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Sam Bear's Color

Sunday, June 30, 2013

Cock of the Day

Here are a few nice cock to enjoy to start your week 
off to a good start

Templar 105

Templar 105 -  Upon St. ANON's Day
Sun Jun 9, 2013 9:58 am (PDT) . Posted by:
"jef w" myrydyn
The writer does not intend that anyone should share ANON seed or practice Raw Sex or other activities mentioned.
This posting is a writing I recently found on one of the yahoo groups I belong to.
I think it is well written and have blown my load several times reading it.
The illustrations are of my choice from my collection.

Templar 105 - Upon St. ANON's Day

On St. ANON'S DAY members of the Church-Temples of PRIAPUS spend the day on their knees in service before the Holes of Glory in the wall of St.ANON.

Every one of our churches has one of these walls, some have just one hole while others had as many as 6 it all depended on the size of the flock that they administered to.
Brothers put their name forward and are chosen by lot to serve at the hole and exist solely on the food and drink of the cock which he honors as they are put through the wall.

When a lot of men come to give their seed the Brother might put his mouth close to the hole and ask for their piss to help wash down the seed and to sooth his mouth and lips from giving cock succour.
Visualise the wall - on the church side there are Hassocks in front of the holes and on the other side a series of partitions placed there to ensure the anonymity of those served.
Having said that some of the cubicles created by these partitions have two holes for those who wish to share the moment they deliver their donation to St.ANON.
The partitions are all etched with pleas to PRIAPUS for the sanctity of their cum load or with ritualistic images of the FUCK drawn there while waiting for their cock to be serviced.

We all know that cum must not be wasted and before attending to the givers of the ANON Seed the Brother kneels before the altar in the great church and prays to the Saint asking him to intercede with our Lord God PRIAPUS to make the seed flow through the Brother not into his gut but to fill up his blessed balls, assring and nipples.

This is the way we ensure that the seed of ANON is saved to share with others of our church so that all receive the Blessing of ANON's gift.
A few of those who come to the holes will want to feel COCK THE SAVIOUR within them and so the Brother takes Viagra and wears a cock ring so he is always ready.
Others want to taste the flavours of his ass and so he ensures that there is a sufficiency of musk and sweat around his hole, to arouse them so that they will deliver their seed in his ass with cries of joy to The Blessed Saint for letting them have a good fuck.
My Brothers I am sure that like me; you have all served for a time at the hole of ANON and so you know what is expected when you are there.

At the last St.ANON' s day only one brother, Beloved JackIn had been chosen to serve at the Holes and there were many clients waiting there already.

Before he took the first cock to his lips he prayed to Priapus -

"Lord PRIAPUS, I come here to do your will
I shall harvest the seed of any cock that cums here today.
Might Godhead let me be fit for the task
So that I can take the goodness of cock within mouth and ass.

Divine PHALLUS do not let me spill one drop of their cum
for my body is to become your seed-carrier.
May my balls, nipples and asslips swell with their seed
May all men CUM

Now that he had said the Swelling Prayer the seed would flow directly into his sex organs where it would be stored so that at the end of the day he could share the gift of ANON with his brethren.
He took many cocks to his lips and drained them all spilling none.
There were some who wanted to fill his ass while others wanted rimming or to take the Brother' s cock in them as they called on the blessed saint's twin brother ONAN and milked their own seed out so these were given a condom to catch their seed and hand it to the brother.

He served them all sliding along from one Hole of Glory to the next draining the men of ANON seed.
Not one man was refused even though his mouth was sore from sucking.
On this day many more turned up than was expected because the weather was warm and sunny and on these days the libido is raised.
Some of them who used his mouth or ass thought they were in a normal men’s room but seeing the holes in the wall and a willing pair of lips they too gave a donation.
Because of the potent pill he had taken his own cock was like a rock and leaking not pre-cum but spunk because his body could not hold all the seed he swallowed and it was flowing from him like a perpetual river.

Fortunately he had the condoms in his pocket and he put those on to capture the precious seed and by the end of the day there was a line of condoms hanging there but even so his balls were heavy and full weighing down his sac.
The seed was in his cock flesh making it look like it had been pumped and his ass lips and nipples were also swollen.
He was moaning in ecstasy as he shuffled along the wall, as he suckled on a cock he would be fingering his hole for the asswalls were leaking their juices too.
He gathered them up and digested them as he took a short break between clients. He did not dare touch his cock in fear of it exploding and releasing a never ending fountain of seed.

It was not quite noon as he took off yet another filled condom and hung it with the other four.
He slipped on another and went to serve the cock being waved impatiently through the wall at him.
He touched his full nipples and then his assring feeling how swollen they were already, it was no wonder his cock was like a tape.

He was a CUM FACTORY and his body was SPUNK.
Finally the Doors that lead to the Glory Holes closed, Brother JackIn stood up and leant on the wall and felt the weight of his ballsac, his balls were huge and cum loaded and they ached with desire burning hot bull balls.

His assring and bloated huge man nips were aching to be touched in sharing of the flesh.
He smelled of cum and sweaty cock and piss, the ripeness of malekind was upon and within him and now he needed to share this seed so he collected all the condoms and went into the church proper.

As he entered the Chapel of Novices his heightened senses could smell them, those asskunts in training waiting by the altar ready to be bred.
he stood before them leering and hefting his ballsac at them and tugging on his nipples.
He went and sat in the milking chair and five of his brothers came and lay with him, one sucking on each nipple, two sharing his cock and the fifth underneath sucking his assring.
They were taking the seed it came from all those fleshy places. His nipples gave it out as they nursed on them squeezing his breasts to get all they could from those semen producing man nips.

From his cock it ran like a river of white into the hungry mouths which were sucking and swallowing the sperm of St ANON's lust and when the flow eased they would fondle his balls to milk out more.
His asslips held more of the man seed that had been ingested by his body and those too were suckled for they were distended.
When he felt his ball sac shrink he drained the condoms and that too went through his body and was given to those nursing on him.
They were all moaning as the lust from the ANON seed flowed in them and they too had heavy sacs soon it would be shared with more in an orgy of worship to PRIAPUS.

They were gooning at each other as they put on their cock straps to heft their balls proudly in front of them with the engorged cock proudly rising.
They took on their harness where steel ring would enhance their nipples and they thrust their cocks at each other, turning to show the swollen ring.
Brother JackIn was the nominated Priapic Priest and in truth his cock was still huge.
He led them to the Church where the novices were waiting for them with their assrings were well lubed for the cocks they would take were huge with the seed that was held in the flesh.

The first one to be bred was lying on the altar with legs raised high and his ass ring ready to be breached.

Brother JackIn climbed on the altar and straddled that smooth young ass, his mouth drooling at the sight of the pink rosebud beneath him. He waved his fat cock at all the gathered brethren and then thrust hard making the novice scream as his virgin ring was broken and the gates of ass were opened to serve LORDCOCK.

Brother JackIn twisted on his nipples as he ground on that ass, he was gooning on the Glory of the Sacrifice, grunting and moaning as the novice screamed louder.
Suddenly he pulled his cock from the hole and showed that the ass-sacrifice had been made, he had breached the ring and then dug into the very pit of ass, and now the sacrifice could be bred.
He cried the name PRIAPUS as he thrust in deep and rode the smooth ass calling on Our Lord to accept his own sacrifice and those smooth butt cheeks felt the slap of flesh against them then with a loud shout he came deep in the novice making him a brother as the ANON DemonNA was pumped into him.
It seemed he would never stop cumming because his body was so charged with ANON seed but eventually he collapsed onto of the novice.

The remaining five novices were taken to the altar and they now were bred by the other brothers.
The Darkness of Lust and perversion was spreading now infecting all the members of the church, everyone wanted cock, their asses cried out for breeding and as soon as they were bred they wanted to breed.
They wanted the seed within them to carry the gift and learn the truth of ANON's seed and then it was to be passed on again.

It was shared by all until it exhausted them by being diluted through everyone’s body.
The lust was evil was strong and as the novices were receiving cock, so the ass of each brother fucking them, was also being fucked for the cock could take the cum stored in the assring as the shaft passed through.
It was an orgy of perverted lust and hunger that went on all night long, everyone was fucked, their ass rings and cock heads were raw from the constant friction.
As a brother shared his load he would cry out

There were moans of ecstasy as those being fucked felt the heat of the seed hit the walls of their ass and the lust and perversion was flowing through them.
The groans changed to cries of hunger when the seed did its work of calling on them to give worship and share it.
Soon those who started the fuck would feel empty and they would be offering their ass and mouth to take some of the seed back.

Brother Jackin’s nipples were engorged as he was taking another virgin upon the altar, he was milking his nips and the CUM OF SAINT ANON ran from them down his chest and he soon had two brothers sucking his nipples as another chewed on his assring fighting to get the cum.
He was tearing into the young ass and was ready to deliver another load of life changing toxic seed gathered at the Wall.

By dawn the air in the chapel was ripe with the smell of rut, spunk and sweat and piss and ass juices lingered in the air as Brothers lay intertwined with brothers exhausted from the frenzy fucks they had shared.

This posting is a writing I recently found on one of the yahoo groups I belong to.
I think it is well written and have blown my load several times reading it.
The illustrations are of my choice from my collection.

12-17-201X Friday

Another Friday and the year is almost over.

I spent most of my morning in meetings getting chewed out about one thing or another.
It kinda makes me wonder why I get up every day and go and do my 9 hours in the office. I guess it is the money.

I had to wait until after the normal lunch hour to take mine. I was hoping that this would mean a different selection of men at the bookstore on 70 out near the airport.
Yes, the same one I always go to at lunch time…

As I drove pass the store to make my u-turn to get to it to the business’s driveway, I noticed there were several vehicles in the parking lot.
My hopes where high.
I parked my car and went into the bookstore. Inside I paid my dollar cover charge for the video area.

The picture that follow shows you my adventure on this day
Only one cock and only one picture.

But a damn nice piece of meat to have for lunch.

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Uncut cocks and glory holes

Another great day to be a
Redneck Faggot cock sucking Pig

Today’s post I am sharing with you a few pictures of uncut cocks I took over the years while working the glory holes at local Adult Bookstores

I hope these cause your cock to get hard or maybe your asshole to get a wide-on,
and help make you shoot a big load
as you stroke your cock while reading my Blog

Comments on the cocks and the men attached are always welcumed and enjoyed.


10-11-XX Sunday Afternoon

I had some errands to run Sunday afternoon so I thought I would drop by the ABS on Guess Road. I hadn’t been there in a while and kinda was wondering what the clientele was like now on a Sunday.

The place didn’t look real busy by the number of customer cars in the parking lot. They still have about a half a dozen junk cars and trucks scattered throughout the parking area.

I paid my $5 and headed toward the back area. $5 means I needed to at least have some type of sexual contact with 5 men to break even and make the trip worth the admission.

I first turned to go to the side on the left.
Things were not looking good. It was like a funeral wake. There were several guys just standing around leaning on the wall or sitting on stools. They all looked pretty sad. Just like at a wake. It was real dark on that side so I couldn’t see all the way to the back wall.

I decided I should go check out the other side.
Hopefully things would be better over there.

Boy was I wrong. There was only one guy standing in the hallway and he was a regular. A regular at the bookstore, not one of my regulars from when I use to go there a lot. I spoke to him for a minute and then decided to check out the selection of movies that were playing.

The place still hadn’t done any improvements to the movie booth area. It was still half fallen apart and ready to collapse if you leaned on it wrong.

In one booth there was this movie which had one girl and two gay studs in it. She was fucking one of the guys in the ass with a strap-on while he was sucking the other guy’s cock.

The next booth had a straight movie in it. This real slutty looking bitch was getting stuffed from behind by a big built black stud with a huge cock. The other two booths had broken units in them and were just dark.

As I was watching the movie where the chick was fucking the young stud with the strap-on, this bald headed guy came walking down the hall. He stopped outside the booth I was standing in and started to cruise me.
He wasn’t my usual type.
He was a little heavier then I usually like my men, but I thought what the hell, I’m not doing anything else.

He moved closer to the doorway and pulled out his cock. It was a nice short fat uncut piece of meat which was rock hard.

He indicated to me that his cock needed some attention by offering it to me. I moved into the doorway and dropped to my knees in front of him.
I lifted up his belly and got his cock into my mouth. It tasted real good. It had some headcheese buried in his foreskin. I got my tongue in his skin and cleaned out the cheese and then went to work servicing his cock.
Every time I swallowed his fat uncut cock all the way, my nose was right there in his thick pubic hair. It had a real musky manly odor. This would just send my head spinning and make me want more of his meat.
He grabbed my nipples and worked them while I worked his cock. It didn’t take much of me working his cock with my mouth and tongue before he fed me a big load of his cum. 

I was pretty happy. I was on my way to getting my $5 worth.
After he had pulled his pants back up from around his ankles, he asked me if there was any type of bear club in the area. He let me know he didn’t like the bar scene and was looking for a more social kind of meeting. I told him about the Carolina Bear group and gave him one of my cards so he could email me for more details.

We were the only two guys in the hall so I decided to go and check out the other side. As I was passing by the bald guy I had just drained, he grabbed my head and pulled it toward his and gave me a big sloppy kiss.
He was a damn good kisser too. I paused for a minutes and gave him some of my tongue down his throat so he could taste his own cum.
I then continued my trip on to the other side of the movie area.

My eyes had adjusted to the darkness by now and I could see all the way to the back wall of movie area. Leaning up against the back wall was this good looking black guy wearing nothing but a white tank top and his sneakers. He was stroking on a nice looking long black cock. I looked around the area and noticed several other guys either just leaning up against the wall or sitting on bar stools. All of them were ignoring him.

I strutted my sweet white ass over near him so I could check him out some more. Maybe he might be my next dollars worth on my trip to getting my money’s worth for the afternoon.
I stopped right in front of him and checked him out. He was much taller then me and had a fairly nice build. This black stud was very good looking too. He had short cut hair and a nice thick mustache.
I reached out and grabbed his cock which he had been stroking. It was a nice cock. Not as fat as the one I had just sucked, but much longer. Much more longer….and it was cut.
It wasn’t very hard. I would say maybe about half hard.
I thought to myself, Damn what a nice cock to have in my mouth.

I looked the black guy in the face and asked him if he needed his cock sucked.
He looked back at me and smiled letting me know he was in need.

I wasted no time dropping to my knees in front of him standing there.

I wanted him and he wanted me sucking his big black cock.

At first I buried my nose in his crotch. Right in his black course pubic hair and took a big sniff. I wanted to smell his muskyness, his manliness.

Then I slowly took his cock into my mouth and began licking it as I swallowed it. Being that it was only semi-hard, it laid on my tongue nicely as my mouth and tongue began to make love to it.

The black guy attached to the floppy cock in my mouth reached and grabbed my head with a hand on both sides. Holding my head in place, he began to fuck my mouth and throat.
I took another deep breath of his musky crotch odor and thought to myself what this could mean.
If he was fucking my mouth, it could mean he would be fucking my white ass before it was all over.

His cock began to stiffen in my mouth as he continued to fuck my faggot mouth.
When he would slide it out of my mouth, I got to see the cock that was fucking my throat had a downward curve which kept it sliding over my tongue and down my throat without gagging me.

As that black cock slid in and out of my mouth, I could tell it had grown in thickness and in length. His strokes into my mouth got longer each time.

Then he stopped fucking my mouth and I heard him say.
I’m ready for some ass now.
You gonna give me some of your ass? I bet it feels as good as your mouth. You got a condom bitch?

He pulled his rock hard cock out of my mouth and bent forward so he could run his hand down over my ass.

I like that white ass and you’re gonna like my big nigga cock.
He leaned back upward and gave me room to get up from kneeling in front of this Black God with a rock hard black cock that I had been worshiping with my mouth and tongue.

As I stood upright, I felt his big hand on my ass again.
That’s a fine ass and I gonna like fuckin it, I heard him say to me as I started to turn around.

I reached into my pocket and pulled out one of a King condoms. The larger size condom I keep in my pocket for guys like him with the larger size cock.

Then I unbuttoned my jeans and pushed them downward as I continued to turn to present him with my white ass, The ass that he really wanted.

As I ripped open the condom pack and pulled the oversized latex tube out of it, I looked over my shoulder and told him I really needed his big black cock up my ass fucking me.
Then I told him my white ass was his to fuck any way he wanted to.

I handed him the condom and then spit on my fingers to lube my asshole a little more. I had some Vaseline on it from where I fucked myself in the shower earlier that afternoon with one of my dildos while getting ready to go out.

As I bent forward and put my hands on the wall to brace myself, I felt him start to push his cock head against my wet asshole.
I was ready for him… Ready for every inch of his black cock…Ready for him to fuck me…

I took a deep breath as he pushed his latex covered black cock into me.
Inch by inch his long cock slid up inside my ass filling it full of pure meat.

Finally his pubic hair was up against my ass and all of his long hard cock was buried deep inside of me.

I said out loud to him, Damn that cock fills good inside of me. Now fuck me..
As I took another deep breath I felt his cock begin to slide back out of my ass until only about half of it was left inside of me.
Then he slammed it back into my hungry white ass hole.

That’s when he started to piston fuck me. A nice steady pace, nice and deep and hard.

Damn that Black man’s long hard black cock felt good fucking me.
I needed the good hard fucking like he was giving me.

It was my reward for taking such good care of his cock and balls with my mouth.

As he fucked me deep and hard, his low hanging balls slapped against mine with every deep thrust he made into me. Then he would pull out some and make them big black balls slap mine again.

The whole time he was fucking me, he kept telling how good my ass felt to his ‘nigga’ dick. He seemed to be getting off calling his long hard cock a ‘nigga dick’.

I didn’t care what he called it just as long as he kept pounding my Pig asshole with it.

While being fucked by this beast, I could feel his cock get thicker in my ass as it stretched my asshole open wider.
I would look over my shoulder and tell him how fucking good his cock was making my asshole feel.

Then his steady pace got erratic.

He fucked harder and his pace began wild.

I knew exactly what that meant. The black stud in my ass was getting ready to blow his load.

Unexpectedly he pulled his thick hard manhood out of my ass hole and pushed me down back onto my knees in front of him.
I watched as he ripped off the sloppy condom from his throbbing cock.
I opened my mouth to catch his load when he pushed his cock down my throat and started fucking my mouth again.

His body froze as he let a load scream. Then the cum came shooting out of his cock into my mouth and throat.
I gulped down every glob of it as it shot into my mouth.

He stood there above me panting and gasping for air as his long black cock fed me the last of his load.
Then I began cleaning my ass juices and his cum off his cock. I could feel him losing his hard on as I used my tongue to clean up his beautiful cock.
His cock became very sensitive and he pulled it from my mouth as he fell backward against the wall.

I looked up at him and told him I had never been fucked like that before.
He laughed and then told me I could have it anytime I wanted as long as I would take it as hard and rough as he could give it to my ass.
I laughed thinking about getting a fucking like that every day.

Then he grabbed what I guess was his pants and walked away from me with a happy limp cock flopping in front of him.

I get fucked by him from time to time. I really don’t see him there as much as I expected.
Every fuck is as good as this one was.