Sam Bear's Color

Sam Bear's Color

Friday, March 31, 2017

4-26-XX Tuesday Afternoon at the Glory Holes

4-26-XX Tuesday Afternoon at the Glory Holes

I had a meeting downtown in the morning which gave me the right timing to get to the adult bookstore just at lunch time.

When I arrived, the parking lot had several cars and a couple of trucks in it.

I was hopeful that the afternoon would be eventful.

Inside I paid my $8.00 for admission to the video both area.

There I serviced a few guys. The sex was just ordinary. Nothing special. 

Just sucking cocks until they exploded in my mouth with their load of male essence.

Max Mike was there. There were already 6 empty cans of Max in the trash can and he had a new one with him.

More about that later in another posting.

My regular that I refer to as my Black Knight was there.

He always wears a black shirt and black pants. His white hair and beard is what you see in the dark. By the way, he is white.

I played with him and he fed me a nice load.

I decided to take a break and go do some errands before working the hole in the late afternoon.

When I got back the choices were better.

The black African that has the huge cock and drives a limo was there.

He let me suck on his big black uncut cock before he asked me if I had a dildo with me. He wanted to fuck my ass through the glory hole like he had done before. This adventure is a posting by itself.

My asshole got fucked good by him using my Spanish Lover dildo on it.

What a fucking joy to have my ass played with like that.

He couldn't take it before, but I took it the way he gave it.

After him, the place was dead so I decide to call it a day.

My numbers were good and I was a happy faggot.

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