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Sam Bear's Color

Friday, June 10, 2011

interesting reading

My brother in law Tim
Tim's my brother in law and I have had the hots for him for a long time - dreamed about him fucking me and never thought it would happen - but it just has!! Tim's a very fit 38, married with 2 lads - for fit read , 6ft , 46 inch chest , 32 inch waist - a real bubble butt , thick muscley thighs - the kind that can be difficult to get jeans to fit other than really tight. He is very strong , natural strength and not the overworked kind . Great biceps and pecs - interestingly he is very very hairy - thick mats of it across his chest and on his back. And for the interested among you his dick has always looked huge in his jeans or chinos - bulging and hanging to his left. Seeing him when I have sneaked a look in the gym changing rooms or at the pool his dick has always looked a good 5 inches soft. Have always wondered what it must be hard. Now I know
Have been working on the house and am not great at DIY whereas Tim is and I ran into a problem with the electrics so asked him if he could come over and help me out. It was what passes for summer in England and was one of the few hot days we had last year. Tim arrived but just in a tight T-shirt and red shorts. His thick hairy thighs bulged at the sides of his shorts as he sat legs apart in the kitchen drinking his coffee and watching with his dark brown eyes.
We chatted about his upcoming holidays and he talked about his family being away with friends and him alone at home, he seemed tense to me. Anyhow we got started on the work and that meant him lying around the house in all sorts of positions struggling with wiring. Although I was helping him I could sneak glances at his massive bulge and length in his shorts and at the crack he showed when he leaned forward - no underwear. We had the power off and on at various times and he wanted all the appliances tested so I turned on the TV and DVD in the spare bedroom - forgetting I still had a gay porn one in there.
"What the fuck is this” he said when it came on
" I. well, errm ......" was the best I could do.
"I didn’t reckon my own bro in law for this stuff”. He said
I just blurted out "Don’t knock what you haven’t tried!! "
"Yeah?? " he said
I couldn’t work out if the steamy look in his eyes was anger and if he would deck me. He looked so sexy standing legs apart leaning forward and his shorts ridden up him - clearly even more tense.
"Well what are you waiting for lets have a look then!! And get me a beer!! He said
I was shaking from lust and confusion - but I got the beer and we stopped and watched the porn. 2 black guys were taking a twink in turns - I got hot and my dick was filling with blood and lust. Tim was clearly getting horny and didn’t take his eyes off the 2 black lads fucking. The bulge in his shorts was huge and the soft cock was clearly hard and a wet patch was showing through.
"Don’t mind me", I said "am going to have to wank - this always gets me" . He said "hot stuff" but my dick's bigger than either of those 2. My knees went weak. "Am so gagging for some sex" Tim said - have only been wanking while she and the lads are always - normally I fuck her at least twice a day. His cock head peaked out from the edge of his shorts now and I just had to have him - I didn’t care if he hit me I just dropped to me knees and lunged my face in his crotch.
"You dirty fucker” he said, "What the fuck are you doing you poffter bastard “. I thought he was going to thump me but he stood up and pushed the shorts over his hard dick while the twink on the TV moaned as got double fucked. His hard dick I guessed was at least 9 and thick at the root 2 heavy balls joined it like apples on a tree. He was so hard it glowed as the blood forced his veins and skin to the max. He dragged me up and forced me into a chair and told me he was going to make me take him. H e was so horned up he would have fucked anything - even me! His chest heaved with the adrenaline surging in his body and he dick whipped my face and called me filthy whore.
I grabbed his dick in mid whip and stuffed the knob head in my mouth - I was snorting and groaning with lust. I wanted this badly. But I was being too quick and could not get much in me and then he forced his dick past my gagging throat and my tears dripped from me as hell erupted in my throat. You fucking bitch he kept calling me - he was so horned up and I was scared. I managed to get my hand round the base of his angry prick and wanked and sucked for my life.
Got him under some sort of control as his dick leaked hot salty tasty pre cum. As he gave himself more and more to me I could take nearly half in my throat and felt for his hairy and manly hole. Hole wired shut..
He said " Am fucking going to have your filthy arse Alan, and I’ll thump you if you breath a word about it!” He was well nasty now and I was once again scared.
Using his great strength he pulled me off his dick and turned me over and dragged my shorts down to my ankles.
"Call that a dick he said as he sneered at my hard 6.5 - can't fuck my sister with a boys dick like that. You need to know what a man's dick feels like Alan. "
And with that he forced his huge knob head into my arse hole - the pain was intense as I tried to control this thrusting monster cock - and dry at that.
"Please" I begged him to let me lube myself - he grabbed the lube from the bedside table drawer and took the top off and inserted the whole tube in my hole and squeezed it until it was empty - I could feel the cold lube filling me.
Then he walked off and got out of his wallet a special condom - " I use these on Helen - get them specially" he said. As it rolled on his dick his dick glowed as the rubber smoothed out the veins and am sure it gained some more length.
Then I knew it was time - he rammed me - I screamed and he put his hairy forearm in my mouth and pushed deeper and deeper in to me. He fucked me harder and harder pulling almost all the way out and then ramming me. And of course after a few minutes I loved it - this fabulous straight man fucking my tight arse and the squelching from the lube was intense. My hard was leaking my own pre cum into the bed as he fucked me doggy, then still with his cock impaled in me turned me over and had me on my back. He was pumping really hard and calling me filthy, disgusting, horny names. By now I was enjoying him and clamping my arse in time to his thrusts. Then his balls having slapped my arse for over 25 mins of power fucking seemed to twitch and load after load filled the stretched condom and he screamed at me.
He withdrew, covered in sweat and his condom dripping with the lube and my arse juices. He pulled the condom off his dick and poured the cum over my face and forced his fingers into the cum and made me eat it. He was now relaxed and laughing with relief. He looked gorgeous as his dick dripped the remainder of his cum. He slapped my arse cheeks called me a whore and got dressed.
I was shaking and managed another beer with him before he left. He's been back since

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