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Friday, September 23, 2016

3 Reasons To Be A CUM Addict

3 Reasons To Be A CUM Addict

Why the Versatile and Bottom men don’t just like Cum but Love it … NEED it.
Why we have an addiction that grows with every Load we swallow or that’s pumped up our asses by random men.
Why we are CumJunkies and wouldn’t have it any other way.

Here’s why …
1. Cum Tastes So, So Good
For some of us it was an acquired taste. Others were addicted at the very first drop. All we know is that we reached a point where nothing delights our tongue more than the salty-sweet taste of Spunk. Even the texture—part thick and stringy, part wet and lubricating—adds to the experience of enjoying Cum. It’s ecstasy to swill it around in our mouth and then allow it to slowly glide down our throats.

For us, Cum is the nectar of the gods.

2. Cum Is Manhood and Power
Whether we drink it or have it fucked up into our guts, whenever we receive a man’s Seed we know we are being gifted with the essence of the man using and filling us and more … the essence of masculinity and manhood itself. In a sense any man who Breeds us is Every Man breeding us. That essence becomes part of us. And we feel the power of it. We know the power of it.

3. We Love To Need It
I said Cum is addicting and we are addicts. Proud Cum addicts!
The need for Seed increases with every single Load we take. And this mounting addiction becomes a love of its own. We love Cum and Love that we need it. The addiction fuels us as no other addiction could. And unlike so many other addictions, the more we indulge this habit the better and stronger and more liberated we become.
We as cocksuckers and pig bottoms are the True and Absolute Cum Whores we’re meant to be.
We learn our place and role in life: To Serve Cock and receive The Seed.

Your Turn
There are as many reasons to Love Cum as there are Men to Cum In you!
Share your own reasons for loving and needing Cum by commenting below.
Email me with your reasons:

Many thanks to the website which provided the basic posting for this thought on CUM

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  1. Any man who breeds us is every man who breeds us. I find that inspirational. When I receive and savour one man's cum I am impregnated with the spirit of all malekind.


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