Sam Bear's Color

Sam Bear's Color

Sunday, October 28, 2012



* Most of the stuff people worry about ain't never gonna happen anyway.

* The best sermons are lived, not preached.

* Your fences need to be horse high, pig tight, and bull strong.

* If you're ridin' ahead of the herd, take a look back every now and then to make sure it's still there with ya.

* Life ain't about how fast you run, or how high you climb, but how well you bounce.

* It don't take a genius to spot a goat in a flock of sheep.

* Keep skunks and politicians and lawyers at a distance.

* Life is simpler when you plow around the stump.

* Words that soak into your ears are whispered ... not yelled.

* Meanness don't jest happen overnight.

* Forgive your enemies.  It messes up their heads.

* Don't sell your mule to buy a plow.

* Do not corner something that you know is meaner than you.

* It don't take a very big person to carry a grudge.

* You cannot unsay a cruel word.

* Every path has a few puddles.

* When you wallow with pigs, expect to get dirty.

* Don't judge folks by their relatives.

* Remember that silence is sometimes the best answer.

* Live a good, honorable life. Then when you get older and think back, you'll enjoy it a second time.

* Don't interfere with somethin' that ain't botherin' you none.

* Timing has a lot to do with the outcome of a rain dance.

* It's better to be a has-been than a never-was.

* The easiest way to eat crow is while it's still warm. The colder it gets, the harder it is to swaller.

* If you find yourself in a hole, the first thing to do is stop diggin'.

* If it don't seem like it's worth the effort, it probably ain't.

* Sometimes you get and sometimes you get got.

* The biggest troublemaker you'll probably ever have to deal with looks at you in the mirror every mornin'.

* If you get to thinkin' you're a person of some influence, try orderin' somebody else's dog around.

* Don't worry about bitin' off more 'n you can chew; your mouth is probably a whole lot bigger'n you think.

* Only cows know why they stampede.

* Always drink upstream from the herd.

* Good judgment comes from experience, and a lotta that comes from bad judgment.

* Lettin' the cat outta the bag is a whole lot easier than puttin' it back in.

* Remember . Don't squat with your spurs on.

Saturday, October 20, 2012








Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Sunday Morning @ PHR

Sunday Morning
After a pretty bad night in the maze and the Pig Pen, Sunday morning had finally arrived.
We got out of bed early because we had a breakfast date with the guys from a few doors down.
Nipple Bear took the ice bucket and started to bail the water out of the Jeep from the storms the day before.
I heard Nipple Bear talking to someone about the water in the Jeep and then he came into the room and told me that the PH’s grounds man was going to loan us a wet-vac to get the water out of the floorboard.
I waited because I wanted to see if it was the same good looking black stud I had seen working the grounds the day before.
I was in luck; it was the same handsome black stud.

Nipple Bear vacuumed out as much water as he could and then we went to breakfast with the guys from the room a few doors down.
WOW, these guys picked a great place for a wonderful breakfast.
After breakfast, we said our good byes to the guys and started packing up the room.
Just before I was going to dismantle the sling, the grounds worker came to the door and asked if there was anything else he could help us with.
A good fuck would be nice, I said to him.
He shut the door and then shut the blinds to the rooms.
I pulled off my shorts and walked toward him.
As I dropped to my knees in front of him so I could remove his pants, Nipple Bear reached under his shirt from behind and found his nipples.
I unbuckled the black grounds worker’s belt and then unbuttoned the button on his pants.
As I began to unzip his zipper his pants fell down to around his ankles.

I opened the fly to his baggy boxer shorts and reached in to find a nice long black snake in need of my mouth and ass.
It was uncut and long, just as I had expected.
I laid his thick black foreskin on my tongue as I began to repay that black stud for the help he had given us.

Just I had hoped, he had not bathed from the day before. His long black uncut cock was nice and raunchy.
After running my tongue inside his foreskin and cleaning out his head-cheese, I slowly began to swallow his long black snake-like cock.
Slowly it eased its way into my throat as I began to suckle on it.

As my nose got closer and closer to his thick black curly pubic hair, I took in the aroma of pure black man that hadn’t bathed in a couple of days.
My asshole began to twitch as I thought about how good that cock was going to feel inside of me as he fucked me.

After making love to the long black cock which was going to snake itself up my asshole, I let it slide of my mouth.
Right in front of my face it jumped to attention started to bounce.

Damn, you are one hell of a cock sucker, he said to me. Not like most of those other faggots who are afraid of a big black cock.

I got up from my knees and climbed into my waiting sling. With my feet on the chains I began to push my ass so it would be hanging just right for him. He didn’t wait. He grabbed my hips and pulled my ass into the position he wanted it to be.
This black grounds worker knew what he was doing.

He quickly looked around for some lube. I pointed to the bottle sitting just inches from the sling. He squeezed the pump and got a good amount in his big hand. Then he smeared it onto my asshole and onto his rock hard long uncut black cock.

I’m glad you want to get fucked cause I’m horny as hell. My bitch back at the crib is on the rag and not giving me any pussy.
I saw this thing in your room yesterday while I was going to my workroom which is right behind here. I figured whoever was in this room like getting fucked.

I replied to him as he was starting to push his black foreskin into my hungry asshole that he could have all my ass he wanted and could fuck me until he couldn’t fuck anymore. Then I told I hoped my asshole felt better for fucking the his bitch’s sloppy pussy.

With that he pushed the head of his long snake like cock into my greased asshole. Then inch by inch he pushed that wonderful long uncut black snake inside of me.
Finally he had it all inside of me and began to moan.
Fuck, this is some good fucking ass he said as he began to slide some of his long cock out of my asshole and then push it back it.
The black grounds man began to pick up his pace. He got faster and fucked me with longer hard strokes of his cock filling my ass. That long black cock had to be a good 10 or 11 inches long going deep inside mu gut via my very happy asshole.

Nipple Bear was looking kinda lost. There wasn't anything for him to do so I motioned to him to go ahead and leave if he wanted.
As he left the room and shut the door behind himself, the grounds man asked me why he was leaving. He was the one that he loaned his wet-vac to he didn’t he want to get fucked too.
Hell no, I said back to him. I’m the one who going to repay you for your help by letting you fuck my asshole as long and hard as you want.
He got a big grin on his face and replied back to me that he likes that. He was right pleased with fucking my white asshole until his nuts exploded and he breed me. He told me he was going to plants his seed deep inside me so his black baby would grow in my belly.
He pressed his one hand on my belly and told me to feel.
See, right here where the head of my dick is, is going to be my black ass baby growing in you.
Then when it’s ready, some faggot can reach up inside you and pull it out.

I was surprised how fucking talkative the black stud was. Hell, I didn’t care. He never missed a deep long beat while running his mouth.

After about 20 or 30 minutes of some incredible fucking, the black grounds man began to slow down some.
Sweat was pouring off him onto me. I knew I was going to smell good on the trip back home.

As he continued to slide that long black snake of a cock in and out of my ass, he looked over at the dildos I had laid out.
Them some shit big dildos you got there. You take the fuckers up your ass? He asked me as he pushed his rock hard long cock deep inside me and started to grind his hips some giving my ass an incredible feeling.
Damn right I can, I replied to him as he slid about half of his black snake out of my asshole.

That one right there looks just like my dick he said has he leaned toward the dildos and picked it up.
Then he reached for the bottle of lube and squirted some into his hand.
I watched as he lubed up the head end of the long latex cock.
Then he aimed the greased head of the dildo at my asshole and began to push it inside me next to his long black uncut cock.
I reached and grabbed a bottle of poppers and took a hit as he slid a good 6 or 7 inches of the latex cock inside of my ass with his rock hard uncut cock.

Feel good don’t it he asked me. Now you got two nigga dicks inside of your bitch asshole.
I took a deep breath as he began fucking me again. At first he watched my face to make sure I was OK with the extra cock in my ass with his.
Then he went to fucking me hard and long as he kept most of the dildo up my ass with his snake like black cock.
Fuck that feels good I screamed out as he pushed both his own cock and the dildo deep into my gut.
Izz get to do shit with some of the guys like you here that my fucking bitch won’t let me do. She says it too much for her to take.
With that he slid the dildo out of my ass and tossed it on the floor.
The next thing I knew, He was fingering my sloppy real fucked asshole with three of his big fingers. The guy was big built. He had to be over six feet tall and he was pure black muscle.
I took another hit from the bottle of poppers and then took a deep breath to relax my asshole.
Slowly he pushed the rest of his fingers inside my asshole and his hand slid right inside me next to his rock hard black cock.
That’s it bitch, I knew you could take my hand too.
I felt him move his fingers around inside of me as he wrapped them around his fucking cock.
Now I’m going to breed your white ass like it should be.
With that said, he began fucking his hand inside my ass.
I couldn’t believe how fucking good it felt.
The fucking black grounds man knew a few more then tricks then I expected.
After a few more minutes of some hard fucking, he finally exploded deep inside of me. I laid there in my sling as he milked his cum from his cock into me with a big fucking grin on my face.
Then slowly he eased his cock out of my asshole followed by his hand.

Quickly he reached for a towel and headed for the bathroom.
I heard him cleaning himself up as I climbed out of the sling and grabbed another towel to wipe the lube and cum off by ass.

He came of the bathroom and got dressed.
You like being bred by a Georgia nigga didn’t you? He asked as he pulled on his pants.
Damn right I did I said back to him panting. I don’t think I have ever been fucked and bred like that before.
As he walked toward the door, I said to him, better not think you ain’t going to support that damn baby of yours, I know where you work.
Both of us laughed as he opened the door and left the room.

I got in the shower and cleaned my ass up before Nipple Bear returned.

Saturday night might have been shit, but Sunday morning sure made up for it.


Tuesday, October 16, 2012



The Hanky Code is a traditional form of signalling to others what your sexual preferences and interests are. Gay men used this code to communicate with each other in the noisy and distracting environment of gay bars. Although not as widely used these days, it is still a worthwhile resource and is, among those who know, a great conversation starter.
BLACKheavy SM topheavy SM bottom
GREYbondage topfit to be tied!
BLUE, Lightwants headcocksucker
BLUE, Robin's Egg69eranything but 69ing
BLUE, Mediumcopcopsucker
BLUE, Navyfucker (top)fuckee (bottom)
BLUE, Airforcepilot/flight attendantlikes flyboys
BLUE, Light w/WHITE Stripesailorlookin' for salty seamen
BLUE, Tealcock & ball torturercock & ball torturee
REDfist fuckerfist fuckee
RED, Dark2-handed fister2-handed fistee
PINK, Lightdildo fuckerdildo fuckee
PINK, Darktit torturertit torturee
MAUVEinto navel worshippershas a navel fetish
MAGENTAsuck my pitsarmpit freak
LAVENDERlikes drag queensdrag queen
YELLOWpisser/WSpiss freak
YELLOW, Palespitsdrool crazy
MUSTARDhung 8"+wants 8"+
GOLDtwo looking for oneone looking for two
ORANGEanything anytimenothing now (just cruising)
APRICOTtwo tons o' funchubby chaser
CORALsuck my toesshrimper (sucks toes)
RUSTa cowboya cowboy's horse
GREEN, Kellyhustler (for rent)john (looking to buy)
GREEN, Hunterdaddyorphan boy looking for daddy
OLIVE DRABmilitary topmilitary bottom
GREEN, Limedines off tricks (food)dinner plate (will buy dinner)
BROWNscat topscat bottom
BROWN LACEuncutlikes uncut
BROWN SATINcutlikes cut
CHARCOALlatex fetish toplatex fetish bottom
GREY FLANNELowns a suitlikes men in suits
WHITEbeat my meat (J/O)I'll do us both (J/O)
CREAMcums in condomssucks cum out of condoms
BLACK w/WHITE Checksafe sex topsafe sex bottom
RED w/WHITE Stripeshavershavee
RED w/BLACK Stripefurry bearlikes bears
WHITE LACElikes white bottomslikes white tops
BLACK w/WHITE Stripelikes black bottomslikes black tops
BROWN w/WHITE Stripelikes latino bottomslikes latino tops
YELLOW w/WHITE Stripelikes asian bottomslikes asian tops
BLUE, Light w/WHITE Dotslikes white suckerslikes to suck whites
BLUE, Light w/BLACK Dotslikes black suckerslikes to suck blacks
BLUE, Light w/BROWN Dotslikes latino suckerslikes to suck latinos
BLUE, Light w/YELLOW Dotslikes asian suckerslikes to suck asians
RED/WHITE GINGHAMpark sex toppark sex bottom
BROWN CORDUROYheadmasterstudent
PAISLEYwears boxer shortslikes boxer shorts
FURbestialist topbestialist bottom
GOLD LAMElikes muscleboy bottomslikes muscleboy tops
SILVER LAMEstarfuckercelebrity
BLACK VELVEThas/takes videoswill perform for the camera
WHITE VELVETvoyeur (likes to watch)will put on a show
LEOPARDhas tattooslikes tattoos
TANsmokes cigarslikes cigars
TEDDY BEARcuddlercuddlee
KEWPIE DOLLchicken (under-aged)chicken hawk (likes young adolescents)
DIRTY JOCKSTRAPwears a dirty jocksucks dirty jocks clean
DOILYtearoom top (pours)tearoom bottom (drinks)
MOSQUITO NETTINGoutdoor sex topoutdoor sex bottom
ZIPLOC BAGhas drugslooking for drugs
COCKTAIL NAPKINbartenderbar groupie
KEYS IN FRONThas a carlooking for a ride
KEYS IN BACKhas a homeneeds a place to stay
HOUNDSTOOTHlikes to nibblewilling to be bitten
UNION JACKskinhead topskinhead bottom
CALICOnew in towntourists welcome
TERRYCLOTHbathhouse topbathhouse bottom
WHITE w/MULTICOLOR Dotshosting an orgylooking for an orgy

Sunday, October 14, 2012


I personally get off on rimming a Hot Butt.

Before you start its common sense, to make sure that your partner is clean "down there" before you dig in unless you like the taste of shit.
I prefer a man with a butt that smells of the day, but no taste of shit…

Position is the key to doing an effective job here. Just as the 69 position is popular with a lot of people for blow jobs, there is one position I prefer, the Man on all fours doggy style. This gives me great access to his asshole.
Another way I like to rim a Man’s asshole is to have him standing, pushing his ass out some so I can squat down behind him and bury my face.

I also find it very erotic to have my partner straddle my face with his ass with his body facing my legs. This allows me the most access to his butt. A little like this.

When in this position a lot of guys are tempted to lean forward and try to rim you or suck your cock at the same time. When your partner does this to you his butt rotates up and you have to strain your neck and tongue trying to reach it. To avoid this tell him to sit up, but also he should support some of his weight, otherwise you might have too much of a good thing in your face and you may find it difficult to breathe.

Another good position for rimming your partner is for him to be flat on his stomach with his legs spread widely apart. Then you can really go to town on his asshole

When it comes to rimming it helps to have a lot of dexterity with your tongue. The deeper your push your tongue the better it feels. The slicker you make your partner's ass the easier it is for you. Use your hands to spread his butt cheeks apart. An interesting experience for your partner may be to get "hummed".

"Humming" is pushing your face into his ass, with your tongue probing his hole, and then moaning/humming out loud. A lot of guys probably haven't experienced this kind of "vibration". Try it sometime.
Be careful not to blow air up the ass of the guy you are rimming. What goes in must come out. Do you want your partner farting in your mouth while you are eating out his manhole?

When rimming a guy, playfully lick, gently bite his ass cheeks. Squeeze them with your hands, feel their texture.

Don't overlook the "miracle inch". This is the area between the base of his balls and his ass hole. For a lot of guys this is a super hypersensitive area. Try giving it a good tongue bath. Even lightly chew on that area.

Fingers can be a mixed proposition. If you are going to finger your partner's ass while rimming him, make sure that both - your finger and his ass hole. - are slick with saliva, otherwise he may resist.
Be sure your fingernails are trimmed short so not to damage his asshole. Fingernails may cause "snags" so be careful.

The skin on your fingers is usually a lot rougher than you think. So having a finger up there might not always feel good.

If you're rimming a guy who is a complete top - it may be a big turn off for him to have a finger, or anything, up his ass.
Though if your partner is versatile or a bottom, he may enjoy a finger or two, or five.
You'll have to ask him to find out or be careful testing the waters.

Rimming is one of those acts that has become a main stream fetish.

Are you a ass-pig, pucker-sucker, ass slut, rim-pig or bukkake lover?

If your partner has never been rimmed before - encourage him to give it a go and see how he feels about it. Chances are he'll love it. However don't necessarily expect him to return the favor.

I love eating ass so much that if a man drops his pants, spreads his cheeks and offers me his asshole to bury my face in, I will drop to my knees behind him and give that asshole on hell of a rim job. No matter where we are…

Now go find a nice ass and bury your face into it and have a good time.
Enjoy these pictures of pure ass eating joy.


Early enjoyers of my mouth

Here are a few cocks I got to suck just after we arrived on Friday.

Man after Man stopped by the room to get their cock sucked by ‘Master 
Cock Sucker’ that afternoon.

Who might that be? ME!



Across the road from the resort was this wonderful sign.

It says a lot about the type of Pig that Nipple Bear was that weekend.

Every time I found him, he had his face buried up a nice ass.

I also had my face buried deep in the ass cracks of as many men as I could




This guy was interesting.

Both Nipple Bear and I played with this guy several times.

He was good looking, nice personality…

A great Cock to suck on and a wonderful ass to eat and play with.

couldn't get enough of him…

My room at PHR

Let’s take a break from the Pool Party.

Here are a few pictures of how I had my sling and toys set up for playtime in my room.

I had room # 7 which I think is the perfect room to have.

the Sun God

This guy not only had a great cock, he also had a great tattoo.

Keep checking back for more pictures of the Hot Guys at the Pool Party that afternoon before the storms rolled in.