Sam Bear's Color

Sam Bear's Color

Sunday, January 31, 2010

What are having for Breakfast today?

Exotic Wands

Dildos are "exotic wands"
And I am the Wizard making the Magic happen in your Ass.
Want to try your Magic in my Ass?

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Detour - Part 4

Part 4 - Detour

I stayed seated on the huge monster cock in my ass. It was still as hard after he pumped my ass full of his load as it was when he buried all of his rock hard uncut inches deep in my ass.

The black stud on the ground under me grabbed my hips and lifted me up as he began to change positions. He moved me into the doggy position where I was on my hands in knees in front of him still his huge rock hard cock buried deep inside of me. I wondered if that monster cock ever got limp. The three of us had been fucking now of more than an hour and it had only gotten harder and longer while he fucked me.

After he manipulated my body to get me in the position he wanted me in, he slowly slid his long black cock out of my battered hole until just only the fat head was inside me. Then he slowly pushed it all back inside of until his course black pubic hair was against my ass crack. He continued fucking me slowly like this for a while. The other one had disappeared for a few minutes and then reappeared with one my bottles of lube.
“Here you go bro” he said to eh one fucking me as he handed him the lube.
He slid most of cock out of hole again and squirted lube onto his monster cock and my stretched hole. After pushing his cock back inside of me and grinding his hips some to make sure he had all of it in me, I heard him say to the other one, “I think this white boy is ready for something more than just big black cock up his white asshole. I’m ready to see if he can do what he’s advertising in his truck window.”
I have several different colored bandanas hanging from my rear view mirror. There’s a dark blue one, a yellow one, a light blue one and red one. I had already sucked him and drank the one’s piss. They both had fucked the day lights out me of so the dark blue was covered. The only one left was the red one. I had a quick moment of panic as I thought about how big these black studs were. Both of them had big hands to match their huge cocks. The more I thought about this black stud fisting me, the more the panic resided and the excitement filled me.
“You shouldn’t have any trouble” I said to him looking over my shoulder. “After the fucking I just got from you two, my asshole is stretched wide open.”
“Damn right it is muther fuck’r” he said to me as he slide his huge cock all the way out of me. My asshole just hung open for a few seconds inviting him in through the grand entrance to my heart.

Cum dripped off the end of his cock as he slowly started playing with my hole with a few of his fingers. The other stud handed me a bottle of poppers and said something about needing them. My ass was sloppy with the one’s load of cum and the lube he had added.
“You ready to let this black brother climb in your ass and check out your engine?” the one behind me playing in my hole asked. The other one started to laugh as he stroked his cock watching his buddy finger my ass. He handed me a bottle of poppers. It was already opened so I took a big hit of them. As I was handing them back to the one that handed them to me, the one playing in my ass said “give me hit of those, I could use getting a little higher. Hey nigga get us another beer. You ain’t doing nothing but playing with you fat nigga dick.”
The one in front of me took the bottle of poppers from his buddy and put the top back on them. Then he handed them to me and said “Don’t you do nothing until I get back. I want to see you get that big hand of yours in his white ass.” He disappeared toward my truck as the one playing in my ass slid another finger into my sloppy hole.
“That’s it white boy, open that ass up and let this nigga in. My hand ain’t much bigger than that fat nigga dick my bro fucked you with.”
I took a deep breath as he worked another finger into my hole. The other black stud appeared with some more beer and a pipe. He lite the pipe and leaned down in front of me. He took a big toke off the pipe and then covered my mouth and nose with his mouth as he shot gunned me. Then he got up and stepped over me and I heard him give the one behind me a shot gun. Between the poppers, the beer, the smell of these two hot sweaty men and the shot gun, my head was really spinning. I felt like I could take anything up my ass that they wanted to stuff there. Damn I felt good or should I say my ass felt good. I was definitely in Pig Heaven.
I took another deep breath and let a deep sigh relaxing my asshole even more. “Damn, look at that nigga, this muther fuck’rs ass just ate my hand.

I took another deep breath and said with excitement, “That’s it nigga, take me for a ride on that big black fist of yours.”
The one watching kneeled down in front of me and said, “here work on this while I watch you get your white pig ass worked over.

I opened my mouth so he could stuff his fat uncut black cock in and down my throat. I was stuffed at both ends. As I sucked on the fat cock in my mouth, I reached around behind myself with my right hand and grabbed the wriest of the arm that was attached to the hand planted inside my asshole.
“How do you like it?” I heard the one ask. Before I could get the cock out of my mouth so I could answer, I had the one’s mouth back over mine giving me another shot gun. Once I was able to talk I told him any way he wanted to give it to me, for him to have fun playing in my hole. I wanted to say something about my portable sling being behind my front seat, but I didn’t want him to remove his hand. It felt so fucking good inside of me. Slowly he started working his hand inside of me. I could feel his hand slowly going a little deeper as he expertly played in my asshole.
The fat cock got stuffed back in my mouth and the stud attached to it started fucking my mouth. “Yeah that’s it bro, make that white ass eat your muther fuck’n arm” I heard the one say as he buried his fat cock deep into my throat.
The one fisting me asked him if he wanted t some my sloppy ass and he said no. He was content watching and fucking my mouth.
“Come on and give him another shot gun. Then give a hit of those poppers. I want to see just how much his piggy white ass can take.”

Again my throat fucker pulled his fat cock out of my mouth. I looked up at him as he lite the pipe and took another toke from it. Then he leaned down again and covered my mouth with his. While he was blowing the smoke into my mouth, his tongue darted into my mouth and down my throat. I couldn’t believe it. This incredible good looking black stud was tonguing me while shot gunning me. He continued to kiss me and feed me his tongue after he finished blowing the smoke in my mouth. The two of us exchanged the smoke and our tongues for a minute or so before he rose back up and fed his fat cock back into my mouth. At this point my head was spinning and I was in some never-never land.
The stud assaulting my ass pulled his hand all the way and then shoved it back in. My hole gave into him and let him right back in. He continued to pull his black hand out and shove it back into me. He was punch piston fucking my ass with his big black hand. This was driving me wild. I could feel the cum dripping out of my hard cock every time his hand forced its way back into me. Finally when he was finished having fun punch fucking my hole, he buried it back inside me and worked it deeper into my hole. I heard him move around behind me as he changed position. He had his hand firmly planted in my hole so as he repositioned himself the two of us would come apart.
“Damn muther fuck’r. You ain’t going to do that are you?” the one fucking my mouth said to the other. “Shit ya I am. This hole can handle it.”
I felt him smear some more grease on my hole and his arm. Then I felt the pressure of him pushing the big head of his monster cock up against my ass next to his arm.

That muther fuck'n black fuck'r was going to put his cock in my ass along with his hand. My hole was already being stretched big enough for a bus to park inside and now he was going to stuff his cock back in there.
I took another hit from the poppers that were shoved under my nose and then I relaxed my body as much as I could to allow my hole to open up and accommodate his monstrous cock. I felt him hook a finger in my hole next to his arm and pull my hole open some more. Then I felt the head of his huge cock slide into my asshole against his arm. He paused for a few seconds to let me adjust to the new mass in my ass. The other one put the bottle of popper back under my nose and just held them there. He pulled his cock out of my mouth so I could put all my concentration on my asshole.
Slowly the one started to push his cock into my extremely stretched asshole along with his hand. I felt his start to twist his hand around so he could grab his cock as it sank deeper and deeper into my body.
“That’s it boy, relax some more so I can grab hold to my cock good. I’m going to beat off in your ass while I watch my bro fuck your throat. If you’re lucky, we’ll both fill you up with our loads at the same time.”
The one in front of me took the bottle of poppers from under my nose and pushed them under the other ones nose. I heard him take a big hit of them as he started to work his hand in my ass massaging his huge cock. Then the one with the poppers gave me another hit before stuffing his fat cock back into my mouth. I heard him take a big from the bottle too. He slowly started fucking my mouth and throat while the one in my ass increased his action inside of me. I could feel him stroking and twisting his cock inside of me while the other one expertly fucked my face. AS the two of them increased their pace the sweat dripped off their gorgeous bodies onto me. I was nothing more then a piece of fuck meat between the two of them. Every time the one thrust his fat cock deep into my throat it forced my ass back onto the hand and cock of the one playing inside of me. Both of them were moaning and grunting, telling each other how good it felt and how fuck’n hot it was seeing what the other was doing to their poor white boy.
I felt like a pig being roasted on a spit. I had a pole stuffed in me from both ends and at times, they had my body lifted completely off the ground.
I heard some noise from behind my truck. I sounded like another vehicle pulling up and coming to a stop. I didn’t care. Nothing was going to stop this moment. Nothing was going to interfere with the explosive climax that was building between my two black stud.
Fuck the world, I was in Pig Heaven. I felt like the white trash I am.
Being used by two such incredible black studs is a dream come true.

I heard some commotion in the distance and then realized I was hearing talking in Spanish.
All of a sudden I heard the stud in my ass let out a low growl that turned into a scream. His body jerked as his huge cock inside of me seemed to take up more space in my ass it readied itself to explode. The stud fucking my mouth started panting heavily as his cock stiffed more and started throbbing in my throat.
“Muther Fucking Bitch” the one in my ass screamed out as I felt him pump his cock harder inside my ass. The other rammed his thick cock deep in my throat as he yelled out.
What seemed like the exact same time, both of them started pumping there thick loads into my body form both ends. My body went into convulsions as my cock erupted and dumped my load onto the ground beneath me. My arms and legs went limp and I was suspended in the air supported by the two huge cocks pumping me full of thick cum. I had become a cum dump fore these two massive studs.
I had regained my senses and had gotten my footing again when I realized that a group of Mexican men were standing around us. They must have seen the massive explosion between the two hot black cocks and myself.

I heard one of my black hunks say, “Shit, those muther fuck’n Mexican got here before we got our asses out of here.”
The other one replied “At least we got this one before they stuck their stinking dicks in and fucked the shit out of the white pig.”
The one with his thick cock buried in my mouth slowly pulled it out of my throat and mouth. My jaw fell open as I was finally able to move my head and look around at the group. “These fuck’rs are from out there in the field. They are known for getting faggots like you fuck’d up and then using them of their wicked fuck’d up stuff.”
I felt the huge monster cock slowly start to slide out of my ass along with the hand buried with it. As it slid out inch by huge long inch, the Latin men watching started making comments in Spanish. A couple of them grabbed their crotches and started rubbing them. As more of the long monster cock slide out of my ass I felt the hand slide completely out. One of the Latin studs standing close to me unzipped his pants and reached in the fly and hauled out a nice uncut brown smelly cock. He stepped forward and thrust it in my face. His raunchy smelling uncut cock was right in my face. The one black stud stepped up and said, “Chill out amigo, wait your turn. We ain’t done with his white ass yet.” I felt the hand in my ass finally side all the way out leaving my ass hanging open. I could feel some my ass assaulter’s cum dripped out of my hole and run down my crack over my balls.

I sat up on my knees to stretch my back and saw the black stud that had just extracted his hand and cock from ass getting up and moving around toward my front. His huge uncut black cock was flopping in front of him and it was covered in cum and my ass juices. He grabbed around the base of his sloppy cock with the hand he had just pulled out of my ass. It was covered in cum and ass juices also.
“Here you go, clean this up” he said to me as he held it in my face. I opened my mouth and he guided his sloppy monster cock into my mouth for me to clean up. I worked my tongue into his thick foreskin to clean out all of his cum and my ass juices. Then I came off his cock and started licking down its long thick shaft. I was licking that big black cock like kid licking a lollipop on a hot summer day. Next I worked my way down to his hand where I licked his fingers and then his wrist. I made sure I cleaned all of his cum and my ass juices off his fat monster cock and hand.
After I had finished cleaning his massive cock off, he stepped away from in front of me.
“He’s all yours now Amigos”
“What you think bro, he covered his charges for fixing the truck?” “Yeah, I fuck’n think so” the other one replied.
“What you think them fuck’d up Mexicans are gonna do with his ass?” “Mostly what they usually do. Drag his ass back to the motel and get him all fucked and fucked the shit out of like we did……”
I watched the two of them get into that beat up pickup truck and drive off leaving me with a bunch of horny latinos.
But that’s a different story…………

Detour - Part 3

Part 3 – Detour

I grabbed my bag out from behind the seat and dumped it onto the tailgate of my truck. Out pour a few dildos, some condoms, poppers and couple bottles of lube.

“Damn, this white boys ready for anything” one of the said as the other one picked up a bottle of lube. “Get over here and suck my cock some more. I’m stuff your white ass full of this nigga dick.” I got down in front of him and went back to sucking while the other one lubed up his huge uncut black cock.

I heard the other black stud move around behind me so I raised up my butt to offer it to him. “Damn whore’s ready to get fucked” he said as he pushed the fat head of his cock against my asshole. With very little effort, his cock started to slide into my hole. Inch by thick black inch he pushed his hard cock into me. My mouth was full of the other black stud’s cock so I couldn’t say anything, I just moaned and took deep breaths when I could as he stuffed my ass full of his huge cock.

The other one that I was sucking said “That’s it bro, fill his white ass full of that nigga dick.” “This white boy owes us a good fucking for fixing his truck.”
The one with his cock in my mouth pulled it out and stepped back. “I want to watch you tear his white ass up” he said to the one deep inside me.
With that said, the one buried inside of me started fucking me. At first it was slow long strokes. Pulling almost all of his long fat cock out of me before pushing every fat inch of it back into my asshole.
“This is the best white ass this nigga has had in a long time” He said as he picked up his pace. Now slamming it into my hole harder and harder with each thrust. “Yeah, I’m tired of fucking those Mexicans” the other one said. “Here give me some of that ass” he said to the one fucking me.

I turned and looked over my shoulder at the one watching and couldn’t believe what I saw. His black cock had just about double in size since he pulled it out of my mouth. I couldn’t believe how fuck huge that black monster had gotten.
The one fucking me slowed his paced and let his long fat cock slide out of my asshole. “I opened him up for your” he said to the other one.

I re-adjusted my footing as the other black stud with the huge monster cock moved behind me. “Now you’re gonna know what it’s like to fucked by a country nigga.” He pushed his thick foreskin into my asshole with his thumb followed by the huge head of his monster cock. I took a deep breath and readied myself for a good hard plowing. He wasn’t as gentle going in as the first one. He pushed his huge fat uncut cock into my asshole inch by inch until every inch of it was buried deep inside of me.
‘Hold on bitch, your ass belongs to this nigga.” As he said nigga, he thrust his hips forward and made sure every inch of his black monster cock was inside of me.

The black stud buried deep inside of me pushed me down to the ground and he laid on me and forcibly fucked the living hell out of my ass. While he was pounding his huge black cock into me, the other one was cheering him on.
“That’s it, fuck his white ass. Come one and make that white boy your bitch” He said as he fisted his own fat uncut cock. “Tear his ass up bro. Teach him not to break down out here on our turf.”
The massive stud in me rolled me on my side and continued to stuff his monster cock deep inside of me. Damn it felt good. My ass was in pig heaven. I was getting fucked by two of the best looking black men I had seen in a long time. They could have as much of my ass any way they wanted it. I was a bitch whore for as much black cock as I could get.
“Damn I gotta piss” said the one watching. I looked up at his rock hard fat cock and said, “well don’t waste it, I’m thirsty as hell with all of this ass pounding I’ve been taking.” He aimed his fat cock at my mouth and let loose a thick stream of golden piss. I opened my mouth and his aim was right in. while the other continued to brutally pound my ass, I gulped down as much of the stream of piss as hit my mouth. Because the one was fucking me so hard, the other one had a hard time keeping his stream of hot piss in my mouth. He ended up pissing all over the two of us.

Not only was I a bitch whore for them to stuff with their huge black cocks, but I was also their urinal. When the one finally finished pissing, the other said to him “Come on bro, sit on his face while I fuck him.” “I want to see this bitch eat your raunchy nigga shit hole.”
As he was saying that, he rolled me over on my back and got my legs up in the air giving his buddy a perfect place to sit. His long monster cock never came out of my ass. He just buried it all the way and moved me like a piece of trash. I watched as the one stepped over my head and lowered his black ass down on my face. He squatted down with his raunchy stinking asshole right over my mouth. “That’s it, sit on his face and make him clean out your shit hole” the one fucking me said.

I watched as the other one stepped over my head to straddle my face. He got his feet firmly planted on both side of my head as he began to squat over my face. As his big black ass got closer to my face, the air filled with the raunchy sweaty smell of his ass. My head was spinning as my ass was getting plowed by the other one. About a foot above my face, he one squatting reached back with his hands and grabbed his cheeks spreading them apart exposing his brown shit hole. Closer and closer it got to my mouth as he lowered himself onto my face. His hole puckered as it got closer making me crave it more and more. I wanted this hot Black stud’s raunchy black asshole to service. His ass cheeks touched my cheeks as he settled himself on my face. His puckered asshole right in my mouth and his fat uncut cock and big balls laying on my chest.

My tongue went to work on his shit hole. Licking it, darting in and out of it, digging as deep as I could get my tongue, kissing it and sucking on it as it puckered.
“Yeah, that’s it, clean out my shitter.” “If you keep that up, I’m going to feed you the load my bro left up there before we drove out here” my face sitter said as I serviced his raunchy asshole.
“Damn his tongue feels good up my hole. Almost as good as your cock did” he said as he raised his ass a little for me to catch my breath before going back to work servicing his brown puckered hole. I heard the one fucking me say, “Yeah that’s it bro, feed him my load. Go head and give it to him. He deserves it.” As he said that he thrust his hips forward with an extra hard thrust and buried his long thick black monster cock deep inside my gut.
“You about ready to trade places/” the one pounding my ass said to the stud feeding me his raunchy asshole. “Not yet, I haven’t fed him your load yet” he replied. With that said I heard him grunt and his asshole puckered before opening up. I wrapped my lips around his asshole and prepared myself to be fed a load of cum. I sucked on his hole as the cum slid from his asshole into my mouth. Fuck it tasted good. I swallowed it sucked for more. “That’s all the is whore” he said to me as he raised himself up off my face.
“Give me some that white ass now” he said to the one fucking me. With that said, he took and slammed his monster cock deep inside me one last time before he slowly slid it out of my well fucked asshole. As it was being pulled from my gut inch by very long thick inch he said to me “I’m going to give you break and let my bro have some of your white ass.” “I’ll be back for more, but now you need to give my asshole some lov’n like you did his.” “I ain’t got no load to feed you, but I bet you gonna like it anyway.”
I laid there as the two black studs changed places. Within seconds, the one that had been sitting on my face was stuffing his fat cock into my begging hole. Even though the first one fucking me had the bigger cock, this one’s was much thicker. It stretched my hole even bigger as it slid in. The other Black stud straddled my head and squatted down onto my face. His big black ass smelled as raunchy as the other’s and as my tongue found his hole to service it tasted just as great. As he sat on my face he ground his hips so my tongue could get deep inside his hole to clean it out.
The Black stud with the fat uncut cock up my ass started pounding my hole. His style was totally different for the first fucker. He took short strokes keeping most of his fat cock inside of me; pushing it as hard as he could deep inside my asshole, deep inside my gut making me feel every fat inch of it.
He had muscles on top of muscles just like the one sitting on my face and he was putting all his energy into fucking my hole. Damn it felt good.
My tongue continue to service the black hole on my mouth as I got my hole plowed by big fat as he called it, “nigga dick”. I was in Pig Heaven……
All of sudden I could see day light again as the stud that was sitting on my face having his brown shit hole serviced dismounted. I watched as his wonderful tasting raunchy asshole rose up in the air above my face as he stood up.
“Get your dick out of the whore’s ass” he said to the one relentlessly pounding my ass. “I want his white ass sitting on my black cock. Then I want you to sit on his white cock and ride it while he impales himself on mine.”

“I want to make him bust his nut up your black ass when I bust mine in him. Make my cum shoot right through him into you. Then after you climb off his cock, he can eat his load out of your ass just like he ate mine” he said to his bro. “Well what about your load up his ass, who gets to suck that out of his white ass?”
“No one, I’ve got plans for that. I’m going to use it for lube while I play in his white ass some more later. I ain’t finished with that sweet white whore ass yet, he still owes us for fixing his truck.”
“Fuck you muther fucker” the one with the fat cock said to the other. “I ain’t had no white cock up my ass in a long time. I’m ready for that.”
“Come here whore and sit on this big black dick. Sit right down on it till all of it buried deep in your sweet white ass.”
He sat back on the ground and grabbed hold to the base of his huge black monster cock. I swear that thing had to more the 12 or 13 inches long and as big around as a beer bottle. It looked like an electrical pole sticking up from his black pubic hair.
I got up off the ground from where the two of them had been using my mouth and my ass for their sexual pleasures. My asshole was still hanging wide open from having the one’s fat uncut cock plow my ass.

As I raised my leg to step over his sweaty belly so I could take my seat on his monster cock, he said “damn muther fuck’r, that is one hell of a asshole. Sit your white ass right down here on my black dick and let me feel how good your asshole feels.” I positioned myself over him and got my footing as I lower myself onto his huge monster cock. The fat head of his cock pushed its way inside of me as I lowered myself. He reached up and grabbed my hips and gave me support as my asshole filled with every thick inch of his black cock. As I lowered myself onto his cock, my cock grew harder and was ready for the other black stud to climb on and ride.
When I had finally taken all of that monster cock inside my ass and I was sitting on his crotch, the other one positioned himself to take my cock. I watched as he moved his ass toward me until the head of my cock was against his black asshole. The one I was impaled on reached up and grabbed my cock. He guided it into the other ones ass as he sat back on it. I watched my cock slowly disappear into the black asshole I had sucked dry earlier.
When the one had finally taken all of my rock hard cock I let out a scream, “God Damn this feels good.” I was sandwiched between the two big handsome black studs and was theirs for their fucking pleasure.

The black guy on top with my cock planted deep in his big ass started working his hips. With his weight pressing me down on the huge cock up my ass, there was no way I could move on my own. As he rode my cock it made my ass pump and grid on the one inside if me. It must of looked like two cowboys trying to ride the same bull at a rodeo. I pictured it more as a wild ride at a bizarre sex fair.
I felt the one on the bottom grab my hips as he started pushing upward into me deeper with every downward grind the one on top made. My whole body was filled with electricity as my ass got impaled on that hug cock and my cock was buried deep into such a hot black stud. All three of us were sweating like pigs as the two of them worked their hips to bring me closer and closer to erupting. I felt as if the cock up my ass had split right through me and was sticking in the other’s one ass. Damn it felt good.
After several long minutes this fucking madness, my balls began to draw up. It wasn’t going to be much longer before my cum was going to be fucked out me right into the one’s ass. I started moaning louder and let the one fucking me know I could hold back much longer. He was hitting every right spot in my ass and there was no way I could hold back from cumming. I felt the black stud body on the bottom of this fuck pile tighten up and he got closer and closer to busting his nut. The one impaled on my cock grabbed his and started pumping it as he continued to work his hips fucking himself on my cock and causes me to get fucked.
Then the eruption started. The stud on the bottom let out a loud scream as his body began to shake and jerk. His huge cock inside of me swelled even bigger as it began to pump a huge load of cum into my ass. At the same time my balls erupted shooting my load into the hole that had it buried deep inside of it. The guy on top pushed back on me as his he took a few last strokes that caused his cock to shoot an enormous load. I felt glob after glob land on my back as he emptied his big black balls onto me.
All three of us had hit that moment together and emptied our balls of every drop in cum in them at the same time.
The heat of the day was hot enough and now the three of us were hotter than ever. All three of us were dripping with sweat for the incredible fuck we just experienced.
When the three of us finally caught our breath, the one that had my cock up his ass raised up off of me. My cock popped out of his ass and a drop of my cum ran down his ass crack onto his balls. He raised his ass to just in front of my face. Then he reached behind himself and grabbed the back of my head forcing it into the crack of his big black ass.
“That’s it, suck your cum out of my asshole” he said as he puckered his asshole in my mouth and let my tongue in to dig around. I suck on his asshole until he fed me my load of hot cum. While I was cleaning out his well fucked hole, he was moaning and grunting just as much as he was while he was riding my cock.

continued........look for Detour - part 5