Sam Bear's Color

Sam Bear's Color

Thursday, December 29, 2016

Women - Good for one thing

Women - Good for one thing = Getting to the Man…

I'm a gay man and my enjoyment is to serve superior straight/bi men.

I’ll do just about anything to be able to serve those Men.

Here is a story from my past.


I had the bi military fuck buddy for a while that I would fuck around with him and his buddies.

One weekend when he was on leave some of his buddies and he went drinking and ended up getting me to join them.

They were horny for some pussy so they decided to pick up a hooker from near the base and take turns fucking her in her cunt and ass.

I've have had threesome with my fuck buddy and his girlfriend before, but this was different.

Usually the guys would get drunk and all take turns fucking my mouth and then my asshole.

Getting off on fucking their faggot.

Now with my buddy and his girlfriend it was different too.

He'd fuck me in the ass, grab my head by the hair, and shove my face into his girlfriend's pussy and have me eat her out like I had eaten his ass out on many times.

As he ass-fucked me he'd say stuff like, "Be a real man and eat her pussy, you faggot." "Lick her cunt, queer." And "Bet you love eating pussy, don't you fag?" I'd keep licking and slurping at her pussy into she squirted and my faggot face was dripping with pussy juice.

Then he would lick her pussy juices off my face before fucking me some more.

He would love to be ballz deep in that Whore’s pussy and then have me suck her cunt juices off his sloppy cock too.

This is where another fuck filled night comes in to taking place.

This is a story of my Military fuck Buddy fucking some other bitch one night with me there to fulfill his needs.

There’s nothing quite like the feel of one of your str8 fuck bud’s dick pounding an ass while your dick is up the same chick’s cunt, having his big str8 ballz bouncing against and rubbing on your big ballz!

Both knowing that you being there as a cock sucking fag waiting to clean off his sloppy cock after pumping her full of his cum.

I did this with my Military fuck buddy and some drunk Navy chick a couple decades ago.

Now for this story. I get to telling about fucking the whore story in another posting.

He and I and three others guys had gone to a country music concert together one evening. The other guys were drunk as shit.

She had come to the concert with some civilian guy, but decided she liked my buddy better than the guy that brought her.

She was flirting with my buddy, and the BoyFriend finally got pissed off enough to leave her there.

Once he was gone, she did more than flirt.

She was rubbing her ass on his crotch, and squeezing his dick through his jeans. My buddy had a massive over-sized cock with huge balls which could not be hidden in any pair of pants he wore. Even his uniform.

She even got flirty with me, but I did not encourage her.

It was clear my fuck buddy wanted that pussy.

It was also clear she just wanted some Military cock.

A piece of ass is never worth a friendship.

Plus I knew in the end, I was going to get fucked too by my buddy and his friends.

Near the beer trucks and just past the public restrooms, there was an area that attendees to the concert could get naked.

Of course, as drunk as she was along with my buddies, they all got naked and left me to attend to their cloths. Hell. I didn’t mind. I got see some really nice cocks from where I was and even make a few connections for some play at later dates.

Drunks will fuck just about anything and the right offer will them to a cheap motel and get my ass fucked by them.

After the concert, the group of us went to an after party at a hotel near the venue.

There were two rooms, connected with an interior door.

There must have been twenty people in those two rooms.

The Men there were all horned up and ready to fuck anything that didn’t move long enough for them to get their cocks into.

As usual, there were more guys there then chicks willing to get laid.

I made sure my mouth was available to suck any cock needing some relief. 

Even offered up my ass when required to please some horny drunk fucked up and ready for some action.

The beer and booze was flowing, and at some point, I had to piss. And I had to piss Bad.

Not only was my mouth used as a dumping off place for some damn big loads of cum, it was also used a public urinal for guys who were not pee-shy.

The head in the room I was sucking cock and drinking piss in was locked, so 
I moved to the next room. The door to the head was ajar, so I pushed my way in.

I had to piss - REAL bad.

There was my buddy, fucking this chick. It was the chick from the concert.

He had her bent over double, and was fuckin’ POUNDING his massive uncut cock into her.

Her legs were almost straight, bent slightly at the knees to accommodate her 4-inch heels, and she was holding onto the toilet bowl, one feminine hand on either side, desperately trying to maintain her balance under his assault.

Bitches just don’t know how to get fucked when there is a toilet involved. 

Get rid of the heels so the guy can fuck you as hard as he needs or wants.

Her panties were on the floor, wrapped around one ankle.

Her skirt was pushed up to her waist, and her bra was still clasped, but was pushed up past her tits so they were hanging free and swinging and jiggling while he pounded in and out of her from behind.

My buddy was also technically still fully clothed.  

His collared shirt (standard wear for Military on liberty back then) was completely unbuttoned, and I had a great shot of the hair on his chest and stomach, completely slicked against his skin by the sweat their exercise had produced.

His jeans and boxers were still on, they were just down around his ankles, covering the tops of his cowboy boots. I could smell his musky sweaty ass crack along with the smell of him fucking her.

 He hung on to the ring of material that her skirt had become, and used it like he would the rope on a bull to stay on for 8 seconds - in this case, he used her skirt both for leverage as he pounded in and out and to keep her close when she tried to inch away from that huge dick of his.

She was moaning and snarling, he was grunting and swearing, and I could hear the wet slapping of his ballz against her crotch and her ass against his pubes.

We had been friends and fuck buddies for almost a year.

We had partied together every chance we could ending up with my servicing his huge cock with my mouth before he buried deep inside my ass and bred me.

Although it was very clear he was straight, that didn’t stop him from fucking my pig asshole.

He had thick, curly, untrimmed pubes and fuzzy, heavy, low-hanging bull ballz.

His dick when limp was very respectable. It was longer than my middle finger. Looking back, I am guessing it was 4-5 inches long and a good 5 inches around.

He was uncut, and had a beautiful, sculpted, pinkish-purple dick head when the skin was peeled back.

This dude was a grower.

I really got off on it growing in my mouth as I sucked on it. Usually after he had finished using my mouth as his own personal toilet to piss in.

What I saw pounding in and out of that chick was thicker than my wrist that night. He was really horned up.

Depending on how much he was leaving in her on the out-stroke, he was anywhere from 10-11 (12??) inches long.

My own hard cock was 8x6, but this guy put me to shame.

I never complained how fucking huge it was when it came to him impaling me on it like he was her.

Most of the times he fucked me were with me bent over some dirty toilet in a public men’s room.

He got off on fucking me several times a night every chance he could.

I stared at this live porn show for a couple minutes. Damn it was hot watching him fuck.

When my buddy winked at me, I remembered how badly I had to piss.

There was no way I was getting anywhere near the toilet, so I whipped out my chubbing dick and pissed in the sink.

When the stream stopped, the sights, sounds and smells had me bone-hard in about three heart beats.

There was no way that bone was going back through the zipper of them tight Wranglers I was wearing, so I undid my belt and unbuttoned my jeans.

I was trying to tuck myself back together through the fly of my underwear when I heard my buddy grunt my last name. I looked up.

Navy chick was now standing upright, with her arms back over her head, holding onto my buddy’s head and neck for balance as she teetered on those heels with his huge dick now pounding even deeper into her asshole.

Lucky Bitch!

Her big titties were in his big hands. He was rubbing and pinching her nipples and helping her balance on them ridiculous heels. 

I could see his big hairy ballz slapping her shaved pussy.

She was soaking wet, and so were those huge ballz. In fact, the dark hair on them looked to be covered with white froth.

He grunted my last name again and continued in short, cave-man sentences “Up ass…(thrusting) Pussy free (thrusting)… Already (thrusting)… Nutted there (thrusting)… All yours (thrusting)… Don’t mind (thrusting)… My nutt (thrusting)… Just more (thrusting)… Lube (thrusting).”

But first, get down on your fucking knees and taste her ass on my cock.

Plus I gotta piss too.

I hesitated. I wasn’t sure she was ready to see me suck his huge cock and then him feed me his load of beer piss.

She reached out to me with both arms, as if to give me permission.

My jeans and my big belt buckle hit the floor as I stepped towards them, pushing my underwear down as I arrived.

Just inches away from them I dropped to my knees.

My face was right in her cunt and his huge sloppy cock dripping with cunt juices was aimed at my mouth.

I opened my mouth and my buddy pushed his rock hard cock in and down my throat.

He had fucked my throat so much in the past, I knew how to relax my throat to accommodate it.

He grabbed my head and with his hands on the back of my head he held me firm as he let go his bladder full of piss.

It was pure Man-Piss from drinking so much beer.

After his piss stopped flowing down my throat and into my gut, he gave me a few seconds to clean his uncut cock off.

Then he slid it out of my mouth and back into her sloppy asshole.

I stood up and got balance for what was next.

Fucking her in the cunt while he fucked her asshole.

She put her hands on my ass and pulled me towards her.

I stepped on foot over the toilet and saddled it.

My buddy stopped pumping and stood very still while she worked my dick up into that very hot, VERY slick pussy.

Soon, the top of her slit was grinding against my pubic bone. It was then I realized my buddy and I were both holding very still.

His face was buried against her right shoulder, my face was buried against her left.

I could smell his armpits, his body sweat and their sex.

The heady mixture made my knees weak.

He had no idea how I horned after him.

But, he did know how to ease out of her asshole and into me using his cum from her ass as lubicate.

There was a very drunk woman between us, enabling him to be this close to me, without being close to me at all.

He had that 12 inches of rock hard cock under me fucking her and from between my legs up my sloppy asshole from where I had been fucked before having to piss so bad.

No one would ever know that he was going to fuck us both taking turns from her sloppy asshole to my hungry man-hole.

She was expertly moving her hips in a way that was fucking him with her ass and me with her pussy when he was in her and moving me on his long cock when he was in me.

When we were both in her I could feel his huge dick inside her asshole, pressed near mine in her body. Whenever he throbbed, I felt it.

I could have stood there for hours, with his huge str8 dick so close to mine, and my own hard dick literally wrapped in his man seed, deep in a pussy he had already possessed.

But I knew what was coming and not him just fucking her ass.

He was the kind of guy who was always in control.

He told her “Lift you left leg!”

When she did, he caught her leg behind the knee with his left hand and pulled her off the floor. Instinctively, she lifted her right leg and he grabbed it with his right hand.

He pulled her knees to her chest and began pounding up into her again.

I soon felt those big hairy ballz slapping mine.

It was almost painful, but the sensation of his huge throbbing dick rubbing up against mine through that thin wall of her flesh, as well as skin-to-skin outside her body soon made me forget everything.

That’s when he slipped his huge hard cock out of her asshole and pushed it into mine.

He fucked me for several minutes before pulling out of me and putting it back up her stretched asshole.

I came hard unexpectedly, never having thrusted at all myself.

She screamed and came again.

Her spasming pussy pulled my dick against his in a way that brought him over the edge. 

He yelled and nutted, thrusting so hard into her asshole his huge ballz again slapped mine painfully.

This put me over the edge again and I came for the second time in less than a minute. 

All movement ceased.

I kissed her mouth while he sucked on her ear.

This was my way of letting her taste he own cunt and his piss without her knowing it. 

When I began to get limp, my dick was literally squeezed out of her.

My buddy was still fully erect, and there was no room for a half-hard dick in that pussy.

I backed away to pull myself together.

My buddy finally pulled himself free from her cunt hold.

He pushed me over the toilet and slide his rock hard sloppy back in my asshole.

Instantly he started to pound my ass twice as hard as he had fucked her.

Damn it felt good.

He forced her down on my dripping cock and made her clean her cunt juices of my cock while he battered my asshole.

He was fucking me so hard she couldn’t keep my cock in her mouth.

With no control I started pissing all over the toilet and her.

I usually would piss all over the place uncontrollably when he fucked me bent over a toilet.

That’s when he let out another yell and slammed himself as deep as he could up my asshole.

I could feel his cock throb as he dumped his load into me making me his cum dumpster.

Getting my ass ready for the fuckings from the other guys later back at our motel room.

He pulled out of me and pushed me down in front of him.

I opened my mouth and took his now limping uncut cock into it to clean the whole damn freak show off of it.

He moaned loudly as I licked around in his foreskin cleaning out his cum and varies ass and cunt juices.

When he had enough of my mouth, he pulled out.

He put himself together so we could head back to our motel down the road.

Navy chick followed us out of the room, but used a key to enter the room directly across the hall.

My buddy snorted “Fucked up, man”. I wondered what the fuck was going on. 

My buddy explained on the way to our motel that the woman was a Navy LCDR.

She was a nurse at the local NAVHOSP.

The annoying dude at the concert was her civilian husband.

He had rented three rooms in the hotel - the two for the party and the one across the hall.

She would visit him several times that night, and he would suck the loads out of her holes, and clean the sticky mess off her inner thighs with his lips, teeth and tongue.

This was why she never really undressed.

She would repeatedly rejoin the party for some more seed, until everyone was spent and had passed out or left.

My buddy had followed her earlier and pushed his way into their room.

After watching the guy eat her out, my buddy fucked him up his asshole using some spit he had spit on my buddie’s cock.

The bitch watched while my buddy tear her husband up and deposited a real man’s load in him.

They did this a couple times a year, whenever there was a country music act that was sure to draw lots of soldiers off the base.

She had explained all this while they shared a cigarette on the balcony, after he had creamed her pussy, missionary, on the bed next to her husband after he had fucked him.

Then the two of them rejoined the party.

He had then fucked her doggy on the balcony of the one of the two rooms the party was in while drinking some more beer and smoking a joint.

He headed into the bathroom to piss, and she joined him, sucking him back hard and begging him to fuck her ass.

He obliged, and this is when I walked in.

 He was really fucking her with two of his str8 loads wrapped around his cock buried in her asshole.

That’s why her pussy was so wet and his cock and balls so sloppy.

Gawd daayum!

What a night.

Plus there was more action to be had back at our motel room.

My mouth and asshole got one hell of a workout that night.

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Visit my Tumblr collection

Visit my Tumblr collection

     After visiting my blog and enjoying my adventures here,

Visit my Tumblr collection of cocks I have given service to through Glory hOles.

Your comments and thoughts are appreciated:

Respect- Thoughts on Serving Men
Originally downloaded from this address:
My appreciation to the writer for posting his post. I have made some changes to fit my thoughts on this subject.

Respect- Thoughts on Serving Men

Sometimes, I think that too many cocksuckers don’t show the proper respect to the Men that feed them are due.

I’ve been guilty of it myself, treating a Man like a walking sex toy, only caring about my pleasure ( even though my pleasure involves giving HIM pleasure) and not really thinking about the Man to whom the cock I am sucking is attached.

Sometimes, we (and by we I mean cocksuckers in general) forget that there is a Man attached to that Cock lodged deep in our throats.

A Man who for just a few minutes or hours, deserves to feel like the king of the fucking universe.

He deserves to be admired for His Maleness, and appreciated for the raw masculinity that the very act of penetrating another human body implies.

Most Men may not admit to it, but They DO like to be told how good looking They are, or how good They smell, or how good They taste.

A lot of Men never hear that stuff from anyone. But They should.

I think that’s why I’m drawn to Men that most would describe as average or below average.

The Men most people would describe as HOT get all the attention they want and need.

The vast majority of Men out there don’t get it often enough.

Just look through the ads on Craigslist, or Manhunt, or Squirt.

Too many cocksuckers are too busy looking for porn star types to appreciate the Masculinity that is all around them.

Too many Men are rejected out of hand for being heavier, or older, or not having a huge Cock.

Just because a Man is a few pounds on the heavy side, or older than 35, or has an average sized Cock doesn’t mean he is any less a Man than the overly processed manscaped slabs that are held up to us in porn as paragons of Manliness. 

A lot of cocksuckers miss out on some outstanding Men because they are waiting for their fairy godmother to deliver the Man of their dreams to them in a nice little package (No pun intended)

Every Man out there has something about Him that makes Him attractive, and they all deserve to be appreciated for it.

And while I’m on the subject of respect, let me take a few sentences to talk about having the proper respect for a Man’s Cum (his Male Essence).

If I’m allowed to take a Man’s Cock down my throat, you better believe that His Cum is going to end up inside of me.

I may wear it for a while if He’s cum in my beard, but eventually it WILL be licked up and swallowed.

When a Man comes to me to be serviced, he has agreed to allow me, a complete stranger, to give Him an orgasm, and consume His Sperm. Rather he shots it down my throat or up my pig-hole. 

His DNA. His Essence gives Him the ability to help create a new LIFE if He chooses to do so.  

His DNA is going to enter my body through his Essence and become a part of me.

If I spit His Sperm out, I’m devaluing the very essence of that Man.

If I swallow His load of cum however, the message I send is that I respect you as a Male, and I want to make You a part of me. I will be a better man because of it.

In some way I like to think that the man I am today is made up of parts of all the Men I’ve serviced over the years.

From the time I swallowed my first load of cum at the age of 9, to the last load of cum I was given yesterday morning, (That’s 40+ years of Cum swallowing in case you want to do the math) I carry each of those Men with me.

To the Men who have allowed me to service them in the past, and to the Men that I have yet to serve, thank You.

(PS:  To any Men / Alpha Males or fellow cocksuckers reading this, I’d be interested to hear Your thoughts on this Topic from Your perspective. Feel free to leave a comment.)

This is a good summation of my thinking and good insight into what makes me “tick” as a faggot cock slut. 

Remember: Never spit out a man’s load on the floor.

Swallowing it is best…

Or just spit it out in a disposal unit like a trash can or toilet.

Last thoughts on the matter or Respect…

If your Alpha who just fed you his load of cum wants to use your mouth for a place to piss (be his toilet).

Gladly let him piss in your mouth. Taste it, Swallow it, feel it in your gut.

If your Alpha Feeder wants to fuck your ass, gladly and eagerly present it to him.

Allow him to fuck you and dump his load in your dark hole.

If he uses a condom, get that condom when his through.

Clean his cock

Then suck his cum out of the used condom.

Let that Man use you for his pleasure…