Sam Bear's Color

Sam Bear's Color

Saturday, February 1, 2014

I have returned

I have returned

Well Readers, I have returned from my trip to California.

I had a really good trip except for one small mishap which kept me from experiencing a few things I was looking forward to.
But, I will heal and my next trip is scheduled in the next few months.

My mishap kept me from going out hunting for the almighty Cock and the men that are attached to that wonderful fascinating part of a Man’s body which requires such needed attention.

The one regret I have from the trip is that I didn’t get to meet up with the guy I had a date with from AssPig.
I bet he was one hell of a fuck. Maybe I will get to experience his toy collection and play hands with him on a future trip.

I have some good stories about BlowBuddies and some stories about my time at Eros.

Unfortunately I didn’t get to experience either of the Bathhouses or any of the bars on this trip. But as I noted, I will traveling back to the Bay area in a few months for another week.

I look forward to sharing with you some of my adventures.


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