Sam Bear's Color

Sam Bear's Color

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Just the right Black Fucker

For some reason, the local ABS proved to be a little busy that day. I’d been on my knees and had sucked quit a few men.

None of them stood out as special; Just Men in need of some sexual satisfaction.

 It was running a little late when he showed up. He secured a glory hole in one of the video booths and I got the next booth across from one another.

At first I sucked him some and then slid my ass onto his hard black cock jutting through the hole.

The initial entry can always be different when pushing my ass back on such a large cock.
Had I been fucked prior and opened up? That can be a very smooth, easy entry.
If the cock was huge, then we’re talking about hot dog down a hallway smooth.
Sometimes I don’t get enough lube on my asshole and there is friction making it hard to get it all in.
Then there are the ones who are tighter fitting than if I was an unfucked piglet before the local priest molestation. That can be painful, especially because their cock stands rock-hard and I can’t allow someone that big to slide right into my hungry pighole.
With his huge black cock, I’d managed to churn up a load of spit and had already deposited it on my pighole a couple of minutes earlier. That said, he slide right into me and I tightened up.
My ass started with some resistance to the entrance of something that big. Then I began to open enough to allow his big black cock head to pop inside.
My ass hugged his cock. Tight.
And like a velvet wrap of warmth with the spit-soaked interior, I felt him push is hard cock as deep in me as he could.
After I had enough time to adjust to his size, he began his assault on my ass.
But it felt just too good to let him cum too quickly. And I just wanted to get him a little deeper in me. It felt so damn good being fucked by such a massive Black Cock even if was through a glory hole
He pulled out and bent over, I was thinking he’d invite me to his booth.
“Want to go to the darkroom?”

The darkroom was just that… a darkened room with bar stools around the edge of the room. One couldn’t see very well in the space, just shadows, really.
The darkroom at this ABS gained in popularity since it opened.
Unfortunately, some asshole will occasionally come in and turn on their cell phones to get a glimpse of what’s going on.
Once, I even punched someone for it.
I was getting fucked someone and didn’t want to bothered an asshole pulling that stunt.
I went in the dark area behind him, my pants barely cinched up around my sloppy ass.
Interestingly enough, he didn’t go far into the room.
Right in the doorway, with the best of all possible views (with the light that filtered in), he dropped his pants and waited as I presented my ass for some more fucking.
I opened my pants, as they fell to around my ankles I turned and aimed for his huge hard black pole.
The entry this time was perfect. Just enough resistance for perfection in pleasure.

And he began fucking in earnest. Slowing down some. Speeding up. Pacing myself.
A crowd formed around us. I felt hands on my ass, even around my asshole. But no one dared step behind me, as try to take his place.
Occasionally a hand would venture down to check and see how big he was and whether he was wearing a condom. Of course he wasn’t.
I bent over and braced myself, he arched up.
“You want my load?” he asked.
“Breed my white ass,” I responded.
 “You want my load, no matter what?”
“Give it to me!”
“You got it.”
He stood straight and began really fucking my Pig ass, pounding me as hard as he could into the wall.
He started breathing harder.
“Here’s my fucking load,” he growled as I felt his cock and balls tighten up.

As I normally do, I braced myself and completely stopped moving for the initial big plunge of his huge black cock.
His cockhead swelled in my tight pighole.
As it did, he inhaled and gasped.
His taint muscles then let loose the first giant pulse and his hot cum jetted into his guts.
He started to practically scream.
Then he resumed his fucking, I could feel his cum blast up in this pig bottom’s ass.
The crowd surged closer and one old troll lost his load on the floor.
Obviously, others had shot their loads all over the floor.
He would tell me later he’d never felt anything like my white ass.
That’s why I’m there. To let Black Men fuck my white pig asshole.
Other men pulled at me to fuck me, but for the moment, I was satisfied.
 I left the dark area and headed home before the traffic got too bad.

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  1. Who said reparations had to be in cash.


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