Sam Bear's Color

Sam Bear's Color

Sunday, July 30, 2017

A Good Cock-Sucker / Service

A cocksucker is used to being of service to other Men, 

so share him with your buddies.

Tell them about the Glory Hole you visit and how good 

the cocksucker there makes your Cock feel.

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Glory Hole Tip # 32 = Gloryhole Declaration Of Rights

Glory Hole Tip # 32 

Gloryhole Declaration Of Rights

The First Right Of Swallowing

If a Cocksucker sucks and serves a Cock at a gloryhole, 
he has the right to swallow a load.

The Second Right Of Swallowing

If a Top is sucked off at a gloryhole, he has a right to have his load swallowed rather than spat out.

The First Right Of Barebacking

If a Top chooses to fuck a Bottom through a gloryhole, that Bottom has the right to be bareback fucked and pumped full of Cum.

The Second Right Of Barebacking

If a Bottom offers his ass for fucking at a gloryhole, the Top has a right to bareback him and fill him full of Cum.

The Right of Public Urinal

If the Top decides to relieve himself by taking a piss while his cock is still through the glory hOle, The cock sucking bottom is obligated to become the Top’s personal urinal. He shell swallow every drop of the Top’s piss.

The Right of Status Indifference

No man has a right to expect, or limit himself to, “Negative only” 
men at a gloryhole.

Whether POZ, Neg, or Status Unknown, every man has the right to exchange seed and expect the other to be indifferent to status.

The Right Of Stealthing

Whereas condoms violate the Two Rights Of Barebacking and The Right Of Indifference, it follows that any man may safeguard his right to Cum by sabotaging or otherwise undermining any condom that another may attempt to use at a gloryhole.

The Right To Be Served

If a Top inserts his cock through a gloryhole, he has the right to be sucked off or fuck the Bottom on the other side. 

Thus NO bottom has the right to refuse to suck or be barebacked by any cock that comes through the gloryhole, but must endeavor to serve it to the best of his ability and until the cock has cum.

The Right To Hard Cock

At the same time, every Bottom has the right to a cock capable of getting hard and flooding his mouth or ass with Cum. 

So, he must suck and serve any cock, limp or hard, that 
comes through the gloryhole.

But if he has worked diligently and faithfully to make the cock hard, but the cock remains limp and will not cum, he has every right to thereafter reject that cock.

If the Top has fucked the glory hOle bottom, then after he has cum in the bottom’s ass, the bottom will clean the Top’s dirty cum covered Cock before the Top pulls out of the glory hOle. 

If the Top’s Cock is dirty with the bottom’s shit from his ass being dirty, the bottom will clean the Top’s dirty shitty Cock no matter 
how dirty the Top’s Cock is.

Final Thoughts on this matter

If a Cocksucker sucks and serves a Cock at a gloryhole, he has the right to swallow a load from that cock.


He gets fucks through the glory hole by that cock which should flood his slut asshole cum-dump.

No Matter what

If a man steps up a glory hole and uses the cock sucker on 
the other side of the wall,

He should respect that faggot cock sucker and use him as his cum-dump!

Rules for Bottoms

A Glory hOle Pig bottom must suck and serve any cock, limp or hard, 
cut or uncut, any color or size that comes through the gloryhole.

So, what are your thoughts about the Gloryhole Declaration Of Rights? 
Share your thoughts

Derived from:
Illustrated by SamBear

Sunday, July 23, 2017

Glory Hole Tip # 31 = The Etiquette of gloryholes

#31 = The Etiquette of gloryholes

Gloryholes are the ultimate expression of 
faceless sex.

In the stereotypically physical beauty-obsessed world of gay eroticism, gloryholes are bastions of non-judgmental, appearance-irrelevant intercourse; they allow for a man to negate or mask his perceived physical inadequacies, or to separate his sexual
persona from his social one.

For some men, it is the sheer randomness of the gloryhole that makes for its appeal; while for other men, it is the juxtaposing of distance and intimacy that they find especially alluring.

A gloryhole is a makeshift or purposefully constructed hole in a wall or partition–usually between public toilet stalls, the booths of adult video arcades, or in designated areas within gay men’s bathhouses, for example–that enables people on both sides of the wall or partition to engage in sex with each other or observe each other as one or both engage in masturbation.

The holes, typically with a diameter of three to six inches, are strategically positioned such that a man of average height, while standing, can insert his cock through the hole, or a person sitting on the toilet in one stall can “sit back, relax, and enjoy the show” as he observes the goings-on in the adjacent stall.

Besides the cock, the tongue, fingers, or, perhaps, the hand, 
may be inserted into the hole.

But gloryholes are primarily associated with oral or anal sex, the former requiring the fellator to kneel in his stall in order to perform fellatio, and the latter requiring the receiver to align his asshole with the gloryhole and place his buttocks flush against the partition.

Public sex—of any kind—is illegal in most jurisdictions around the world.

A gentleman would therefore be wise to refrain from using gloryholes in public facilities.

In “private men’s clubs,” however, there are usually legal protections.

But even in such establishments, health concerns persist.

Gloryholes were at their apex during the Sexual Revolution of the 1970s.

But gloryholes—to the dismay of many people—are making a comeback in the 21st century, and the modern gentleman who intends to use a gloryhole must be mindful of the health risks as well as of the 
etiquette associated therewith.

Whenever there is a possibility for body fluids to be exchanged, condoms should be used.

No true gentleman would offer his unprotected cock through a gloryhole.

And when a gentleman is presented with an unprotected cock, he should, without saying a word, gently tap the presented cock with his fingers, immediately thereafter offering an appropriately sized, individually wrapped condom to his counterpart through the gloryhole.

(Yes, a gloryhole enthusiast should always equip himself with condoms of various sizes–just in case).

If the condom is refused, the gentleman should decline the offer for sex (oral sex included), moving on to another gloryhole in the hopes of finding a health-conscious partner, or, if none can be found, walking away in all his glory to perhaps return on another occasion to find a suitable partner. 

Some men regard condoms with fellatio to be counterintuitive–like
 sucking a latex dildo.

But considering the high-risk, Russian roulette nature of unprotected gloryhole sex, a fruit-flavored (un-lubricated) condom might
 not be that unappetizing after all.  

Also, fellators should be mindful that the cock is a delicate instrument that must be played-with gently.

A gentleman interested in being penetrated at a gloryhole is expected to provide his preferred lubricant.

And as with all acts of intimacy—even at anonymous gloryholes—hygiene before and after engagement is highly recommended.

Rarely are gloryhole areas kept clean. But they should be!

Conscientious establishments provide industrial-grade paper towels and sanitizing spray-cleaners so that gloryhole users can wipe clean the partitions, the perimeters of the holes, and the floor areas—
before and after use.


Friday, July 21, 2017

Glory h0le Re-Blog of the Day / Poster

Glory h0le Re-Blog of the Day

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Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Glory hole Pictorial # 5 = Misc. Glory H0le Cocks fucking Ass

Glory h0le Pictorial # 5

Misc. Glory H0le Cocks fucking Ass


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