Sam Bear's Color

Sam Bear's Color

Friday, March 31, 2017

Welcome to My Blog - ! Please Read !

Wecum to my Blog

Cum on in and take a look


This is an Adult Content Blog


No one under the legal age in their area should be 
reading or following this Blog

This blog contains Nude Pictures which are X-Rated – XXX

It contains stories from my past adventures and 
current adventures,

Fantasy stories, real stories, education, bizarre stuff and lots and lots of pictures of Men doing

Men 2 Men sexual stuff.


All images and text that have been taken from the Internet are assumed to be in the public domain.

If you own rights to an image/text and do not wish your image/text to appear on this blog, or would like for credit to be given, please contact me by E-mail or by leaving a comment and the image/text will be 
removed or credited immediately.

The Redneck Faggot does not endorse the content of blogs or sites which link here or which are 
accessible from this blog.

This blog has no commercial intention whatsoever, is not sponsored or payed for.

the 'N-word'

I use the 'N-word' quite a bit to demonstrate the respect of mine to the male black race.

To me, it is not a demeaning slur but instead a term showing their power and strength.

The Alpha position when fucking.

If you cannot handle reading that word,
then I suggest you leave right now.

NOTE: This blog contains graphic adult images.

If you are not 18 years or older, or do not wish to 
see such images...leave now!

Format of my Blog

Most Posting will open with a picture downloaded 
from the internet. It may or may not pertain to the story or information which follows it.

My posting will follow that picture

Postings are full of Adult Content and 
Male Gay sex or Situations.

These postings are intended for sexual stimulation 
of the Reader.

Despite whatever I might write in the adventure, captions or is reprinted, all images are of people 18 and over that have consented to being photographed.

Postings are illustrated with pictures from the WorldWideWeb

Or my private collection of my adventures.

At the end of most posting will be a picture related
To Ass (The End)

Also another disclaaimer

The stories / adventures posted on this Blog might be true and/or might be fantasy.
They are intended for adults to enjoy.

No children or young boys have been used in these postings

I do not endorse sex with under-aged Boys or young Men.

Please be respectful when re-posting anything
from my Blog ( content or pictures )
My postings are not intended to hurt, ruin or 
cause harm to anyone

I do not worship the Devil

Or support the Nazi movement

Happy Reading

T h e  E n d !

You have reached the end of this post

Thank You

For visiting my blog and reading my post

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