Sam Bear's Color

Sam Bear's Color

Monday, September 29, 2014

The Weekend

This past weekend was Gay Pride in our area. I had forgotten all about it.
Friday, Saturday & Sunday were all good days for me at the local Video Store.

Here is a brief list of the activities to watch for postings. I will use the title I use here for the postings.

Each adventure is worth having its own posting…

I had some really good sex and want to share the facts with those that read and enjoy my adventures.

In no particular order…
-         Small bearded Redneck
-         Football quarterback built white guy
-         Hispanic in DarkArea
-         Frankie, a well needed meeting
-         Stripped Shirt old man
-         Glory Hole Dildo Fuck
-         Dreadlocks fucking
-         Gervis
-         Tower Worker Lunch break
-         DarkArea Corner stool
-         Hallway Fucker
-         Glory Hole reverse sucking
-         Black Pole to be mounted
-         DarkArea Cock Sucking Fag
-         Homeward Bound

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