Sam Bear's Color

Sam Bear's Color

Wednesday, September 7, 2016


Bearded Top Man

Slowly. Softly. My lips gently stroke and caress his swollen cock head as I stare worshipfully and attentively into His eyes.

Searching carefully for the signs and signals of pleasure that I expertly know how to read from my Top.

This is not about cumming.

This is about extending His pleasure for as long as possible.

Just holding His dick in my mouth in itself brings Him satisfaction and pleasure, to see in my eyes my singular desire to serve Him as I suck His cock into my warm, wet mouth, swallowing all of it.

As I clean his daily raunch from his thick foreskin.

He starts to tremble; it will be soon.
Our eyes are locked and He starts to say something but stops.

The last of His precum leaks onto my tongue before the first blast of cum hits the back of my throat.

I continue stroking his sensitive head with my tongue as He shudders and moans loudly, emptying His balls and feeding me, 
His grateful cock sucking fag.

I nurse hungrily, swallowing the gift of His thick, pungent cum, grateful to be on my knees before Him.

I gently stroke the back of His hairy thighs as I take Him slowly all the way down my throat.

My nose is pressed into His hairy crotch and I close my eyes, inhaling deeply, savoring the moment.

He holds me by the back of the head and sighs loudly, His body slowly relaxing.

Slowly he slides his big uncut cock from my mouth.

No words are spoken as He pulls His pants up and begins to dress.

I stay low and watch Him, respectfully waiting until He leaves to rise.

He looks at me with bewildered amusement as He prepares to leave.

I’ve never failed to serve Him when He needed it and have never asked for anything in return.

He is amazed at my hunger for His cock and at my eagerness to serve Him.

My need for him to feed my his cum. My need to be his cum-dump.

It excites Him.

He is mine and I am his.

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  1. Damn that was hot! I'll have to got the local ABS for lunch now.


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