Sam Bear's Color

Sam Bear's Color

Saturday, March 18, 2017

Types / Part 3 / listing continued

Types / Part 3 / listing continued

When you are cruising for a Man to share yourself with and 

have sex with, what type of Man do you prefer?


Trucker / Cowboy

Taste like a Real Man  /  Taste like a Cunt

Construction Worker / Doctor

Christian  /  Satan’s Warrior

One on One  /  Group Sex

Glory Hole / Face to Face

Public Sex  /  Behind Closed Doors


Just a BlowJob  /  All the Way

Into Kink  /  Vanilla Sex only

Leather-Denim  /  Kakis

Speaks English  /  No speak English

One Night Stand  /  Repeat

Dildo / Real Meat

Real Man / Woman

Front / Back

Feet / Toes

Piss / Cum

Pay / Free

Finger / Cock

Watcher  /  Do’r

Real Man  /  Tranny

Big Asshole  /  Tight Asshole

Amputee  /  Whole

One Cock  /  Two Cocks

Hairy Asshole  /  Smooth Asshole

Anonymous Sex  /  Fuck Buddies

Double Fucked  /  Single Fucked

Fat  /  Thin

Crazy  /  Fucked-up

The End !

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