Sam Bear's Color

Sam Bear's Color

Saturday, April 8, 2017

Reader’s Entry

From time to time I have guys that read my blog send me pictures of their cocks or of them having sex.

This is one great picture of a reader’s cock hanging through a glory h0le.

Too bad I wasn’t there to give it some great oral pleasure.

In another email, I was sent these great pictures.

These two pictures show what glory h0les are all about.


An anonymous man in need of some oral service for his own pleasure.

Another man on the other side of the wall offering his mouth to the man with the hard-latex covered cock to use to get that pleasure.

The man searching for some oral pleasure accepts the offer from the anonymous cock sucker.

He feeds him his cock.

Maybe if the cock sucker does a good job giving that cock oral pleasure, he will get to back his pig-ass onto it and give it some anal pleasure.

Usually when a man offers his cock through a glory h0le with a condom on it, it means one of several situations.
    He is a wise man and always plays safe even for a blowjob.
    Maybe he is married and doesn’t want to take anything home to his wife or partner.

-     Maybe it is his way of letting the cock sucker on the other side of the glory h0le know he wants to fucks some ass through that round hole cut the wall that separates them.

No matter the reason is, I never turn away from a latex covered cock being fed to me through a glory h0le.

Afterwards, there will be a scum bag full of the one guy’s male essence that hopefully the cock sucker will empty it into his mouth and swallow it as if the guy had been wearing the condom and shot his load down his throat.

Maybe the cock sucker saved the scum bag full of cum to use on his asshole as lube the next time he gets to back his asshole onto a needy cock wanting to fuck.

Great pictures…

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