Sam Bear's Color

Sam Bear's Color

Saturday, April 22, 2017

Sex with an Amputee Male

In honor of National Limb Loss Recognition Month,
I have been encouraging Gay Men to give themselves to another Man with an Amputation

Show them some Friendship

Give them some Respect

Share Yourself with them

Have Sex with them

Give them some Man to Man Love

As an Enhanced Male, you are obligated to share yourself with Men who are in need of your Sexual Powers and Energy

Here are a few pictures of Men with one or more amputations to get you motivated

Have you ever wondered what a guy with an amputation below the waist has to go through getting undressed?

Here is an example of what you might expect with the sex

Spend some time getting to know a fellow Man with an amputation

He might be an Enhanced Male you should share yourself with

He might just be a regular kind of guy who needs your love and support as an Enhanced Male

Be there for him

Share your sexual self-being with him

Enjoy the magic of the Sexual Connection

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