Sam Bear's Color

Sam Bear's Color

Friday, August 11, 2017

Redneck Uncut Cowboy

Redneck Uncut Cowboy

I was working the glory hOles at one of the Adult Video Stores where I was assigned by work for a couple of weeks.

Each night after work, I would clean out my asshole, dress down in Redneck Cowboy style cloths and go hunting for Men needing what I could give them.

I would pack my uncut realistic dildo with a tube of lube and plenty of condoms.

I wanted to be ready for those bottom pigs needing to get fucked.

I hadn’t been working the holes more than thirty minutes when I heard someone
else in the area.

I quickly entered into one of the video booths with a glory hOle in the wall to the 
next video booth.

Here is a picture of the glory hOle.

I heard the guy enter into that video booth and shut the door.

Wasting no time, I assumed the cock suckers position in front of the glory hOle.

Kneeling on my knees I peered through the round hole in the wall.

The guy that had entered the video booth next to me was already undoing his pants so he could get his manhood out.

I was hopeful that he was there to have some service given to his pride and joy.

The moment I got to see his manhood I was impressed and eager to provide my mouth for the guy’s enjoyment.

Laying my finger in the bottom edge of the glory hOle, I signaled to him that I was interested.

Slowly he turned and stepped forward toward the wall that separated us.

Inch by inch he pushed this uncut cock through the round hole offering it to me.

Of course I accepted the offer and with my tongue on its foreskin, I took in a deep breath of its musky odor.

Damn, want more could a cock hungry faggot ask for?

I licked my tongue under the foreskin and around the thick cockhead.

Then I began making love to it by swallowing it and licking it all about.

The cock I had in my mouth was nice and thick and rock hard.

While I sucked on it making love to it, the guy attached would pump my mouth a few time fucking it just enough to let me know he wanted to fuck.

After enjoying giving this fat hard uncut cock some deep attention, the owner pulled it out of my mouth and back through the glory hOle.

I peered through the glory hOle and watched as the guy opened the door and exited the video booth he had occupied.

His hard cock was proudly leading the way.

I stood up and just as he turned the door knob to my video booth, I pulled the door open.

There stood one incredible Hot fucking redneck like cowboy stud.

He had a big grin on his face to match the massive hard on he had.

Give me some of that ass he said to me as he reached down and mounted a condom
 on his big cock.

Within seconds I had my jeans open and pushed down around my ankles.

I turned my ass toward him as he reached out to grab it.

Spreading my cheeks apart to give access to my pig-hole, he told me he was going to fuck the living hell out of me.

I took in a deep breath and relaxed my asshole for him to take ownership of.

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