Sam Bear's Color

Sam Bear's Color

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Monday Fun 10-18-12

Monday Fun 10-18-12
Greetings readers

Today was a bonus day for quality.

I had decided to check out the local Adult Video Arcade which has glory holes and a dark area.

I was out hunting Men who needed and deserved some of what I had to offer.

I had my 8 inch uncut dildo with me, had my knee guard on and my ass was greased for action.

I was cruised by this me middle aged average looking guy who I really didn’t expect much from.

I will tell you know, I was wrong.

I went into one of the video booths and was getting myself ready to check out what had entered into the video booth next to mine that was connected with a glory hole.

I had not had time to kneel down in front of the glory hole when a nice cock was pushed through it.

The guy had presented me with his manhood to enjoy and give pleasure to.

Damn it was impressive.

He had only unzipped his pants and pulled his cock through the fly.

In fact, this is exactly what he had pushed through that oval cut hole in the wall.

I got down on my knees and kissed that nice cock to say hi and I was there.

Then slowly I took that cock into my mouth inch by inch and with my tongue licked it as I began to suck on it.

That cock got harder and harder in my mouth as I slid my mouth up and down on it sucking it.

I would swallow all of it and chewed softly around the base like I was trying to eat it.

He reached down and unbuttoned his pants and the pushed them downward.

This gave me move room to swallow his cock and feel his balls on my chin.

This cock was so fucking nice I had to feel it up my ass.

Check out the comparison size of my finger to the size of the cock.

Nice size!

I sucked on it getting it as wet with my spit as I could.

Then I stood up, pushed my pants down and presented my ass.

I pushed the head of that rock hard cock into my asshole and then slowly backed myself onto it.

He didn’t pull back which would have told me he didn’t want to fuck me.

He stood still and let me fuck myself on it for several minutes.

Then he took control and started fucking me.

I pushed my stuffed ass against the plywood wall and enjoyed his hard cock going in and out of my asshole while I was enjoying it.

I let him fuck me for several minutes before I pulled my ass off that hard cock and dropped back down to suck on it.

I wanted to swallow this man’s load of cum and be able to taste his male essence.

I went back to sucking his hard cock and before long he was grunting and shooting his load into my mouth onto my tongue.

His cum was salty and a little bitter. It tasted as if he had some piss mixed with it.

I was pleased when he let me keep sucking on it and milking it after he had shot his load.

Finally he pulled his cock from my mouth and then back through the glory hole.

I watched as he pulled up his pants from around his ankle and zip them back up.

I was a happy cock sucking faggot after that adventure of giving that average looking middle age man the pleasure he deserved.

Comments on this cock and the adventure associated with it are welcome…

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