Sam Bear's Color

Sam Bear's Color

Thursday, February 28, 2013

Dr Lovejoy and his medicine

Now listen to me!
I am Dr Lovejoy.

I am a traveling medicine man and I have the cure for what ails you.
I understand young man that you are troubled with several ailments that are not related to any of your friends and neighbors.
I have the perfect cure for you. It’s an all natural elixir that is easy to find. It is produced by man and is all natural. It flows through a wonderful thing right at the source.
It’s called SPERM 

- Wonderful, tasty, readily available and FREE.
It’s produced by man and feed to the needy through his penis.

The Penis has many names – cock, rod, pecker, dick, schlong, cockeral, man’s best friend, willy, stick, love snake, tonsil banger, man gagger and many others.
It comes in many sizes, shapes and colors too. White, brown, black, yellow, long, skinny, fat, short, monstrous, curved, with a hood, without a hood, in a wide variety.

The penis or I like calling it, the cock, can be used for many things.

Drink some Cum today and improve your life.

Today's thoughtful post

This is a good Pig boy who knows how to take care of Daddy's Ass!

Monday, February 25, 2013

Muscle Eddie aka Rippedmeat

What would you do if you discovered your date was hiding all this in his sweat pants?  

I would get him a beer, help him off with his cloths, lick the sweat from all his muscles including his huge monster cock. Then I would get him another beer and tell him to put that big muscle of his deep inside of me and give my ass a prize winning workout.

I would let this muscle freak fuck me all night and all day until he collapsed. Then I would mount that huge monster cock and ride it like crazed cowboy on a wild bull.

This is not a morph or photo-shopped!  

His name is Muscle Eddie aka Rippedmeat.  He is a Heavyweight bodybuilder, escort, and cam star out of New York.

Muscle Eddie is a heavyweight bodybuilder and avid pumper who has used surgical methods to turn his manhood into the massive monster it is.

This guy is over 6’ tall and his meat is almost to his knees.  

Damn what a massive monster cock it is. I want that massive monster cock up my ass.

He Claims his massive cock is 12” long and I believe him!

How fat do you think it is???

Whether you are male, female, gay, straight, like this or not, you have to admit this is fucking amazing.

I came upon a picture of Muscle Eddie in a Google search result. 

I had never heard of the man and here on my screen was this 6’ plus over 200 pound bodybuilder covered in tattoos with a massive, pumped, uncut dick dangling literally between his thighs.  

That photo did something to me that I can’t explain.  I had to find more pictures of this astounding man I went on a hunt to find as many as I could.  

I want to experience a cock like this up my ass pounding me to death.

Some Thoughts on Muscle Eddie (from an internet admirer)

After looking at him I became intrigued about the person behind the body.  It dawned on me that it would take an extraordinary or crazy person or a mixture of both to go to such lengths to create a body like Muscle Eddie’s. 
If you have ever seen his manhood in underwear (or out) you know that it is mammoth and such a thing cannot easily be hidden.  
Throughout the day with every movement you would be aware of its size and weight resting between your thighs.  
Your dick would always be on your mind.  
To me, that is a turn on but being a hung male myself (9 inches and fairly thick) with a small frame (short and skinny) I understand the drawbacks. 
A massive size like Muscle Eddie will impede some activities and in certain situations will draw unwanted attention. 
It will cause people to focus on one aspect of your person and disregard the total sum of things that make you. 
I am sure that Muscle Eddie has been through the ups and downs this attention brings and still he is here sharing himself with the world.
I respect the fact Muscle Eddie had a vision for himself and he had the courage and dedication to go out and make himself into the man he wanted to be.  
To me he is like the artwork of Tom of Finland, Belasco, and many others come to life. 
When you look at him it is easy to forget that he is a man over 40 years in age and that he has been working out longer than some reading this post have been alive. 
There are so many that yearn to be something other than what they are yet they never fully realize it for fear of rejection from others or lack of dedication.  
Muscle Eddie went for it and years and years later he still appears proud of his decisions and I like that about him.
I have read some hate messages online about Muscle Eddie mostly regarding his monstrous manhood, extensive tattooing, and possible steroid use. 
Some call him crazy, scary, and egotistical.  
Muscle Eddie is not just a bodybuilder he is a talented painter as well.  Some of his art work is a little disturbing and strange to me and some of it I find to be truly exceptional and unique.  
I think Muscle Eddie uses his body like a canvas. 
He is living artwork and when you view him and keep that in mind I think you can understand him better.
He has made himself into a living, breathing, artistic representation of masculinity. 
You may like what he has done or not but I think that anyone who views him should understand that what he has created takes dedication, courage, and vision.  
What I think some people see as ego is just a mixture of Muscle Eddie being silly and proud of his body.
If you like Muscle Eddie support him by leaving messages of encouragement for him on Youtube or any of the other sites he belongs to. 
If you don’t like him keep it moving and keep your negativity to yourself. 
Everyone has feelings and behind every personal picture and video you find online is a real person who could read and be affected by the hateful things you say.
I thank Muscle Eddie for giving me the encouragement to be the person I want to be without reservations.
I draw strength from the things about him I love and the rest I just accept as who he is.  
Our ideas of beauty and perfection are as varying as there are people on this earth. 
I have always been a person that plays it safe and fears alienating people in any way. 
When people aren’t nice to me, like me, or accept me I have a hard time with that. 
But through this experience or whatever you call it that I have gone through “researching” Muscle Eddie I have come to fully grasp that everyone will not accept us or our choices nor understand us fully. 
I get it now, and realize that it’s alright.
- A.T.   iluvmuslce-eddie Moderator

Redneck Fuckers

Why do white trash and redneck men fuck ass so well?
Must have had plenty of practice along the way!

Well…you’ve heard of the phrase “kissing cousins” right?
Here are a few pictures found on the internet of Redneck Men Fucking, getting sucked and just having a damn good time.
Let me know which are your favorites.


 The End