Sam Bear's Color

Sam Bear's Color

Thursday, October 6, 2016

Thursday = posting 1 of several

10-22-16 Thursday = posting 1 of several

Thursday Afternoon

Holy Fuck ! ! !

It’s only a Thursday and I have had one hell of a fucking good day cruising the glory hOles here in town.

I paid $8.00 to get into the video booth area where the glory holes are and got every bit of my money’s worth.

I sucked on 8 different cocks and swallowed 3 loads from those cocks.

Plus I fucked one nice black asshole with my 8 inch realistic dildos and then had him fuck me with it which he then pulled out the dildo and pushed his hand up my pig asshole and gave me a nice fisting through the glory hole which separated us.

Now for some details.

It’s a Thursday and I had some morning business which took me close to the Adult Video Store.

I arrived there just around 12:30 PM. I was hoping that the lunch feeders had not already cum and gone.

These are the guys who pay the $8.00 to go in and have their cocks sucked and then feed some hungry cock sucker their load of cum. Sometimes they just cum by to get their cocks sucked and return later in the day to get some more sucking and then feed some cock sucker their big loads.

This is one of the reasons I go there. I love sucking cock and am damn proud when the man attached to the cock I am sucking feeds me their load for the good blowjob they just got from me.

Of course my ass is always available for a good fucking or fisting leading up to a load blasted in either my mouth or my pig asshOle.

The first guy which fed me his cock through a glory hole in the blue (new) area of the video maze was a good looking redneck outdoor worker type. 

He was wearing dirty jeans and button shirt.

He had some weight on him but it looked good on him.

I went into one of the video booths that had a broken movie in it and the followed into the next one booth.

There was enough light in his video booth which allowed me to see him. 

Since the DVD player in the video booth I was in was broken, my booth was too dark for him to see me if he tried to, which he didn’t try.

I watched as he locked his door and got turned around to face the screen. 

Then he reached down and grabbed his crotch to let me know he was there for some action.

I placed my hand in the bottom of the oval shaped glory hOle and let him know that is what I was there for. I was ready to give him the service he had gone into that video booth expecting to get from me.

I watched as he unbuckled his pants and then slowly slide his zipper down. 

Then he paused before he unbuttoned that top button which allowed his pants to open up and give him access to his cock.

He reached into his underwear and with the back of his hand he pushed them out and down over from holding his cock and balls captive.

Then he let his cock fall forward for me to see.

This guy was there to put on a show and he was good at it.

Slowly he stepped forward to the glory hole and pushed his manhood through.

This was what he presented me.

I liked the fact that he was limp. This gives me the chance to work my magic with my mouth.

Now without my teeth, I can really give it a good chewing and not hurt the 

This is a picture of my tongue licking the guy’s piss slit. Just after I gave it my hello kiss. He was dripping pre-cum.

I sucked and chewed on his cock until he started fucking my mouth. Then he blew a large load of his male essence into my mouth and down my throat.

I swallowed every drop of that wonderfully salty fluid.

Now that my eyes were adjusted, I could see what was going on in the next booth clearly.

He pulled his cock from my mouth and stepped backwards away from the glory hole.

In the position he was in I was able to watch him stuff his cock away and buckle up his pants.

He stepped toward the door to open it and within seconds he was gone.

As a first cock of the day, I was pretty happy.

Quickly another body appeared in the empty video booth. Very quickly the guy had the door shut and his cock pushing through the glory hole into my video booth for me to have.

He pushed his body up against the plywood wall and shut off the light that had been entering my space through that oval cut hole in the wall.

I took this picture and then I focused on what I was to do. Make love to this new cock and give the man attached to the pleasure he was there for. 

The reason he pushed his manhood through an empty hole in the wall trusting me with it.

Because it was so dark in the video booth I was in I couldn’t really see the cock that now was just inches away from my face.

I could smell the cock so I reached forward and found the cock sticking through the glory hOle into the darkness.

I moved my head forward and found the cock with my mouth.

I gave it my usual kiss on the cock head and then took it in my mouth.

Slowly I began suck on it and licking the cockhead with my tongue.

I needed to get a good idea of what the cock I had in my mouth was like.

One of my favorite ways to give a man service is darkness so I have no idea what I really have to work with. Cock, balls, race, size or the body of the man.

This was a fun challenge.

The cock had thickness but not a whole of length.

It tasted like it was attached to a black man. It was hard to tell because the cock was so clean.

After swallowing it, licking it and sucking on it for several minutes, the man attached to the cock in my mouth started to moth fuck me through the oval cut glory hole that separated the two of us.

Since this usually means the guy on the other side of the wall wants to fuck. I reached down and undid the belt I was wearing. Next I unbuttoned the fly to my jeans.

Now was one of the challenges of having a wooded leg.

I had to get up from kneeling, turn my body around and sit back on the hard cock before the guy pulled it back through the glory hOle thinking I was done giving him pleasure.

Not done giving him pleasure, just done giving him oral pleasure for that moment. Moving on to a different pleasure.

To Be Continued in another post. Look for the title:
10-22-16 Thursday = posting 2 of several

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