Sam Bear's Color

Sam Bear's Color

Saturday, February 11, 2017

Swallowing Seed / Male Essence

Recently while surfing the internet for pictures to illustrate my stories, I found the following.

Some items have modified to fit my thinking and way of communicating with others.

I invite all submissive(s) to share here with all fellow Readers what you feel about the concept of taking your 
Top’s (ALPHA, SIR or MASTER’s) seed, his Male Essence.

* *     * *    * *

When you are orally service HIM, and HIS seed enters your mouth, what do you feel?

When you see pre-cum on your Alpha’s (SIR or MASTER’s) COCK what does that make you feel like?

If you allow barebacking, While fucking you what do you feel when HE explodes and fills you up deep into your hole?

If you allow barebacking, what do you feel when HE orders you to carry HIS seed throughout the day? Keeping your ass full of HIM.

The feeling of the Alpha, SIR or MASTER’s seed may be different for each submissive bottom pig, so this is your opportunity to share your thoughts…. so that other submissive(s) can embrace your experiences and feelings and dominants can appreciate what affect they may have on their own submissive(s).

(PLEASE NOTE:  barebacking is the one area which in MY opinion MUST BE 100% consensually agreed upon by both parties. That means even in a POWER EXCHANGE.  I strongly make this point as many submissive think that this is the MASTER’s decision, and they must accept -  it is not, The decision is and should ultimately be “yours”.  it is a wonderful GIFT to give your MASTER/SIR, but being seeded must be given from the heart not just because you are horny.  POWER EXCHANGE is not just about the moment, it is about the future.)

I look forward to the various comments to these questions, please comment and/or re-blog this so it gets maximum exposure.
The feelings of submissive bottom pigs are an important and integral part of success in the community cock sucking bottom pigs.
W/we have an obligation to educate.

Please post your thoughts on these questions in the comments section or email them to me.

I will share them with the others with your permission.

Always take the time to bury your face in your Top’s ass crack.

Enjoy the smell and taste of the man you are servicing.

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