Sam Bear's Color

Sam Bear's Color

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Bama Boy - The Exchange


Most of you have been reading my blog for a while now and know how much a pig I am.
There isn’t much that two or more Men can do together sexually that I am not into.
One thing is swapping used dirty jockstraps and underwear with Men around the world.
I send them my dirty gear and used dirty gear from some of my fuck buds and they send me their used and dirty jockstraps and under gear.

There was this one HOT Stud I exchanged with for a long time until he moved and we lost contact. He sent some of the best dirty, sweaty jock straps. He worked as part of the athletic department at a university and would send me used jock straps for the Gym’s Locker Room.
I still wear those dirty jockstraps. Believe it or not, they still smell of the sweaty men who wore them.
OK, now on to why I am posting this.
I was going through some of my notes from my sexual adventures when I found two hand written letters that this stud had sent.
I want to share them with you. Of course I and not going to use his name, just the nickname. It is Bama-Boy because he was from Alabama at the time.
I am copying them word for word. His letters are so erotic.
Some day I hope to connect with him again.
Hope you enjoy them.

Yo Sam, you big piss dripping fucker!
I was major pumped when I got your FTLs. Before I could even get them inside from the mailbox my cock was dripping and I was super boned up. Opening up that bag and sniffing your piss an loads was awesome dude.
Like you and thru the yahoo Gear swap site I have consistently been “messed with” by other dudes who received my sweaty, piss stained, cum loaded gear and then just fuckin disappear! Dude, I am one huge dude with an enormous Temper - - sp to cross paths with one of those geeks would be inviting terror and a retribution beyond their most pussy-assed imaginations!  Enough rant.
So finding another stud with balls enough to swap out and share gear is finally a reality.
FUCKIN AWESOME bro. This definitely ROX!
That rank stiff piss/cum smell drives me fuckin nuts!
Honestly Manscent is something that has always been a deep and strong burn inside me. I am a major jock so hanging with some stanky boys ain’t so rare for me. I confess to having stolen socks, jocks and shorts from my buds, way to embarrassed to admit my sexual drive.
I hope this is the beginning of a cool thing between us. I love pits, feet, a man’s sweat, cum and like you I ain’t so much into scat. I love having my bros piss on me while I drinking my bros hot piss. The smells are it for me. I could sniff some stanked up pits and crotches endlessly.
I am sending you back a jock, some sox and briefs that I wore. I can get much more stink and cum scent in them, but I wanted you to know I am serious and a good bro “for the cause.”
Hope you enjoy these. I can do better if you like.
I’m sniffin now, bro. Fucking awesome!
Keep reading after the pictures. There's more....
When I am sniffing his dirty jockstrap I picture this big build football player with huge nuts and a dripping cock. It’s got me hard just transferring his letters to file to be posted.
Here is another letter sent to me by Bama-Boy.
It starts off with a message on a yellow post-it.

Sorry Bear
This message didn’t make it inside the package. Hope you liked the JOX loaded.
Bama Stud

·         * * *
Yo Sam Stud,
Added some wild funky stinks and loads.
Also sent you some CK blacks that have my smell on em.
I added some w/o ass sweat to your jox and loads. I want to suck your cum thru a jock mess pouch, dude.
I emailed you about cumming to Alabama from ATL – I’m not that far down the road and need to be in that stable of fuck buddies that gets a piece of your stanky crotch.
I don’t know if the e-mail got to you – I used ‘the redneckfaggotinto dildos” address. Is it still correct?
OK Oh, just know I’m horned up 24/7 and ready anytime.
Do you cam?
P.S. Dude you need to get (invest in) some more jox. I wear BIKE swimmers.
That narrow waist band looks cool w/my fat package.
Please don’t forget about me. I’m going nuts out here just fuckin cows!
This weekend is Rodeo weekend. Wish you was here to sit up in the bleachers and scream for me!
BTW here is my phone number: XXX-XXX-XXXX. USE IT!!!!

After his hand written note he drew a big hard cock squirting.

This is one HOT Stud.
I got to meet him finally before he moved to California.
I even got to see him ride in a Rodeo. Got his ass kicked!
Then we shared some of his fellow cowboys.
Funny thing was that they couldn’t figure out what happened to their dirty underwear when they got dressed to leave.


  1. I love burying my face in another man's dirty jockstrap. Preferably while he's still wearing them.

  2. Have been swapping trashed jocks and underwear for a long time and can really get a big load off, usually on the jock I just received from some one else.

  3. I just found your blog, quiet by accident...but I'm glad I did. I to love swapping piss stained, cum filled, male scented jockstraps...

    Anytime you want to swap...let me know.

  4. Hi REDNECK PIG BOY1 I live in South Africa, shemale..craze bout American whiteboys. I like your visuals..and your hot bod..


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I hope it made your cock rock hard and you blew one hell of a load.....