Sam Bear's Color

Sam Bear's Color

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Alien Anal Probe

Alien Anal Probe

Have you ever wondered what it would be like if real Space Aliens captured you took you back as a sample of human life 
on this planet?

If they looked at our brains they would see how sexually advanced we as Enhanced Males are.

Then if they did the ‘Anal Probe’ on you, they would find that your ass is a well-defined machine capable of amazing sexual 
and non-sexual things.

Huge objects can be push into your asshole

Man can bury his fist in your asshole and cause sexual pleasure.

Man can penetrate other Men’s asshole and breed them without getting them pregnant.

Man can eat from another’s man asshole and not gain weight.

Your asshole can be used over and over for men to deposit their sperm for pleasure.

Man Fucking your asshole brings great pleasure and joy to the you and the Man fucking you.

Your asshole can be used as a place for other Men to piss so as not to waste the golden liquid.

Aliens would think that all Men are like you and they would come back to earth to fuck all Men for their own pleasure.

Human Males would be captured and kept as sex slaves to the Male Alien population.

Bring on the Aliens!


Think about what it must feel like having an 
Alien breed your human pig asshole.

Over and Over

Day after Day

Week after Week

Your Asshole would soon look like this…

Bring on those horny aliens. . .

Use your Anal Probes on me!

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  1. Would just love to be the alien in the second last photo!


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