Sam Bear's Color

Sam Bear's Color

Sunday, May 31, 2015


Do you prefer Hairy Men


Smooth Men?


hairy pits

I love licking man pits as long as they are not shaved!!!!!!!!

A man should have hairy pits

and a hairy ass to finish it off

Saturday, May 30, 2015


I was standing in the dirty Men’s Room of the leather bar.

In walks this hot cowboy type.

He pulls out his big fat uncut cock.

Then he tells me to get down on my knees and drink his piss.

Then he tells me when he is done pissing he wanted me to
chew on his big fat uncut pecker until he fed me his load.

I was one hell of a lucky PissPig at that moment.

Thursday, May 28, 2015


This cock got my attention one Sunday afternoon recently

I had a really good time making love to it.

It must have like my mouth because it also fucked my ass.

I never got to see the Man attached to this cock.

He moaned and groined a lot when he exploded his load of thick creamy cum into my mouth

His cock tasted so fucking good after being in my pig-hOle fucking me through the glory hole.

This was one of those cocks I hope I get to have another glory hole adventure with.

Happiness Is

This  is  Happiness!

Bent over getting fucked by a huge latex dildo

By a Man You Will Know

As Your Alien TopCreature!

YoungStud – Redneck Delight

This cock was attached to a young redneck looking stud who wanted nothing more than to have his cock sucked.

I gave him the blowjob he wanted and he gave me the load of cum I wanted.

Fair Deal!


Damn this is a nice cock to suck.

It tastes real good too.

I like servicing men who wear cockrings.

I hope it likes how my mouth feels and will feed me 
a big load of cum.

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Nice Daddy Type.


This cock appeared through the glory a few years back.

I still suck this cock a couple times a month.
·        One of my better regulars.

He likes his skin played with and his piss slit tongued a lot.

Even though you can’t see them here, this guy also has a wonderful set of low hanging balls which are eager for a good workout.

This is my DaddyBoy cock

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

HouseCleaning Virginity

From time to time I have my readers send me stories to post.

This is one I hope you enjoy. A few enhancements have been made to it and I added the pictures.


I recently read the blog you had about rape and you said to email you our experiences please share my story and add really hot pictures to it.


I was raped before I was able to give up my virginity to a special guy.

It was a normal day and I had decided to go visit my dad.

I had finally moved out of my Mom’s place. She and my father had separated several years earlier and I had to stay with my Mom. She had always discouraged me visiting my father and never told me why.

So I went to his house one day and I helped clean up his house a bit.

My father had always been somewhat of slob. Never picking up after himself.

His place was a mess. Plus he always was just in his underwear as he was on this day.

My father was a good looking man and took good care of himself.

I had already figured out that I was gay. Although I still had not had sex with another man yet. I hadn’t found the man I trusted enough yet.

I had seen him naked several times and knew he had a nice size uncut cock. I even got to see him showing it off to some of buddies one night when they had all been drinking a lot and taking a piss.

When I was in High School I was on the school wrestling team. My father helped me practice all the time. He had even built a place in the garage for us to wrestle on.

This day my father was rather cocky. As I noted before when I arrived he was stripped down to just his underwear. I couldn’t keep my eyes off his huge mound hanging in front of him.

He kidded me a lot about wearing too many cloths and told me I needed to strip down and be comfortable.

I stripped down to just my jock strip and the two of us went about picking up his place.

He commented on how well I was taking care of myself.

I told him I wanted to look as good as he did.

I gave me a big hug and then went back to working. I thought all was good but he kept slapping my ass so It got a Lil awkward.

Then I as I was helping clean his bedroom he pushed me to the floor in one of the full body holds rubbing his cock against my ass like a wrestler.

I had never had sex with a guy before so I was panicking a Lil.

Out of no where he flips me on my belly and forces his massive uncut cock deep in my ass leaving me screaming.

At first it hurt but after he fucked me for a while it didn't hurt as much.

I begged him to stop and let me go. I never expected this from him.

After a while it actually began to feel good. My father had a good size cock and at first I thought he would split me into.

I still was in shock I never had sex with a man like I said but it felt better and better.

He had me pinned down fucking me hard and then he came in my ass.

I liked it because I came at the same time.

Slowly he pulled his cock out of what was my virgin hole and told me we needed to get cleaned up.

As we headed off to the bathroom to take a shower I told him no one had ever fucked me before.

He told me he knew that and felt it was time that I learned to be the man I had grown into. It was his way of telling me about the birds and the bees. Only this was about the bears and the cubs.

While in the shower, my father pointed out that I was much larger than he was and that the next lesson that afternoon was going to be me fucking him.

Ever since then I’ve been visiting my dad on a regular schedule. His place is still a mess.

He is turning me into a real sex pig…My buddies take turns fucking me on

Saturday nights after the matches when we go drinking.

I’m still the champ of the mat.

There isn’t anything sexual that my Dad can’t do with another man and I am eager to learn it all from my Dad.

Monday, May 25, 2015



Do you remember when you were in collage and you spent the weekend camping with some of the guys from the dorm?

Remember when the jock from the group decided he wanted to fuck some ass?

Remember how good it felt getting fucked by that muscular jock that all the girls wanted to fuck them?

Instead he liked fucking the shit holes of his dorm mates.

Making them his bitches for the weekend so he had a nice hot hole to bury his hard cock in.

You and the other guys gladly gave up your pink assholes for him to plow. He was the Jock!

Damn those fuckings that weekend will always be on your mind.


Can you do this?

If you can, do you fuck yourself often?

Fortune Cookie

Fortune Cookie Says

Fortune Cookie Says: I have a dream…Time to go to bed.

Redneck Pig Translation: Dream of getting fucked – go find a big cock to take you bed and fuck you!










Sunday, May 24, 2015

How To Use a Dildo – part 1 – draft


Earlier I posted that I am putting together some training material for my ‘boy-pig in training’ to review so to help him understand dildos and how to use them for maximum satisfaction.
Posted below is the DRAFT of the 1st section.

Please provide feed-back on this posting.

Too much fluff?

Too many pictures?

Did I miss anything you feel needs to be there?

Your input is very important as this series will live forever on the internet and hopefully many men will be better dildo players after digesting this material.

Either post your thoughts after the posting in the comments section or email me directly.


How to Use a Dildo on a Man
What is a dildo?

Dildos are toys designed for penetration that don’t have motors and don’t vibrate.
An anal dildo is any dildo that has no sharp edges or seams and a flared base designed to prevent it from going all the way in. (note: the ER is no place to go to be fisted trying to get that dildo out of your bottoms ass.)

Over 1 million dildos are sold each year, and while it may seem like a lot, when you consider exactly how many uses these little (or not so little) guys have, you might start asking yourself why everybody doesn’t own one.

While it may not be to your taste, many dildos are created for purely ornamental purposes. From the downright beautiful to the dangerously massive – some things are just for show.
Large rubber dildos that stand proudly at 3 feet tall should be used as playroom decor.

Dildos are made of several different materials. Most are made from some type of Latex. Some are made of glass and some out of metal. Glass dildos are usually used by Lesbians and the metals ones are designed for men.
Anal dildos are available in every size imaginable (from a pinky finger to a large fist and more).


Determine which your bottom prefers.

Does he want depth or does he want width?
This will help selecting your group of dildos. More on this later…

Getting started…

Find a bottom pig who is ready for you to fill him full of your toys.

Always Remember
·         Not all men into getting fucked by huge cocks are into getting fucked by huge dildos.

·         Not all men into dildos are into getting fisted.

·         Not all men into fisting are into dildos. Some just want the Top to bury his hand deep inside them and take them for a wild ride.

·         Not all men who say they are into dildos know what they are doing.

Some can be very experienced, others can be virgins. Some are liars and the good men into dildos are real Ass pigs. They know what it is all about…

Try to find out where your ass play bottom fits into the wonderful world of dildos

Never stop communicating with the asshole you are about to stuff full.

Get to know your dildo-bottom's ass anatomy.
This section in under construction

Starting out…
The one important thing is to make sure the bottoms butt is clean.
Excess shit can cause problems you do not need during this experience.

Next make sure you and the bottom have an understanding of what is about to happen.
Make sure he really wants you to take his asshole on a wild ride he should never forget.

Then he needs to decide what position works best for him.
On his back,

on all fours,

laying on his side or

flat on his belly.

Standing up or bent over the edge of the bed works too.

Then if available, laid back in a sling with his ass ready for the ride.

Make sure your nails are smooth and your bottom has poppers if he needs or wants them.

Latex gloves should be worn for safety.

Now check the collection of dildos you have selected for your bottom to enjoy.

Always make sure you have a good opener and a good selection for gradually opening his ass up for the next larger size latex cock.

Make sure all of the dildos are clean and burr free.

Let the bottom pick a few of the selection if he is interested. Most likely he will pick a few larger size ones that he most likely will not be able to take. But that is OK. They don’t all fit all the time.

Now it is time to get the bottom to relax. Get him ready for the ride on the 'Dildo Express'

Based on the bottom here are a few suggestions to help relax his asshole.

Bury your face in his ass crack and give his asshole a good rimming. Tongue fuck his sloppy hole some. On that hole as deep as you can.

Slowly take and work a lubed up finger into the puckered asshole and play around gently.
Always wear gloves when needed.
How experienced your bottom is will determine how much coaching you will need to give him.

More fingers can be added as he is able to relax and take them. Never force them in the first time playing with the bottom’s asshole. Save that for later when playing out a scene.

Dildo entry…
Grease up the smallest of the dildos. The one you selected to open his asshole first.
Be sure the dildo is already clean and free of any burs or sharp seam lines.
Cover that dildo with a clean condom before applying the lube.
Use plenty of lube on the asshole and the dildo.
One main thing to remember is to use plenty of lubricate. Commercial lubes, Crisco and j-lube are the best. Never use lubricates designed for cars, trucks or motors.

When using a dildo on your bottom, be sure to go slow at first and be gentle.
Take your time and make sure both you and your dildo bottom are enjoying it.

Keep a good watch on the bottom facial expressions and the noises he makes.

Press the head of the dildo to the bottoms asshole.

When selecting the ‘opener’, try to select a dildo with a somewhat pointed head. Not a blunt one.

Pointed head

Blunt head

Gently apply pressure until it sides in.

If there is too much resistance first take a few deep breaths. Then have the bottom push his asshole as if he was trying to take a shit. While his asshole is pushed out and puckered, push the head of the dildo inward.

Now pause a few seconds and watch the bottoms face.

Let him get use to having the dildo inside of him. If needed tell him to take a few more deep breaths and to relax his whole body down to just his asshole.

You should be able to tell when you can proceed.

Once his asshole has accepted the entry into him, slowly feed more of the dildo in.
You will develop your own style for initial entry into a strange asshole.

Keep watch of his facial expressions, sounds and body movement.

Reminder… Never force the dildo in or deeper unless the bottom is relaxed and ready.

Pay attention to him at all times.

As time goes, you can pick up the speed and depth of the fucking. Follow his lead by how he reacts.