Sam Bear's Color

Sam Bear's Color

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Construction Worker

Today I was walking down one of the connecting hallways between the buildings at work when this Construction Worker came out from a hallway and cut in front of me.
He was no more the 5 feet in front of me and gave me perfect viewing point of him.
Damn he was good looking.
He had to be in his late 30s, average height and build. Dark brown goatee and his hair was somewhat longish.
This guy was wearing skin tight jeans which so ass his beautiful ass.
He had on a tool belt full tools and a Red Hard Hat. His hair hung out behind under the Hard Hat.
Plus he had black knee pads strapped to his legs.
He had on the tan work boots and walked with a truly cocky walk which made his ass cheeks move nicely.
Damn he was HOT.
As I walked behind him, the scent of his Manly Body Odor filled the air I walked through.
Then he cut into a Men’s Room.
I didn’t need to piss, but I followed in behind him.
I just had to be as close to him as possible. How much closer can you get other then touching then standing at urinals side by side?
I was in true luck too. The partitions between the urinals had been removed. The Men’s Room was slowly being renovated and they had not been replaced.
There hanging out of his fly was the prettiest uncut cock. Several inches of his manhood hung out in front of him over the mouth of the urinal.
His golden stream of piss squirted out his foreskin.
I had to hold myself back from dropping to my knees and directing his pissing uncut manhood into my mouth.
I guess I was watching him piss too much. He turned to me and said, ‘you really like that don’t you?’
My reply back to him was ‘sorry, it is just such a wonderful sight watching a Hot Man like you piss through his foreskin.’
After I said that, I couldn’t believe I said something like that to a total stranger at work. If he wanted, he could get me fired.
I was shocked with what he said next.
‘What you doing after work? You want to come by my hotel room and have a few beers? I’ll let you watch me piss some more.’
By this time he had finished pissing and was stuffing his uncut manhood back in his pants.
I watched as he stepped backward a few steps and then turned and walked over to the sinks.
I stuffed my cock back in my pants, zipped up my zipper and joined him at the sinks.
The Construction reached into his back pocket and pulled out his wallet. I watched as he opened it and withdrew a business card.
‘Call me later and I will give you the address of the hotel I am staying at and the room number.’
Then he said, ‘by the way, my name is Larry, what’s yours?’
I replied back with my nickname ‘Sam’ and took the business card from him.
At this point my heart was pounding hard and my cock was starting to stiffen in my pants.
He turned and walked toward the door.
‘Call me’ he said. ‘I need a drinking buddy who I can fuck tonight.’
Then he exited out the door.
I followed him out of the Men’s Room and again followed behind him walking down the hallway. Only this time there was more distance between us.
He turned and disappeared down a hallway.

I’ve got his cell phone number and know his full name and the company he works for.
Later today I am going to call this Hot Construction Worker and see if he was serious.
I will post what happens.

What is it about a Man with a tool belt, hard hat and knee pads that is so sexy?
I guess I am just the PIG I am.

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