Sam Bear's Color

Sam Bear's Color

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

1-14-13 Monday

Hi HO, Hi HO
Off to Play this HO will go…

Today was another good day for hunting for cock.

I got fucked by a fat Black cock. That made me very happy.

I started off by sucking on this Black guys cock in the dark area of the adult bookstore. The guy was large build with a belly, but he had a nice fat cock and I wanted to drain his big black balls of the essence they were holding.

While I was knelt down in front of him sucking on his cock, he was moaning and groaning as if my mouth felt good on his beer can thickness uncut cock.

I pulled on his big balls which made him moan God Damn, God Damn that feels so Fucking Good.

After I had been on my knees giving his fat uncut cock all the attention it desired, I finally got tired of giving a great blow job with no load for reward in sight.

I stopped sucking on that fat uncut cock and stood up in front of him. I gave his cock a good squeeze and told him I needed to take break and would come back and suck on his cock when he was ready to feed me his load.

I walked away from him and out of the dark area.
At this point, I needed more cock to entertain myself with. So I started cruising the hallways of video booths again.

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