Sam Bear's Color

Sam Bear's Color

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Today’s selection of Glory Hole shots include a couple of shots where I got to work the guy’s balls.

The guys attached to the Manhood that was presented to me to give pleasure to enjoyed having their balls worked on.

And I enjoyed pulling on them, sucking them and chewing on them nice hanging balls.

Today’s question…
Do you like having your balls played with, sucked on, pulled and man-handled?

Leave a comment and share your likes and dislikes when it comes to your balls.

Monday, May 27, 2013

How I work a Glory Hole

How I work a Glory Hole

When I am out working the Glory Holes, this is how an adventure usually happens.
I arrive at the place of business with video booths that have glory holes in the walls that separate them.

I take the time to check my asshole to make sure it is clean enough to be able to offer to a man who is interested in fucking me.
Then I pay the clerk the admission fee to the area where I am hopeful to be spending most of my time on my knees sucking cock.

Now I can go cruise the dark hallways of video booths searching for Men who need me to take care of their sexual needs.
I turn down one hallway

I spot a video booth that I know has a glory hole into the next video booth is occupied.
I make my way through the dark hallway until I am in front of the video booth.
I look into the video booth and there is the glory hole I am hopeful will allow me to give the guy watching the porno movie in the video booth attached some extreme pleasure with my mouth and tongue.

Without any hesitation, I enter the empty video booth and shut the door behind me. These video booths do not have locks on the doors. Otherwise I would have locked the door.
Now it is my world.
My world between me and the glory hole. There it is – the Glory Hole.

I kneel down before it as if I was kneeling to pray.
As I peer through the open hole in the wall into the video booth on the other side, I see what I am there for – A Hard Cock… being stroked by its owner.

I put my hand on the glory hole with fingers hanging into the next booth. I am signaling the guy in the next video booth with the hard cock that there is a hungry cock sucker ready to give his cock pleasure.
As I watch through the round hole in the wall, I see the guy start to turn toward the wall that separates the two of us.
My heart begins to beat faster. My mouth begins to salivate. I am ready.
Then I see him step toward the wall and he inserts his hard cock into the opening. I never see his face. Just his hard cock.
Out from the Glory Hole, jutting into my video booth he pushes his hard cock through.

He is giving it to me. It is mine now for me to enjoy. Enjoy giving it pleasure with my mouth and tongue.
I look at it. It is fucking incredible. It throbs up and down waiting for me to take action.

I waste no time now. I get my mouth on the head of the cock waiting there for me hanging through my friend the Glory Hole.
It is mine. All Mine.
The guy attached to the hard cock I now have in my mouth has given his complete trust that I will give his needy manhood the attention it needs, the attention it deserves.

I suck on it, I lick it,  I swallow it all into my mouth and throat.
The Cock Sucking Pig I am makes love to that piece of male meat.
Minutes pass.
He moans and groans as my mouth and tongue continue to give oral pleasure to his proud manhood.
Finally I hear his breathing change. His body slams up against the wall that separates us.
I know that I am about to receive my reward for the work I have doing. The cock sucking I love to do.
I swallow all of his hard cock and slowly let it slide back out of my mouth until just his cock head is laying on my tongue.
Then I taste the first squirt of the salty essence I crave.
Then there is another squirt of cum into my mouth.
I swallow and wait for more cum to squirt out of the piss slit. The outlet in which the owner of this happy cock can reward me.
Finally the flow of salty tasting cum slows down.
When there is no more, I take my mouth off the cock that has just fed me and squeeze it to milk the last drop from the guy’s balls.

I lick that last drop of male essence off the cock that has just fed me what seemed to be a gallon more.
I milk the cock until there is no more cum for me to eat.

The now limp cock slowly disappears back through the glory hole from which it appeared earlier.
As I kneel there in front of the glory hole…

I see the hand of the guy I had just given pleasure to give me the thumbs up sign. I know I have done a good job. Just like the Cock Sucking Faggot I am should do.

I know my place in life.

And I work hard for the rewards.

Disclaimer: some of these photos are actual photos from one of my adventures. If you re-blog / re-post them, let me know the site address so I can visit it to admire my work.

Today's collection of Glory Hole photos

Another great day to be a
Redneck Faggot cock sucking Pig

Today’s post I am sharing with you a few pictures 
I took a few years ago while working the 
glory holes at local Adult Bookstores

I hope these cause your cock to get hard or maybe your asshole to get a wide-on,
and help make you shoot a big load
as you stroke your cock while reading my Blog

Comments on the cocks and the men attached are always welcumed and enjoyed.

Good to the last drop
of that pure
salty tasting 
Male Essence...

The liquid of life - cum

Happy Memorial Day

Thanks to all the Men in the Services that put their lives 
on the line for our Freedom.

Go out and find an Active Military Man and give him some service…
Service his Sexual Needs.

No matter if they are just simple needs or very complex in depth needs.


Sunday, May 26, 2013

Cowboy Daddy

Today I am sharing with you a few pictures I took while working a Glory Hole one day.

I nick named the guy attached to the cock as
Cowboy Daddy

He was wearing jeans and cowboy boots
Had the big belt buckle
and a western style shirt

After giving his big uncut cock pleasure through the Glory Hole with my mouth and tongue
he invited me to come over into his video booth

For doing such a good job sucking his big cowboy cock,
he slid that fucker up inside of my asshole
and rode me long and hard.

After it was over,I got to suck his big load of Cowboy cum
from his worn out condom
It was nice and salty, just like you would expect
from such a HOT
Cowboy Daddy

I hope these cause your cock to get hard
And help make you shoot a big load

As you jack off reading my Blog