Sam Bear's Color

Sam Bear's Color

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Short List - 2013

As we move into 2013, I wanted to post a short list of the Man to Man Sex things I am into:

Cock Sucking, Cum Drinking, Kissing, Uncut Cheesy Cocks, All Colors of Men, Fucking and getting my Ass plowed Hard and Long.

Big Cocks, Small Cocks, Cut or Uncut

Love to suck a Man’s Balls dry after chewing on them

Hairy Men. Bikers, Workers, Age and Looks unimportant – just good Man to Man Sex

Ass Kissing – Licking – Eating – Ass Stuffing – Cocks, Dildos, Tongues, Fist and more……….

Cum see how good it feels to Fuck, Stuff or Fist my Greasy Ass Hole in my Sling or find out how Good it Feels to have Your Ass Hole Serviced while in it.

Role Playing, Leather, Cowboy Sweat, Latin Love, Verbal Abuse and Spankings.

Don’t see what you are into on my list, tell me and let’s do it. I’m willing to try any type of new Man to Man Sex - As long as it is Sane, Everyone has Fun and nobody gets Hurt.

** No Drag or Females**
Just Horny Men ready for some Hot Man to Man Sex


  1. Great that you are so up front about what you are into. Pity we are so far apart or I would be happy to let you show me a thing or two. Have a great New Year, Sam.

  2. Happy new year Sam!! You forgot shaved smooth asshole to belly button i just love a freshly shaved mans asshole ballsack and trimmed or hairless bush!!!! i can lic a man better when he is clean shaved!!!!

  3. I like shaved balls and smooth assholes
    But I prefer my men to have crotch hair
    I love licking the sweat off my man's treasure trail from his belly button down to his cock

  4. Well send me an address and let's see if we can put check marks next to everything on that list.


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