Sam Bear's Color

Sam Bear's Color

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

5-20-11 Friday’s Lunch

Friday turned out to be a fairly good experience at lunch time. I headed over to the bookstore on Glenwood to do some Man-Meat hunting.
The parking lot had several vehicles in it, but no one was cruising the back video booth area.

I met up with the guy and had a good time on one of the booths. He came out of booth with one guy and started cruising me heavy. Then he went in one of the private booths and left he door open.

I joined him in the booth and we both started rubbing each other crotches.
Long story short, Damn he was good.

This guy had small nipples but enjoyed me squeezing them more then he was normally used to.
We both undid our pants and let the other one pull our cocks out of our underwear. He was wearing dark colored jockey type underwear.
I was impressed with the size and hardness of his fat cock.

First thing he asked me was if I was a Top or a bottom. I told him I was both. Then I asked him what he was. His reply was that he was a bottom.
He was Hot enough I could deal with that.

We continued to stroke each other’s cock until I decided I wanted to taste his.  Since he had said he was a bottom, I just leaned forward and took his cock in my mouth. It would have been wrong protocol to kneel in front of him at first.
This allowed me to get a good taste of his fat hard cock.
After getting the taste of his fat cock, I straightened back so he could chew on one of my nipples while I squeezed his. I was impressed that he could take the squeezing I was giving his nipples.
Then I pushed his head down to my cock and he lowered himself into a squatting position in front of me.
Damn he was a good cock sucker. I asked if I needed to remove my PA and he shook his head no. He continued deep throating my cock and gagging on it. When he would come up off my cock, there would be spit stringing from my cock to his mouth. I think this is so Hot.
After he sucked on my cock some, I pushed his head down to my balls and fed them into his mouth. He began to chew on them and work them with his tongue. The guy knew what he was doing.
Then I pulled him back up to standing and I dropped to my knees in front of him and started sucking on his cock. His balls had drawn up and there wasn’t much to work with when I tried to chew on his balls.
While I was sucking on his fat cock, I decided to check out his ass. He had a nice looking ass and it looked as if my face should maybe in it. I reached around behind him and ran my fingers down his ass crack until I found his asshole. It was gooey and I had to wonder if it was lube or did he have a dirty ass. Slowly I pulled my hand back around to front and put my fingers near my nose. It was shit.
I figured a Faggot Pig like him would have come to the bookstore with a clean ass so he could get fucked. I was wrong.
I stood back up and started to kiss him. He was an alright kisser for a first time kissing me. He didn’t know my style.
After kissing him, I put my dirty fingers into his mouth and made his suck the shit off of them. He was in such bliss he didn’t even notice they were shitty or maybe he was into scat.
He then squatted back down in front of me and got my cock back in his mouth. Again he started deep throating it. Each time he came off of my cock, there was the spit again. Damn that was Hot.
After a few more minutes of him sucking my cock, I was ready for a break from him. I told him we need to take a breather for a few minutes and then we could fuck around some more.
While I was pulling up my pants, he told me he also ate ass.
I turned toward the video screen and dropped my pants. Then I pushed my ass back toward him and told him to get down and show me how good he was.
He squatted down behind and buried his face in my ass crack. His tongue went right for my asshole and dug in. This bottom pig did like to eat ass.
I let him eat my ass for a few minutes and ten I stopped him. I needed a break from him.
That is when I told him that it was too bad his ass was dirty. I told him would have buried my face in his ass before burying my cock deep inside of him. He was surprised that I thought his ass was dirty, He said he washed it when he showered and should be clean. I guess he really didn’t understand what I mean by a clean ass.
After we got dressed, we left the video booth and went back out into the open area.
I went and stood near the Men’s Room and he went over to the Soda machine and started checking his phone for messages.
After he checked his phone messages he come over and started talking to me. He asked me the usual questions, are you married, where you live, what else are you into?
I told him about me fetish for total Ass Play with tongues, cocks, dildo and fist.
I was surprised he was really interested in the dildo part of the conversation. I told him about my toy bag in my truck and he kept saying, ‘let’s go out to your truck.’
Finally a guy came through the entry way and headed for a video booth. He followed behind the guy into the next video booth. This gave me some time to talk to someone else.
The guy I started talking to told me he thought the guy I was just with had a pretty ass. Of course I had to brag about how good of cock sucker and ass eater he was.
Not much else going on so I headed on back to work.
Before ending our little play session in the video booth, I told the bottom pig I wanted a picture of his fat cock. I pulled out my camera and flashed this picture.

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