Sam Bear's Color

Sam Bear's Color

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Sunday Afternoon

 Sunday Afternoon – 1st adventure of the afternoon.

Sunday Afternoon – My time to go hunting Man-Meat on the weekend.

I started around 12 noon getting ready for my trip to the ABS on Guess Road. My hopes were that I would see the one car in the parking lot and know that one of the Hottest and Sexiest Black Men in the area would be there.

My butt-hole cleaned out nicely and then I took my shower. I was careful not to wash under my arms so my armpits would be ripe for those who would partake in them. I put on a tight pair of faded 501 jeans, a long sleeve t-shirt and wore a black pair of boxer briefs with a bright red waist band.

I was in need of some action and I wanted it to be damn sure that I was going to have a good time.

Before leaving the house, I inserted a Muse into my cock and deposited that little pellet that does wonders on your erection.
Before I even got out the house and into my truck, I could feel my cock growing in my pants.

As I pulled into the parking lot at the bookstore, there was his car.
He was there. My day was made. I knew I was going to have damn good sex with a least one black guy.

Now I had to decide what dildo to take in with me.
I had my choice of the 8” uncut dildo, the 10” Chris wide dildo or the Latin Lover dildo.
I decided on the 8” uncut brown dildo. It is so fucking pretty and feels so fucking good.

I took and put the dildo in my pants next to my own already hard cock. From a glance, my crotch was huge.
I stuffed my wallet under the seat after taking $5.00 out of it. I wanted that pocket empty for when I was cruising.

In the other back pocket I put a small container of Elbow Grease, a tube of Joe Lube and a bottle of poppers.

I headed on into the store and paid my $5.00.

At the counter was standing this customer who is a painter. He is into pumping his cock to huge proportions before going inside.
He does the pumping in his truck in the parking lot. Then while he is in the back he likes to show it off to everyone. He sits on a stool and slowly strokes his over sized pumped cock. It is quite impressive.

He watched me as I entered the store and walked to the counter. ‘You must have pumped today’ he said to me as I pulled my $5.00 out of my pocket.

‘It’s gotta be big’ I replied back to him as I walked past him heading toward the video area.

I walked into the main hallway leading to the video booth area and was feeling real good about myself.
As I turned to go down the one hallway I spotted my Black Stud. He was sucking face with this good looking white dude just as you enter the hallway.
He had his back to the wall and the white guy had his ass in the hallway.

Being the prick I can be, I walked up behind the white guy and stood there staring at my Black Stud. When he opened his eyes while still kissing the white stud, he saw me. He got a big smile on his face as he continued to suck face with the white guy.

Both of them had their pants undone and their cocks out jacking each other as they kissed. Damn it was like watching one of the porn movies.

The white had a really Hot looking Ass.

I took and ran my hand down into the back of his jeans searching for his asshole. I wanted to feel the guy’s man-hole and finger it some while they kissed.

The black stud reached out and grabbed my crotch and started pulling on it. I knew right away he wanted me to pull my cock out so he could stroke it. Eventually I knew he would have in his mouth sucking and chewing on it.

With my free hand, I unbuttoned the fly to my Levi 501 jeans and hauled out my rock hard cock.

He stopped kissing the white guy and leaned forward taking my cock in his mouth. Damn his hot mouth felt good on my hard cock.

The white guy turned and looked at me just as I slid a finger into his asshole.
‘I want to fuck you’ I said to him just as he opened his mouth to start kissing me.

He was one Hot muther fucker.
I wanted to fuck him. Fuck him and get him off to get him out of the way…

The white guy then pushed his jeans down bearing his pretty white ass. The black guy got my cock sloppy wet with his spit before coming off my cock.
As I moved to get behind the white guy, the black stud dropped to his knees getting his face right in the business getting ready to happen.

The white guy reached back and spread his ass cheeks to allow my entrance.
He wanted to get fucked as much as I wanted to fuck him.

My hard cock pushed at the white stud’s asshole demanding in.
I heard the white guy take a hit of poppers and my cock began to slide into him.
He moaned and took another hit of poppers as the last of my cock was buried inside his sweet ass.

I paused to let him adjust to my cock being buried deep inside him and then I began my duty. Slowly at first I fucked his asshole picking up the pace.

Knowing how much the black stud liked sucking white cock, I took and pushed his head around in front of the white stud that I was fucking and onto his hard cock.
With a mouth on his cock sucking him and my hard cock up his ass fucking him, I figured it wouldn’t take long to make him blow his load.

The white stud braced himself on the wall as I rammed my hard cock into his hungry asshole. He pushed back toward me some still keeping his cock in the black stud’s mouth.
Fuck me, Fuck me he said as I felt his body begin to tense. His hot asshole tightened on my cock as I continued to fuck him as hard as I could.

Several guys had gathered in the hallway around us watching the three of us fuck like wild animals. A couple of them had their cocks out and were jacking them as they watched.
One of the guys watching told me later he was amazed to see me doing the fucking and not being the one getting fucked.
He had no idea how good this guy’s ass felt and how bad I wanted him out of the way so I could get the black stud to myself.

Since I had my dildo still in my pants, I slipped my own rock hard cock out of his ass and replaced it with my 8 inch uncut dildo.
The guy getting fucked took another big hit of poppers as all 8 inches of meat slid into him.

After the white guy getting fucked finished his hit of poppers, I resumed fucking him hard and deep. Only this time the fucking was much deeper than before.
It only took a few minutes of this fatter and longer cock fucking him to build his load blowing point.

As I held his hips and continued to slam that uncut dildo up inside of him, his body tensed and he took another hit of poppers.
My black buddy sucking his cock still had his lips locked onto the white guys rock hard cock.

Then it happened. The white guy getting fucked couldn’t hold back any longer.
As he let out a low animal like sound, his body began to jerk.
I buried all of the uncut latex cock up his ass and held onto him as his balls dumped his load into the black stud’s mouth.
The white guy’s body jerked a few more times before it went almost limp.

As the black stud let the white guys cock slide out of his mouth, I slowly pulled those 8 inches of uncut cock from his now battered asshole.

The black guy stood up and gave me the look. I knew from his look he had the white guys cum in his mouth and was ready to feed it to me.

We both leaned forward as our lips locked together. My tongue entered his mouth as he pushed the load of cum into mine.
I took a swallow and then worked my tongue around in his mouth trying to get all of the load of cum.

When the transfer of cum was made, we both swallowed and stopped kissing.
The white straightened up, turned and looked at me and asked if that was his load of cum I just had sucked out the black guys mouth.
I nodded my head yes and told him load of cum was almost as good as fucking his ass.
He bent forward to grab his pants to pull up while I fingered his sloppy hole some more.
While pulling up his pants, he looked at me again and told me how fucking unreal that had been.
Then he gave the black stud a big sloppy kiss and walked away.
The few guys that had been watching had already left to find someone else to watch.
I leaned forward and whispered into his ear, that’s how I want you to fuck me later.
He agreed to it as we both began to kiss again. His mouth still tasted like the white guys cum.

original adventure date: 2-13-2011


  1. Glad you returned ! i love porn pig ! Your post about dwarfs was a success
    say sam have you fuck with a real dwarf? please more post of naked muscle dwarfs!

  2. Hey Sam, a great read. Thanks for posting.


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