Sam Bear's Color

Sam Bear's Color

Thursday, February 6, 2014


Celebrate Black History Month

Go out and find a horny Black Man
That shouldn’t be too hard, they seem to be always horny…

The darker the better…

The Bigger the Cock the more enjoyable!!!


Uncut and raunchy is the best J

Get his big Black Cock good and Hard

Now get it all sloppy wet with you spit by sucking on it good.

Offer your white Pig Asshole to him for his extreme Male pleasure.

And let that black muth’r fuck’r fuck the living Hell out of your cock hungry white Pig Asshole

When he has had enough for now

Let him bury that big Black log of his deep inside your well fucked asshole and Blast his load of Male Essence in you.

Let that Horny Black Bastard Breed your sorry white Pig ass.

When the Bastard is finished using you as his White Bitch Cum Dump

Tell the Fucker to get his Black Ass and not to cum back until he needs more white ass.

Remind him there are many more horny Black Men waiting to Breed your white Pig Hole.

Celebrate Black History Month

Worship Black Cock

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