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Sam Bear's Color

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Piss and Urinals

As you spend time exploring my blog, you will see that I have a thing for watersports.
My eroticism of piss started at an early age and was fueled with my eroticism of public men’s rooms, and urinals in particular.

For pigs like me it’s not hard to see the fascination with urinals. There aren’t that many places in modern society that afford you the opportunity to sidle up next to a guy and pull your dick out without the threat of being arrested.
Aside from the opportunity to check out the dick pissing next to me, I love the fact that urinals are the great equalizers. It doesn’t matter if you’re a student or a CEO, we all have to piss, and at that moment, when you approach the urinal, you are reduced for that minute or so to your most basic. A cock though your fly pissing.
You can tell a lot about a guy by the way he handles himself at the urinal.
Some guys lean in real close to the urinal, or turn on an angle in an attempt to shield their dicks from your eyes.
Some guys lean way back, practically begging you to take a look.
Some guys fish through their fly and underwear to dig their cock out through their various layers of clothing while others undo their pants for easy access.
Some guys will make small talk and some prefer to stay silent, staring straight ahead into the wall so intently it’s as if their very lives depended on not averting their gaze for even a second.

I enjoy checking out where they have their feet. Some men spread them wide apart and other keep the close together.
And then of course you’ve got the full on cruisers who stand at the urinals shamelessly stroking their hard cocks.
Sometimes they are creepy old men, and sometimes, if you’re lucky they’re hot, and you get to enjoy the show, or even join in if you’re game.

Not long ago while in public at one of the local parks, I had to take a piss. I was very pleasantly surprised to find a trough urinal – my favorite kind.
How did I not know this Men’s Room was there?
It was so refreshing in these days when all the urinals seem to come equipped with those stupid privacy shields.
Hanging on the wall directly over the trough urinal was a very large mirror. So you didn’t even have to turn your head to get the full view of what your neighbor was packing.

There was a guy already positioned at the urinal when I arrived. He was shirtless, in jeans and just standing there with his semi erect meaty dick in his hand. He wasn’t pissing, he was just standing there.
I had to piss really bad and as soon as I had my cock out the piss started to flow. As if on cue he started to piss as well.
My cock was soon at half mast as we both stood there watching each other piss.
I grabbed for his cock and dropped to my knees. The smell of the dirty through urinal was incredible.

I aimed his pissing cock at my mouth and his golden stream filled my throat.
I gulped his hot piss down until only the last few drops were dripping from his piss slit.
Then I stood up, pants open and dick in my hand. I finshed pissing and stuffed my cock back in my pants.
I left him standing there waiting for the next pisser to join him.
Frequently when I travel I will snap a picture of the urinals in a men’s room. I always have a camera handy and the opportunity presents itself – Snap!
It would appear that I’m not alone in this interest as well. is a website devoted to pictures of urinals from around the globe. You will find both the beautiful and the bizarre at this site, including urinals from famous tourist attractions.
Enjoy these pictures of guys at urinals that I have posted throughout this post.
.Next time you are pissing into a urinal, take a deep breath and enough the aroma of Man Piss. Go ahead. Jack off to it if it excites you… I sure do!


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Happy Monday!

Beware of who is watching to make sure you have lustful pleasure

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Kissing the Devil

Did You Kiss the Devil to become the Nasty Sex Pig you are?


4-20-11 Wednesday

Wednesday afternoon and the week is moving by pretty quick. Day by day it was getting closer to the day my job changes. Not sure what to expect as the new week approaches and my duties change.
One thing stays the same, my duties to servicing the almighty Man with his Mighty Cock and Glorious Asshole.

After work I had some free time so I decided to stop by the Adult Bookstore on Guess Road.
There were just a few vehicles in the parking lot when I arrived. Something told me that I was going to have a good time that afternoon.
Inside I paid my $5.00 cover fee for the video area and headed on toward the back. I had done a quick flush of my asshole before I left work so I didn’t need to waste time on that.

Back in the video area I decided to turn left and check out the large hallway to see what was going on. It was pitch black and I was blind as a bat.
I could tell that someone was in the next to the last booth. It has a glory hole between it and the last video booth. The Glorious Holes that Man feeds Man his cock through for pure Enjoyment.
Slowly I walked through the darkness toward the last video booth. I could tell there were other guys in the area, but I couldn’t see them. As I got to the door of the last video booth and pushed it opened, it let some light into the hallway area and I could see a couple of guys just sitting on the bar stools. Standing next to the doorway leaning on the wall was this good looking middle aged balding guy. He shot me a big smile as I entered the video booth.
Once inside the video booth, I grabbed the bar stool and moved it in front of the door to hold it shut. This video booth has a broken door which will not stay shut. Plus there is a big hole where the door knob used to be.
I knelt down in front of the glory hole to peer through it to see if I was going to get some Man-Meat to service.

As I peered through the glory hole, I could see there was guy in the next booth stroking his cock. It seemed to be descent looking cock and I want some Man-Meat not matter what it size it was.
I laid my finger through the glory hole to signal the occupant of the next booth that I was there to service the cock he was stroking. Within seconds he turned and stepped toward the glory hole feeding his cock through it for me to service. I was in luck. I had me some meat to eat… Plus it was uncut.
I took a moment to take a picture of it for you to see how fucking Hot this uncut cock was. Because of the hole in the door, I only took this one picture.

After taking the picture so I could share it with my readers, I got to the task at hand; servicing that piece of uncut of meat. My tongue found its way under the foreskin as I licked around the cockhead before swallowing all of the hard cock.  
I took my time servicing this uncut cock. I could tell by the sounds coming from the next booth that the owner of this cock was enjoying my tongue and throat action. I was enjoying this cock as much as its owner was enjoying me servicing it. Slowly I let it slide completely out of my mouth and then lick my way down to the balls. His balls had tightened up and I could tell it wasn’t going to be long before he blew his load. Since I didn’t want to miss that load, I got my mouth back on the cock head and started sucking and nibbling my way back down the shaft.
After about a minute more of me servicing the cock in my mouth, it began to jerk. Then it happened. Cum began to shoot into my mouth as I closed my mouth tightly on the cock and began to milk it. Squirt after squirt of salty man juice slid down my throat as my tongue milked the cock for every drop it had to feed me.
Then all of a sudden the guy attached to the cock feeding me pulled it from my mouth and back through the glory hole into his booth. With the uncut cock just inches away from my mouth, I watched as the owner of it squeezed out the last of its cum.  A Big drop was hanging from his piss slit so I stuck my tongue through the glory hole offering it to the guy to deposit that last drop of his salty cum. He did exactly as I was hoping. He wiped the last drop on my tongue for me to have. Then I watched as he stuffed his beautiful uncut cock back into his pants.
Quickly I got up from in front of the glory and moved the bar stool. I wanted to see what the owner of the uncut cock I had just serviced looked like.
I stepped out my video booth and leaned up against the wall where the middle aged guy had been when I entered the booth. Then the door to the next booth opened. Out steeped a good looking young stud. I had never seen him there before. He had to be about 6 feet tall and looked to be around 180 pounds wearing jeans and t-shirt. Damn he was Hot looking.
He paused and looked around at the guys sitting on the bar stools. Then he looked at me through the dim light. A big smile came across his face as he nodded to me.
Then he turned and walked toward the main hallway. He knew who had just given him one Hell of a Blow Job.

To be continued:

Shitty Jobs we have to Do (Do Do)

Dealing with this Shit!

Being a Wine Bottle Holder at the Orgy!

Being the Orgy's Cum Dump!

Being a Gay SuperStar!

Men's Room Attendant

Stable Boy!

Maybe Stable Boy isn't such a Shitty job. 
Especially if you Fucked by these two.