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Sam Bear's Color

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Glory Holes are My Favorite Past-Time / Blog-Owner's thoughts

Glory Holes are My Favorite Past-Time

Most cities and towns have shut down the places where there 
were glory h0les that Men could go and have Anonymous Sex.

I am lucky that the area of the Country I live in still allows Adult Video Arcades to have active glory h0les.

Plus, there are still some located in isolated Men’s room that are kept safe for Men to cruise and use.

I also know several guys who have their own glory h0les in their home and invite strangers to cum and used them hoping they will become repeat users.

To honor the ‘Cock Sucking’ topic I have been posting a lot about lately, I am going to spend some time in July posting about Glory h0les and sucking Cock through them.

My post will include facts and tips about Glory h0les, pictures of glory h0les being used, pictures from my collection of cocks I have sucked through glory holes and some re-posts of my adventures working the h0les.

As usual; comments, suggestions and your experiences with Glory h0les are always welcomed.

Send them to:

I will give credits when possible of any re-post I do from other websites and will gladly remove them if needed. Copyrights are respected and no money is gained from my posting.

My postings are for the sexual enjoyment of the Readers.
All Men in my postings are believed to be of legal age and no-one was hurt when the pictures were taken.

It’s all about having a healthy enjoyable time.

God put me on this Earth to be the Man that I am. I go forth in the world to spread peace and love to all Men Good or evil.

As noted in other posts…
We can bring Peace back to this Earth if we would all Love each other and suck the Cocks of the Men in this World.

Bend forward and suck that Cock while allowing the Man attached to it finger your asshole, the asshole he is going to Fuck and plant his Male Essence inside of you giving you the strength to go forth and suck more Cocks and bare your 
Asshole for more Fucking.

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