Sam Bear's Color

Sam Bear's Color

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Black Construction Worker

I was real horny the other day and went whoring at the local adult bookstore.

I always carry a camera in my pocket and try to get some good pictures of the cocks that I suck to add to my collection.

Here are a few of the ones I sucked the other day.

I was a real whore and was really popular that day.

I had incredible cocks that day that shot some great loads down my throat.

My best trick that afternoon was the black guy that said he was a construction worker out on the crew building the highway.

I was standing in the hall waiting for my next source of fresh meat and cum.

I saw him come in and lean against the wall.

He had to let his eyes get adjusted.

Then he moved and went in one of the booths that had a hole in the wall between it and the next booth. I quickly entered the booth on the other side of that wall.

I couldn’t even get my camera out of my pocket and get down on my knees before he stuck his big pretty black cock through the hole.

Here are a couple of pictures of it hanging through the glory hole.


Here is a good picture of me sucking that black cock.

Damn it tasted good. Salty with man-sweat and work day funk.

While I was sucking him through the glory hole, he was fucking the hole and my mouth.

I figured he wanted to fuck since he was fucking the hole and I sure the Hell wanted to get fucked.

I got up and dropped my pants, lubed my asshole with some spit and handed him a condom through hole.

When he stuck his latex covered black monster cock back through the hole, I proceeded to back my ass onto that Big Hard Black Cock.

He fucked me some through the hole, but I wanted the whole deal.

I moved off his cock and turned to the hole.

Through the hole I asked if I could come over into his booth. With his approval, I pulled up my pants and left my booth and went into his.

He still had the condom on and was waiting for me.

I went down on his latex covered cock and got it wet with spit and then turned around to be mounted by this black.

And he did mount me.

He shoved that huge black monster cock up my ass and buried it deep inside me.

I heard him say, “that’s what the white boy wanted, isn’t it?
Some big nigger cock up that white ass.”

He proceeded to fuck me with force.

One hell of a Power Fuck!

The whole time he kept talking dirty to me about my white ass getting fucked by his huge black cock.

I really got off on this.

He fucked me for a long time.

I know 20 minutes or more before he started telling me how he was going to breed my white ass with his nigger cum and make me his white bitch.

He said he wanted to take me back to the motel he was staying at and let some of his other bros has some of his bitch’s ass.

I went right along with him talking just as dirty back to him.

Then it happened.

He shoved that Huge Hard Black cock in my Ass and proceeded to breed my white ass.

I could feel every squirt of his load as it filled that condom in my ass.

When he finally pulled that black monster cock out of my ass, he let me removed the cum filled condom and I dropped it down in my underwear that was down around my ankles.

After he fucked me, he let me take this picture of his half hard cock while he was pulling his pants up.

He gave me his pair of dirty underwear as a reward for being a good white bitch for him to fuck.

He said he had been wearing them all week.

That he only changed his underwear once a week.

I told him I wanted to smell them later that night when I jacked off thinking about him fucking me.

He then told me that if I want some more cum filled condoms, to meet him and his crew later at his motel across the street.

That’s another story…

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