Sam Bear's Color

Sam Bear's Color

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

So Many...

So many Men to Kiss!
So many Cocks to Suck !
So many Loads to Drink !
So much Piss that needs Drinking!

So many Cocks to get Fucked by ! 

So many Balls to Lick !
So many Ass Holes to Eat !
So many hands that need to be in my ass!
So many Dildos that need to be stuffed in my Asshole!

So many pair of Dirty Underwear to Sniff !
So many Sweaty Jockstraps to Chew !
So many Men that need to be Serviced!

Send me your dirty underwear and used jockstraps
email me and I will give you my PO box to ship them to.

Want your balls sucked?
Asshole licked?
Dick drained of last drop?
Multiple orgasms?
Sucked until you cannot walk any more…
If you are in my area, let me know…

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