Sam Bear's Color

Sam Bear's Color

Monday, March 13, 2017

Types / your choice of Men and Sex / Part 1 listing


When you are cruising for a Man to share yourself with and have sex with,

what type of Man do you prefer?


Masculine      /         Twink

Cut       /                 Uncut

White  /  Black  / Foreign

Stronge  /  Weak

Stocky Build  /  Tall in Stature

Bear    /     Average Joe

White Collar  /  Blue Collar

Educated  /  Redneck

Short  Fat Cock  / Long Cock

Verbal  /  Quiet

Indoor Type  /  Outdoor Type

Lights on  /  Lights off

Facial Hair  /  Clean Shaven

Dark Hair  /  Light Colored Hair

Short Hair  /  Medium Length Hair  /  Long Hair

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