Sam Bear's Color

Sam Bear's Color

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

SamBear’s Dic-A-Day for Tuesday

Here is my Dic-A-Day posting for Tuesday.

The perfect piece of meat to service on a
Tuesday afternoon.

I was thirsty for a load of cum to be shot in my mouth,
But the owner of that cock had other plans.

As you can see, he had slid a rubber over his cock before he would let me suck it.

Don’t worry, after his shot his load and filled the condom I got to remove the cum-filled latex bag and keep it for my reward.

Damn his cum tasted good.

After I had a taste, I squeezed the most of 
it onto my asshole.

There was a guy there who liked to fuck me 
in the dark area of the bookstore.

Now I was lubed for his ease of getting his fat 
black cock up my pig-hole.

Waste not – Want not

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