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Sam Bear's Color

Saturday, April 8, 2017

Dailey Growl – Amputee Sex

Welcum to SamBear’s Dailey Growl

Would You Date Someone with A Prosthetic Limb
Or In A Wheelchair ?

This posting contains pictures I found while surfing the internet which pertain to Men with LimbLoss

Today’s posting . . .

April is Limb Loss Awareness Month

Share yourself and your specialties with a Man who has lost a limb or two.

He has sexual needs and desires too.

I dedicate this posting to Men who have lost a limb and continue living life and being themselves.

Spend some time this month and share yourself with an Amputee.

Have some incredible sex with Men who have lost a limb.

You will be surprised at what we have learned to overcome the loss of a limb.

E n j o y ! ! !

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welcomed and appreciated

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