Sam Bear's Color

Sam Bear's Color

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Saturday Afternoon - Part I - just one HOT Fuck

It was Saturday afternoon and I was out doing some errands.
I decided to stop by the local adult book store that has the glory holes.
I was hungry for some cock and ass. I was hoping to get something good.
Before I left the house, I cleaned out my asshole just in case I had the opportunity to share it was someone.

As usual, I paid my $5.00 cover fee and headed on back to the video booth area. With the video booth area, there was more traffic back there. Not necessary good traffic, but more traffic.
Minutes after I entered the area where the new video booths were, I was heavily cruised a good guy a few years my senior.
I moved back to the hallway where the four new video booths were and waited to see if he would follow me. I was glad when he appeared out of the darkness and stood next to me.
The two booths with the glory hole between them were not occupied so I entered one, shut and locked the door. I heard the guy that had cruised me enter the other video and lock the door.
I hoped he was a feeder and not a feedee and wanted his cock sucked on.
I quickly dropped to my knees in front of the glory hole and peered through the oval hole in the wall.
I was pleased when he reached and unzipped his zipper. Then he unbuttoned the top button and they fell down around his ankles.
I watched as he pulled down the front of his underwear and pulled his semi hard cock from them.
Damn it was a nice looking cock.
I reached through the glory hole and grabbed his cock from his hand. Then I began to pull it toward the glory hole and my mouth. He resisted a little as he stepped toward the glory hole. I led his cock right through the glory hole and into my mouth. It was nice and salty from where he had dripping pre-cum while cruising me.
I heard the guy attached to the cock in my mouth begin to moan loudly as I swallowed his cock. From the noise he was making I figured he liked having his cock in my mouth.
As you can see from the picture, the guy had a really nice cock.

While sucking on his cock, I kept his balls in my one hand. As I pulled on them while his cock was in my mouth, his moans became louder and more enjoyable. This made my mouth work its way down his cock shaft and take his balls in my mouth.
This drove him wild.
These are his balls

I was able to get both his balls in my mouth through the glory hole. The guy went crazy in pleasure. His moans and groans got louder and louder as my mouth  worked on his balls.
After giving his balls a good workout with my mouth, I moved back to sucking his cock.
Enjoy this picture of me sucking his cock.

After sucking on his cock and working on his balls, I decided I was tired of the wall being between us.
I kissed his cock goodbye and tapped on it to let him know I was finished. I watched as he pulled his cock back through the glory hole. The glory hole that allowed me to give that man some intense pleasure.
I unlocked my door and went back into the dark hallway. From there I knocked on his closed door. I heard him unlock his door and then he opened it. He had a puzzled look on his face.
I pushed him into the booth as I stepped inside it with him. Closing the door, I locked it and then reached down and grabbed his cock.
I told him I was tired of hitting my head on the fucking wall and wanted his manhood man to man.
After saying that to him I dropped down on my knees in front of him and took his cock back in my mouth. As I swallowed his cock to begin making love to it, the guy attached to it started moaning and his body began to shake.
Damn you are one hell of a cock sucker as I continued to give his cock one hell of a sucking.
I grabbed his balls and pulled on them while I had his cock in my mouth. Then I moved my attention and my mouth to his balls. My free hand reached around to check out his ass.
As I my fingers slid down his ass crack to his already greased asshole, I was surprised to find an asshole open for play.
First one finger went in, then I slid another finger and finally I pushed a third finger into his hungry asshole. As I was sliding my finger inside of his hot greased asshole, he reached around with his hands and pulled his ass cheeks apart for me.
I began finger fucking him as he pushed his open asshole back onto my fingers.
His cock got rock hard in my mouth and I half expected him to blow his load.
After several minutes of my forcing my fingers in and out of his hungry ass hole while adding my fourth finger and part of my thumb, I decided his ass needed to be opened up just a little more and my hand would slide right in.
As I slowed the finger fucking down, he said to me that he was trying to open his ass as much as he could so I could play in it.
I finally slid my fingers out of his asshole and let his cock fall out of mouth.
I stood up and as I pulled my red bandana from my back pocket to clean off my fingers, I told him we needed to take a break.
I told him that if I could have about 10 or 15 minutes, I would stretch him open and give him a wild ride.
I unlocked the door and left him standing in the video booth with his pants down.
To be continued…….

Saturday Afternoon - part II

Part II
After I left the guy standing in the video booth with his pants down around his ankles and his asshole hanging open, I headed toward my truck.
As I was making my way through the dark maze of video booths, I was grabbed by a guy standing in one of the dark hallways. I stopped and turned to see who it was just in time to have a mouth start kissing mine.
From the taste of the kiss, I knew exactly who it was. It was my Hot Black stud from Raleigh. ‘F’
We finished kissing and I told him I was busy and would see him when I got back inside from going out to my truck to get something.
I finally made my way out of the video booth area and cut through the store heading for the door. The clerk asked me if I was leaving. I looked at him with a big smile on my face and told him I was going out to my truck to get something.
I had parked next to the dumpster so the driver’s door was not in the view of the video camera watching the parking lot.
Quickly I grabbed my red toy bag, unzipped it and dug out one of my dildos. Then I found a good bottle of lube and bottle of poppers.
Standing next to the dumpster in the parking lot of the bookstore, I unzipped my pants and stuff the large dildo into my underwear.
After I had zipped back up my pants, I grabbed the lube and poppers and stuffed them in one of my back pockets. Then I headed back into the adult bookstore.
As I walked through the store to get to the entrance to the video booth area, I passed a guy leaving. He almost dropped his teeth when he looked at my crotch and saw the bulge the dildo in my underwear was causing.
In the video booth area I found the guy I had been playing with and told him that we needed to find a private booth. I wanted some more of his ass.
The two of us navigated the dark hallways until we found an empty private booth. Luckily there was a gay movie playing in it.
Once inside with the door locked, I reached up and grabbed his head. Pulling it forward toward me, I started kissing him. Then I told him I wanted more of his ass.
As he started to undress, I undid my pants and got the dildo out of my underwear. I laid it on the stool in the video booth and then removed all of my cloths except my shoes.
The two of us were standing there naked in the booth ready for some more man on man action.
I reached up and grabbed the back of his head and forced him to his knees in front of me. Then I pushed my semi hard cock up to his lips and told him to suck it. I told him to get it hard so I could slide it up his asshole.
He eagerly started sucking my cock wasting no time getting it hard. He wanted it inside his ass.
I was impressed with how good he sucked my cock, deep throating it and all with my PA still in.
When my cock was rock hard, I told him to stand up and bend over the stool. I was ready to fuck him.
While he was getting himself positioned, I grabbed my dildo from the stool he was about ready to bend over. Then I found a couple of condoms in my pocket from my pants in a pile on the floor.
Since I needed both hands to open the condom packs and put one on myself, I laid the dildo on the guys back. I was hoping there would be some mental excitement feeling the size of the latex cock I was going to fuck him with after I had my go at his sloppy asshole.
His ass was already greased, so I just slid my hard latex cover cock into his hungry asshole.
As I buried all of my cock inside him, he let out a nice moan of contentment.
He looked over his shoulder at me and said, yeah Daddy my ass needs a hard fucking.
I didn’t need the clue. I could tell be feel of his ass on my cock that he was ready for a deep and hard ride.
With no caution, I began pounding my hard cock into him deep and as hard as I could. He moaned and groaned as I slapped his ass and continued to pound it.
The fucking lasted a good ten minutes or more before I was ready to make a change. That big fat dildo laying on his back looked as if it needed a home.
Without any warning to him, I pulled my cock out of his, grabbed the dildo and stuffed it into his asshole.
I gave him a second to accept the bigger cock up his asshole and then I started fucking him again.
His ass took that dildo like he had been getting fucked by it every day of the week.
God damn that thing is big he said to me as he took a hit of poppers.
Sure is I replied to him. It’s going to open you up enough to take my hand. He moaned in delight with that said and I continued to plow that fat dildo into him.
His whole body began to quiver as I fucked him deep and hard with that latex cock.
This hard fucking lasted for about five minutes when I knew by the way he was taking that cock he was ready for my hand.
Slowly I pulled the dildo out of his sloppy asshole and told him to relax.
Then I squirted some lube on his asshole.
As I began to push a couple of fingers into his sloppy asshole, it opened up and begged for more.
Well, I couldn’t pass that up. I got my hand in the position it needed to be in for full insertion and began searching for the right angle.
Bam, there it was. I pushed a little harder and my hand began to slid into him via a well greased and fucked asshole.
With a little more pressure my hand disappeared into his asshole.
I paused for a second to let him adjust to my hand being inside of his asshole and then I adjusted my hand to where it fit just perfect inside of him.
I dropped to my knees from my squatting position as he lowered his ass into position.
He readied himself for a fisting he wouldn’t forget.
Damn your hand feels good inside of me. Please take it easy at first. I’ve never been fisted in a adult bookstore before. He said to me as I began slowly moving my hand in a fucking motion.
With a gentle push in a little deeper with my hand, I replied back to him how fucking good his ass felt on my hand.
I was a Happy PIG. I had hand my hand up inside some piggy asshole.
I laid my face up against his ass cheek and slowly continued to play with my fist inside his man-hole.
I could have blown my load without touching myself. But I didn’t. I saved it for later for what I was hoping would happen to me too.
His ass on my hand felt so fuckin  good I lost track of how long I played in his ass.
He let me fuck him with my fist and then just rotate it around some while digging a little deeper inside of him. His ass felt so good. My hand was in love.
After a while I could tell he had enough. His ass was beginning to tighten up some and he was beginning to resist me from going in any deeper.
I let the guy know that I was going to remove my fist from his sloppy pig hole. I slowed down my pace to a stop and then started the removal of my body from his body.
Slowly I slid my arm out of his asshole until my fist was just on the other side of this ass opening. Take a deep breath and let me out I told him. He did as I had said and his asshole opened up and let my hand slide right out.
I took my thumb and rubbed his asshole a little. Then I gave it a gentle kiss and ran my tongue over it.
A fresh fisted asshole taste so fucking good.
With my other hand I reached and grabbed my bandana to wipe his greasy asshole.
The fucker I had just pulled my hand out of collapse somewhat on the stool he had been bent over. Then he let out a deep sigh and looked over his shoulder at me with a big shit eating grin.
He was one happy pig.
So was I….
I told him how incredible his ass was and how fucking Hot that whole scene with him had been.
Here is a picture of his asshole just after I had cleaned it up some.

Here is the dildo I had up his ass and fucked him hard with. This is it laying on his back.

When I finally left that video booth, I was so fucking horny for some more wild pig sex.
What did I do? I went looking for the Fucking Hot Black Stud from Raleigh.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

9th Street Pick-up = Part 1

I was driving down 9th street today. 9th street in my town is the street where all the earthy type people hang out.
As I said, I was driving down 9th street and spotted this guy standing in front of one of shops. It was about mid-morning.
He had a full beard, long dirty looking hair and shabby cloths.
I recognized him right away. I sucked his raunchy uncut cock a couple of months ago at the bookstore a few blocks away on Guess Rd.
I kind of figure he is one of the wonderers who never work and live off of whoever will support him at the time.
Now don’t get me wrong. I think he is very good looking and am drawn to him like flies on fresh shit..
I took the next turn and circled the block so I would pass him again. Only this time, I pulled over in front of him and waved him to come over to the truck.
When he approached my truck, I asked him if he remembered me.
Hell yeah he replied to me. You that fag that gave me that wonderful blowjob.
That’s right I replied to him. Then I asked him if wanted his cock sucked again. Where, he asked me. I told him that I would pay his cover fee at the bookstore if he would let me have his big uncut cock to myself for a while.
Are they opened yet he asked.
I think so, I said back to him and unlocked the door so he could get in.
Once he was in my truck, it filled with the aroma of his body odor. Damn he smelled good - the kind of odor that a Pig like me likes. I could smell beer on him too.
What type of Beer do you drink, I asked him. Any fuckin kind I can get he said. Already drank a fuckin six pack this morning.
As I pulled into the parking lot of the bookstore, he made the comment that because there were several vehicles in the parking lot that the place must be open. Then he told me he was looking forward to getting a good blowjob again. Then he had to tell be that he wasn’t queer. He just liked to have a fag give him a blow job.
I normally am bothered by guys calling me a fag in the way he was. But his deep rough voice made it a turn on.
The guy looked to be in his late 40s or early 50s. He was somewhat weathered looking and his skin was dark from being in the sun a lot. Damn that mutha fuck’r was Hot.
As he walked away from my truck toward the building, I got a good chance to really check him out.
He was about the same height as me. He was wearing dirty blue jeans without a belt and a torn dirty t-shirt. He had on dirty work type boots that looked as if they were hand me downs cause they didn’t fit very well.
He had a very masculine walk with long foot steps. All I could think about was how his huge uncut was swinging back in forth in his jeans.
I followed him toward the store and then into the store as he opened the door and stepped in.
Since I was paying for the two of us, I stepped around him and up to the counter. Out of the corner of my eye I saw him turn and head toward the Men’s Room. Damn I thought, I would have loved to see him take a piss but knew that was not possible in the bookstore. One good thing though, he would still have piss trapped in his foreskin for me to taste.
I gave the clerk a $10.00 bill and told him I was paying for both of us. The clerk gave a little chuckle and smiled at me. He knew what was going on.
I waited near the entrance to the hallway that led back to the video booth area.
After several minutes he appeared from the doorway of the Men’s Room.
I stared at his crotch as he walked toward me. I could see his cock moving back and forth in his baggy jeans.
I tried to remember if he had been wearing underwear the last time I gave him a blow job. I remembered that he was. They were dirty and smelled so fuck’n good.
Just as he got to me he turned toward the clerk and told him he was going to get one hell of a blowjob from me.
The clerk laughed and replied, yeah everyone says he gives the best blowjobs. He the reason half the guys come here.
We both headed down the hallway toward he video booth area.
As we turned the corner I asked him if he wanted to watch a straight movie or a fag movie. He replied that he preferred watching women get fucked. Then I asked him he preferred black or white or mixed. His reply was that it didn’t matter, just as long it was a woman getting fucked by a big dick.
Go figure, what does he really watch?
Since the new area was open, I led him over to that area and into one of the private booths that was playing a straight movie with a white chick getting fucked by a huge uncut black cock.

9th Street Pick-up = Part 2

I shut and locked the door and moved the stool up against the door. He sat back on the edge of the stool and began to undo his jeans. I kneeled in front of him and reached up and grabbed his hands stopping him.
Let me do that for you I said to him. Let me take care of you. Just get settled as I undress you.  I want to enjoy the surprise of every second of undressing you.
Slowly I unbuttoned the top button of his jeans and then unzipped them. His budge behind the zipper pushed out some through his fly.
I pressed my face to his crotch with my nose into his dirty underwear. I couldn’t believe how fuck’n good his crotch smelled.
It was pure raunchy smelling and my own cock began to grow in my pants. I reached down and adjusted my growing cock as I took another deep breath of his musky smelling crotch.

I pulled my face just inches away from his raunchy smelling crotch as I reached and grabbed the dirty waist band of his once white jockey shorts.
Just before his huge uncut cock flopped in my face as I pulled his underwear down, I looked up at him and told him how fuck’n good his crotch smelled. His reply back to me was that he hadn’t took a bath in weeks. Then he told me that the fuckers back at the house steal your shit while you are in the shower.
Then his huge uncut cock flopped in my face. The video booth filled with the smell of his cheesy foreskin.
I couldn’t wait to get my tongue in his long thick foreskin and clean it out.
I reached and grabbed the shaft of his mostly limp uncut cock.
Slowly I peeled his long thick foreskin back until I could just see his piss slit. His fuck’n cock was raunchy as hell and it was mine to enjoy.
I licked his piss slit before moving my tongue around inside his thick foreskin. The first taste I sensed was the piss he had just taken minutes before.
Then the taste of pure man cheese filled my mouth and head.
I was so fuck’n lucky to be kneeling in front of this stud servicing his raunchy uncut cock.
The guy raised his hips up off the stool so I could pull his jeans and underwear down to around his ankles.
As he sat his ass back on the stool, he looked down at me and said that he was hoping I wasn’t turned off because of how raunchy his cock was. I looked back up at him with a smile on my face and told him his raunchy cock was just right and I was looking forward to a nice long session with it and his big balls.
Then he told me he really enjoyed having his balls chewed on by the faggot sucking his dick.

This faggot was ready to service both his raunchy uncut cock and his big low hanging balls. Even his raunchy dirty asshole if he would let me.
I wasted no time getting his fat cock back in my mouth and continuing my journey down its shaft licking it clean as I took inch by inch in my mouth.
His uncut cock had to be a good six inches long hanging limp. It was easy to get all of it in my mouth and down my throat while I worked on it.
I let it slide in and out of my mouth as I began a slow suckling on it.
I heard him begin to moan as I let his floppy cock slide out of my mouth and I began to lick down his cock shaft toward his balls. I wanted to lick the sweat and body funk of those beautiful balls.
Damn I couldn’t believe how good this guy’s cock and balls tasted. I never expected it to be so good when I propositioned him into joining me at the bookstore for a blowjob.

9th Street Pick-up = part 3

One by one I sucked his big balls into my mouth and lightly chewed on them. The guy moaned some more and then told me how good it felt.
He was really getting into me working on his raunchy manhood.
After chewing on his balls, I moved back to his raunchy uncut cock.
At this point, all my senses where filled with the raunchy aroma of this Man. Plus the fact he was a street person and looked so good was a big turn on.

OK, I’m going to step back and give you a visual of this moment.
The two of us are inside a private video booth in an Adult Video/Book Store.
He is sitting with his butt on the edge of a stool leaning back with his shoulders up against the door to the video booth. He has his knees spread apart for me to have access to his raunchy manhood. His jeans are down around his ankles.
He has on a beige t-shirt that has several holes in it. It is pushed up some onto his belly to reveal some hair and to keep it out of my way.
He has a full beard and long shaggy hair. His weight is good because he has a good build.
He has his arms crossed on his chest and he is watching some white chick get her cunt abused by a black stud with a hung uncut cock.
I’m kneeling in front of him fully dressed with a rock hard cock and my head is spinning from where his body odor has filled the video booth.

Now back to the action.
I had all of his uncut cock in my mouth with my nose buried in his curly brown pubic hair. I took a deep breath of the musky odor his crotch was omitting and began chewing on his cock as if I was eating it.
This made him moan and he reached down and grabbed my head. With his hands on the back of my head, he held my head in place as he flexed his ass and somewhat face fucked me without pulling his cock out of my mouth and throat.
Finally he released my head and let me slide enough of his cock out of my throat to be able to get a good breath of air.
I swallowed his floppy cock again and slowly moved my mouth up and down on it. His cock was still mostly limp which was fine with me. It made it easy to swallow and work on.

I took my time making love to this cock and balls being sure to give the best mouth service I could. The whole time he was moaning and groining. His moans encouraged me to make sure I was giving this man the best blow job I could.
I had been enjoying his manhood for a good 15 or 20 minutes while he watched the porn movie when all of sudden his uncut cock began to grow in my mouth. He grabbed the back of head just after I had swallowed his entire cock into my throat.
Damn he said out loud. That bitch is that the big fucking nigga cock up her ass.

You got any of those magnum sized rubbers? I want to fuck you up the ass just like that bitch is getting it. Bend you over and drive it deep up your shit hole. Then dump my load deep inside of you.
He pulled my head away for his crotch pulling his now semi hard uncut cock out of my throat and mouth. I watched him as he stood up in front of me. His big uncut cock still just inches away from my face.
As I reached into my pocket to find the magnum sized condom he had requested, he kicked off his boots and removed his pants and pushed his dirty underwear down and took the off tossing them on top of his pants next to the door.
Get your fucking clothes off he ordered me. I’m ready to fuck some faggot ass like that bitch is getting fucked.
I stood up in front of him and unbuttoned my 501 jeans and pushed them and my underwear down around my ankles. I had just begun to pull my t-shirt off when he turned me around, pushed the stool he had been sitting on in front of me and bent me over the stool.
I handed him the gold package that had the large size condom in it. After he took it from my hand I reached and grabbed his big uncut cock. It now was rock hard and dripping pre-cum.
That damn thing had grown several inches and as I said, was rock hard.
I spit on my fingers and used it to lube my ass as much as I could.
The guy with me pushed the latex covered cockhead up against my asshole. I reached back and grabbed my ass cheeks pulling them apart. I heard him hack up a big load of spit and then let it drip out of his mouth onto my ass crack just above my asshole.
I took a deep breath as I felt his spit slide down over my asshole and his cock head. Then without any warning he began pushing his rock hard cock into my asshole.
He was eager to get his manhood inside of me because he kept pushing that cock into my ass without any mercy.
Within seconds, he had all of his huge uncut latex covered cock inside of me.
I took another deep breath and relaxed my asshole the best I could. I readied myself for the fucking I was to receive.

9th Street Pick-up = part 4

As he pushed the last couple of inches of his hard uncut cock inside of me, I grunted.
Too much for ya? He asked me
Most faggots can’t even take half my dick up their faggot ass. I’ve got all 10 and ½ inches of it in you.
He pushed his hips forward as he rotated them some to get his cock even deeper in me.
I looked over my shoulder at him and said it wasn’t too much all. In fact he put as much of it deep inside of me any way he wanted to. I told him cock felt like it belonged up my faggot ass all the time.
Hell he said, most of the bitches I fuck can’t even take half of up the cunt or ass.
I took another deep breath of the raunchy smelling air in the video booth and readied myself.
I like to fuck faggots long, deep and hard he said to me as he began to pull some of his hard cock out of me and then slide it back in.
Like I said, I said to him, you can fuck me a long and hard and anyway you want to.
He picked up his pace and got rougher as he fucked me. After several minutes he started slapping my ass and punching my back.
You ain’t like most of the faggots I’ve tried to fuck he said. You take it like a man should.
That made me proud of myself.
Come on asshole, I said to him. Fuck this faggots asshole like a man, as fucking hard and deep as you can. Make me choke of that fuckin monster cock of yours.
The guy slowed down as he pulled off his shirt and tossed it on the floor. Then he went back to the insanely manic fucking of my hungry asshole.
Every time he would slam his long thick cock into me, I would be raised up off the stool I was bent over. Then with his back stroke pulling out, I would be slammed back down on the hard wooden stool.
The longer this fucked me the more animalistic he became. It felt so good having a real fucking Man stuff my ass with his hard manhood.
The temperature in the video booth kept getting higher as he fucked me harder and harder. The smell of his manliness was so thick in the booth that it could be cut with a knife.
I looked over my shoulder to glare at him whenever I could. He was covered in sweat that was dripping onto my back as he punched me and slapped my ass. This fucker was insanely fucking me as fucking hard as he could.
Both him and I were grunting like Pigs as he buried that long thick meat of his up my ass into my gut.
It had been about 20 minutes of fucking when his pace changed.
My legs were already like rubber and my asshole felt like an African army of horny tribesmen had passed me around.
His pace became more frantic as he pushed deeper and harder into me. I could his already huge uncut cock grow even bigger inside of me.
Then there was the massive slam forward into me as his body began to jerk. He grabbed my hips and pulled me toward him burying even more of that monster cock deep inside of me.
He had reached his limit and was unloading his big hairy balls into my body.
God Damn you muther fuckin faggot he yelled as his body jerked with every squirt of cum he pumped into me.
Slowly he released his grip on my hips and let me fall back down onto the hard wooden stool.
Hi huge uncut cock stayed inside of me as my asshole began to spasm and milk the last few drops of his essence from him.
Both of us were covered in sweat and well exhausted after that fucking…

9th Street Pick-up = part 5

He fell forward onto my back pulling a couple of inches of his long cock out of my ass.
Damn, I need to get back, he said to me.
I need to clean up your cock after you finally pull it out of me I said to him. But you can keep it in me as long as you want to.
Then I told him I had never been fucked like that before. That he was one hell of a man to be able to fuck like that with having some type of heart attack or something.
Then he told me I was the only faggot he had ever fucked that let him fuck like he wanted to. They couldn’t take it that rough and long.
He raised up off my back and slowly pulled his long fat latexed covered uncut cock out of my asshole. It felt like I was shitting a huge turd and my insides were following it.
After all his cock had been removed from me, I quickly turned around and dropped to my knees in front of him.
The Magnum sized condom was full of his cum and several inches of it was hanging off his cockhead. His foreskin had already moved forward and covered his cock head.
I could have blown my load just looking at the incredible uncut cock and that man’s essence.
I reached and grabbed his cock and began to slowly peeled the cum-filled latex bag off his cock. I was careful not to waste any of this man’s cum.
I glanced up at him and told him to enjoy having a faggot undress his big cock after one hell of a fucking.
He stood there while I finished removing the cum-filled condom from his now limp uncut cock.
With him watching, I took the open end of the Magnum Condom and put it in my mouth. Then I tilted my head backward some and squeeze his cum from the condom into my mouth.
I wasn’t about to waste his essence. The condom had what seemed to be about of cup of cup in it. This fucker shoots one hell of a load.
His cum was somewhat salty with a hint of sweetness to it. The taste of cum that makes you want more.
After the condom was empty and I had swallowed all of his cum, I tossed the used latex sperm bag onto the floor in the corner of the video booth.
After that I reached for his cloths. Piece by piece I started to hand them to him.
As he bent over to put his jeans back on, he looked me in the eye and told me he had to take a piss. Damn, how lucky could I be.
First I was his cock sucking faggot swallowing his big fat nasty uncut cock.
Then I became his faggot bitch fuck hole for him to stuff all of the fat uncut meat into and fuck as hard and deep as he wanted to.
Now it was my chance to become his human urinal. My mouth was ready to receive the load of piss he had worked up while giving my ass one hell of a fucking.
As he began to pull up his jeans, I looked up at him and told him that as his personal faggot, I want to be his own personal urinal too.
I reminded him from earlier when I told him he could use my body anyway he wanted to. This included pissing down my throat and filling my belly.
He smiled when I told him again; I would eat anything fucking fluid that came out of his cock and mouth.
As you know, I’m not into scat, but I sure did want to smell his raunchy ass. If I was to bury my face into his raunchy ass after him fucking me the way he did and then feed me his piss, I know I would blow my load without even touching my cock.
As I reached for his cock to get it to my mouth, I asked him if he had ever pissed in a guy’s mouth before.
Hell no, he replied; never even thought of it.
I grabbed his limp hanging cock and guided toward my mouth.
Just relax and let it happen, I told him. Don’t think about what you are doing the first couple of times. Then it will happen naturally. Every time you need to piss, you are going to look around you and try to find a thirsty faggot like me to be your personal urinal.
With that said, I opened my mouth and laid his foreskin covered cockhead on my tongue.

I eagerly waited as he took a deep breath and tired to let his piss flow. Then he tried to force himself to piss.
Finally after about a minute, the piss came squirting out his long thick foreskin into my mouth. I gulped it down eagerly like a good faggot should. His piss tasted like warm beer which I expect it to since he had said that he had already killed a six pack.
He continued to piss and I continued to gulp it down until his bladder was empty and the flowing stream into my mouth stopped.
I milked the last of his piss out of his long hanging limp uncut cock and I cleaned his foreskin out. Then I let his cock fall out of my mouth.
Looking up at him I told him that his piss tasted really good that he could use mouth for his personal urinal anytime his bladder was full of beer.
The guy continued to get dress.
I did the same, putting on my pants and shirt onto my sweat covered body.
Damn I was a Happy Pig Faggot.
We both finished getting dressed and I turned to unlock the door to the video booth when he slapped me on my ass.
Damn that was a good fuck faggot. When you coming back to pick me up for some more? He asked.
We walked out past the clerk heading toward my door.
That right there is one fine piece of ass he said to the clerk.
Took all of my cock, every damn inch of it.
Damn said the clerk. That huge fucker you got hanging in your pants.
Damn right the guy replied.
The clerk looked at me and winked. Then he said to the guy, you’re lucky he let you fuck him. You wouldn’t believe the fuckers who come here looking for him to fuck his ass.
I smiled as I pushed the door to the store opened.
In the parking lot we passed this older white who asked me if I was coming back.
Do I need to? I asked him.
Damn right if you want to get fucked he replied.
I smiled at him and then turned to my new buddy.
Sure, let me drop this guy off and I’ll be back in about 30 minutes.
The guy with me started to laugh and said to us, hell it should take you that long to recover form the fucking I just gave you with my ten and half inches.
He embarrassed the guy going into the store. He only has about eight inches.
The two of us got in my truck and started to drive the trip back to where I had picked him up.
Just a few blocks away from where I was going to drop him off, he put his hand on my leg.
You need more fucking, he said to me. I can get a couple of the guy back at the house to fuck you sometime. They fuck faggots too. I can’t wait to tell them about your faggot ass taking all my cock better then any bitch I have fucked.
I pulled in front of the store I had picked him up in front of earlier. As he got out of the truck I told him that I would see him in a few days. Then I told him I would work on finding some place better to fuck the adult book store.
As I drove off heading to get something to drink before heading back to the bookstore, I wondered if I should allow him in to my play house.
Damn I was a Happy Pig Faggot. My Ass felt so GOOD!

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Spiritual Connections & Trust

Fisting – one of the most intimate sexual acts that two men can do together.
One man inserting his hand inside another man’s asshole and creating intense pleasure for both involved. Mental and Physical Pleasure…
I think when two men can connect spiritually during a fisting session it is wonderful.
When I am letting a man push his fist into my asshole, I open my mind to the universe and connect to that man’s essence - Both of us becoming one being for pleasure.
I know there are some guys out there that just open their assholes and let anyone stuff a fist inside of them. I feel sorry for them because they don’t experience that spiritual connection with the man that holds their life in his hand.
As he feels your beating heart while he is inside of you, he holds your life. With one move he can end your life or with one move he can give you the most pleasurable feelings.
Even with the guy who fisted me in the bookstore on the floor, I connect with him and he fed me what he wanted so I could give him the experience he was seeking. Pure Pig Sex!
Here are a few pictures from the internet. In some of them you can see the spiritual connection between the two men.


Some people say Fisting is a form of S&M and is part of the Devil's workshop.
How many really believe that?
Fisting has been practiced throughout the ages.
Take a Fist or give a Fist and enjoy it....

Peter Puffer




Saturday, July 21, 2012

2nd most popular

My second most posting is
"Fuck Me"

Here is the link if you want to check it out.

It has had close to 500 views

Sharing yesterday's sweets

Today's post I want to share with you two pictures I took of some cock I was so lucky to suck on.EnjoyI sure didSo the Hell did they, they told me so over and over...One kept telling me I sucked better then his wife.He was shocked when my reply back was - I know I do, Now you do too.

Thursday, July 19, 2012



the quality or condition of being modest

Not showing your genitals to others, keeping them covered and out of sight at all times.
Standards of modesty discourage or forbid exposure of parts of the body, varying between societies, which may include areas of skin, the hair, undergarments, and especially intimate parts..
There are also customs regarding the changing of clothes (such as in locker rooms with no enclosed private facilities), and the closing or locking of the door when changing or taking a shower.
Standards of modesty vary by culture or generation and vary depending on who is exposed, which parts of the body are exposed and where they are exposed.
Some critics assert that modesty reflects a negative body image (Body image refers to a person's feelings of the aesthetics and sexual attractiveness of his or her own body. A person's body image is thought to be, in part, a product of his or her personal experiences, personality, and various social and cultural forces.) and that there may be a correlation between repressive body attitudes and undesirable outcomes such as sexual crimes, violence, and stress.

Western standards of decency expect people to cover their genitalia in public and private same sex locations like locker rooms and doctor’s exam rooms.

Most world religions have sought to control modesty. They teach that showing your genitalia to others of the same sex is wrong. That the person exposing their genitalia will burn in hell for showing off what God gave them.

Now that I have quoted several different sites form the internet, I am ready to get to my post of the day.

I work out in the corporate fitness center several days a week. One of the benefits of using the fitness center is that I get to see some nice cocks hanging on the guys in the locker room.

It is interesting to see the different levels of modesty in the locker room. Some guys are real modest and cover their manhood up so no one can see what is hanging. Others couldn’t care less and just let hang free for all to see.

I believe that the church and its teaching has caused a lot of guys to quickly cover their manhood up and keep its beauty from other to see.

Today I hit the Men’s Locker Room just as the group that had been playing basketball in the 100 + degree heat were coming out of the showers. Some wrapped themselves in towels while others just strutted their stuff.
The guy next to me was one of those strutting his stuff. He had a nice long hanging floppy uncut cock.  I bet his foreskin smelled so good after being out in the heat playing b-ball. Another plus was his body. He had abs that you wouldn’t believe.

The guy on the other side of me came out of the shower area wrapped in his towel and put his pants on under the towel. Then he removed the towel.
My first thought was who fucked this guy and taught him to hide his body and manhood instead of being proud of what God gave him. Somewhere in his childhood somebody must have taught him to be ashamed of his body. Hide it and keep other Men from enjoying it. The parts of his body he did allow be seen were really nice. He had a little of a belly, but his chest was one that wet dreams could be made from.

OK, I went and did my work out and when I went back to the locker room there was only one guy in there. He was getting undressed and proudly let his cock swing in from of him as he headed toward the showers. He had a nice cut cock hanging several inches long over his tight balls. This guy had one hell of an ass to look at also.

On the floor he left his sweaty cloths and I share with you a picture of the pile of cloths.
I had to smell the jock strap. I could have jacked off right there. His jock strap smelled better the poppers.

I wanted to take his jock strap but knew better.
How do you confess to your priest that you took some strangers jock strap while he was showering? The church doesn’t approve of our life style. You think they would understand fetishes. Well maybe…. So much in the news about priest abusing young boys. But I am not going there. I wasn’t lucky enough to have a priest abuse me.

Share with us what you do in a locker room.
Do you show off what you have?
Or do you cover yourself up?

Now is a good time to search the internet and listen to the Village People’s YMCA.

To my reader who gets all that big uncut black cock, most the guys in your gym must strut their God given manhood in front of everyone.
You are so lucky to get to see the beauty of so many nature specimen of real manhood.