Sam Bear's Color

Sam Bear's Color

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Both Ends

I watched him stroke his cock a few times through the glory hole. I saw spit drop from somewhere above and land on the head of his cock, he stepped up to the hole and my ass. He moved the head of his cock up and down past my puckering hole several times, teasing me , then pushed forward, giving my asshole just the head. I moaned, and turned my face back to the uncut cock in front of me, and went back to work on it. The hung stranger moved deeper and deeper into my ass, and I felt my hole open up as his thrust got harder and even deeper. I was being fucked on both ends, amazingly enough their stokes where in rhythm. The entire stall was rattled as both studs pounding into me. I could tell they were both close, the rhythm and intensity was increasing.

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