piss.

I carefully pulled out my cock with the condom on it. The condom was a huge balloon of man piss with white come swirling in it. It was a beauty to behold.

We feel asleep in each other’s arms.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Tattoo Boy

The first guy I serviced I call Tattoo Boy because he had tattoos all over his arms. He was one hell of good looking stud.
I did Tattoo boy through a glory hole. He went in the end booth and had his cock out playing with it when I peeped through the glory hole.
His cock was pretty enough to be in porn. He didn’t feed me his load. After letting me suck on his pretty cock for several minutes, he pulled it back thru the hole.

The next guy to get some of me was a Stocky build guy who was standing in the hallway
We went in a booth together next to tattoo boy. Tattoo boy watched use play. I could see him watching thru the glory hole.
Tattoo boy stuck his cock through the hole for us to suck on. I sucked on it some and the stocky build guy got down with me and shared tattoo boy’s cock.
Tattoo boy said through the hole that he wanted to watch us fuck. That was fine with me.
The Stocky guy liked light nipple play and lot of kissing. He was a good kisser and enjoyed having me suck on his tongue.
At one point we started Punching each other's chest. I got really physical punching him pretty hard. Then he punched back just as hard. It is unusual to find guys into being punched like that.
We took a break after about 15 minutes of sucking, kissing and punching.

I headed for the other side and found this Hot Cowboy. He was wearing cowboy boots and headed into one of the booths with a glory hole into the next booth.
I doing Guys in cowboy boots. Plus he was uncut.
I took my time and enjoyed his natural cock. But as usual, my mouth and tongue did their job and he fed me his load of hot cum. He shot a big load too.

After drinking the Cowboys big load of Man Juice, I went back in the hallway. There was this Short fat guy in the hallway stroking his cock. He had a Short fat uncut black cock. I dropped to my knees and started sucking on his uncut piece of meat. It tasted real salty and I had to have it.
I sucked on his uncut cock until he fed me his load.

While I was servicing his uncut black cock, this older white guy with an uncut cock in the hallway. He came over to where we were and pulled his cock out. He was stroking it when the black guy fed me his load. I just moved a little and took his uncut cock into my mouth and started servicing him.
From one uncut cock to the next with out loosing a beat.

This guy was a moaning and was very verbal. As soon as all of his uncut cock was in my mouth he started moaning. Then he said ‘Oh my God, that feels so good. That’s it suck my cock.’ The he went back to moaning. While I was sucking his cock, he kept telling me how good I was and how good it felt.
Finally he couldn’t hold back any longer and exploded his load in my throat.

When I finished cleaning his uncut cock up from servicing it I saw this Young kid with dark skin had been watching. I moved over to his cock. He wouldn’t let me suck on it. He just kept jacking it. He had a nice size cock which actually looked way too big for his body size. Below his cock hung two very nice balls of good size. I started pulling on them while he was jacking his uncut brown cock. He was enjoying me working his balls a lot.
Then he told me to lick his balls while he jacked off. I sucked his balls into my mouth and gently chewed on them while he worked his meat. He jacked off while I sucked on his balls and played with his ass.

I jacked off with three guys watching.

Saturday, August 21, 2010


As long as a man will let me suck his cock, 
swallow his cum and or piss load 
stick my face in his ass,
I don't care what he looks like.

I usually let my a-dick-shun to sucking cock really take control 
when I am out hunting men to service.


He can fuck my face
Fuck my ass
Piss down my throat
Fist Fuck my Pig Ass.


I will eat his ass . . .
eat his cum . . .
Eat his spit . . .

Hell I don't care.
He can even smoke while I service him

I just want to give him service.....


I'm just a PIG!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Men's Room Sounds

Men’s Room Sounds

I really get off the sounds in a Men’s Room.

The sound of a guy sitting on a toilet grunting like hell trying to shit out a big turd. (I’m not into scat, but the sounds and thoughts turn me on)

The sound of that big turd hitting the water. The splash it makes when it hits.

The sound of a guys piss stream hitting the water in the toilet as he pisses between his legs while he taking a shit.

Imagine the last time you went into a public Men’s Room and sat down on a toilet in one of the stalls.

Did someone come in and occupy the stall next to you?
Did you notice the noises that guy made while in the stall.
The grunts, the groans, the moaning and maybe even idle talk to himself.

Ever wonder what the guy looked like?
How about how big his cock was?

Maybe how big the turd was that just came out of his ass……..

Maybe the sound is of two guys having sex!

I bet next time you will.