Sam Bear's Color

Sam Bear's Color

Sunday, February 2, 2014

1-31-14 Friday Afternoon - 1

The last day of the first month of the new year…

Being that is was Friday; I was hoping to spend some quality time hunting Men in need of some sexual pleasure from a Pig like myself.

Due to a situation early in the day plus too many errands to run, I only got to spend about an hour hunting.

When I arrived at the local Adult Video Arcade, the parking lot was full of vehicles.

After checking my Pig Hole making sure it was clean just in case it was needed to give a needy Man some pleasure by letting him fuck me, I paid my $5.00 cover fee and headed back to where the video booths with the glory holes were.

As I checked out the first hallway of video booths, I saw two of my regulars standing talking. Both of them always enjoy me making love to their cocks with my mouth and both of them always feed me nice loads of their male essence.

I turned and walked toward the two guys. The one on the left reached down and grabbed his crotch.  When I got to where they were standing, 

I dropped to my knees in front of them. The position I needed to be in to give each of these guy’s cocks the attention they deserve.

Both of them quickly unzipped their pants and hauled out their cocks. This time I let them do it because they were watching each other as they pulled out their manhood.

The cock on the right which was the uncut one was still limp unlike the cut cock on the right which was already hard.

I took the limp hanging uncut cock into my mouth first and started to make love to it with my tongue and mouth muscles. Immediately the guy attached to it fell back against the wall and started to moan.

The other guy stepped closer to me and was stroking his already hard cock.

His hard cock was right in my face.

I took my time on the one cock in my mouth and finally as it beginning to grow in my mouth, I let it slide off my tongue and out of my mouth.

I only had to turn my head slightly and there was the other cock. Hard and ready for some of my mouth and tongue action.
Slowly I took the hard cock into my mouth and inch by inch it disappeared.

When I had most of his cock in my mouth I heard the guy let out a deep satisfying moan.

I glanced up just in time to see the guys lean toward each other and begin to kiss.

I had made both of these guys happy.
After sucking on the second cock for a few minutes I began to alternate back and forth between the two.

Both of them were rock hard and getting closer and closer to blowing their load.

Both guys were moaning and groaning as I continued to take turn making love to their impressive manhood.

The uncut cock was the first to pump its load onto my tongue and down my throat.

After I had drained as much cum from that cock as I could, I moved back to the cut cock and swallowed it again. I knew it wouldn't be long before it too would be feeding my tonsils a salty load of pure male essence.

As I knew, the cut cock erupted in my mouth and as the two guys continued to kiss, I gulped down the second load of salty male essence.

They both thanked me for the pleasure I had given them and their cocks.

I watched as the two of the put their meat back in the their pants and as 
I stood back up, they went back to talking about whatever it was they were talking about when I interrupted them for some simple mouth pleasure to their Manhood.

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