Sam Bear's Color

Sam Bear's Color

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Will to Live

Will to Live

These Men who have suffered from some type of Limp Loss have an amazing will to live

To live and enjoy the things that whole bodied Men enjoy

Some guys have no arms and/or hands to grab their cock and take a piss
Maybe you could hold it for them

Maybe all they want is to have their cock jerked off and to empty their balls full of cum

May a good blowjob would make their day

Some guys just want to get fucked

To feel a hard cock slide in and out of their lonely asshole.

Maybe all they want is a friend to hang out with and not judge them

How could you not share some of your life with a guy who is in need of just the basics of pleasure and male to male contact

Maybe they crave the more intense sex that you can give them

As an Enhanced Male or just an everyday gay man, it is your time to step up and share yourself sexually with a guy who has suffered from limp loss

Give that guy the man to man love that will give him reasons to keep living life with the bad things he is fighting

I hope this post has inspired you

There are Men out there in need of the energy you 
have to share with them

Think of how good it would feel to squat on one of these cocks

How good these cocks must taste as you show that Man your talent of sucking cock

Please share good or bad experiences with me concerning sharing yourself and your sexual energy with another guy who has a type of limb loss.

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